Princess Lila and the Puppy

Princess Lila was a wonderful dancer. She danced before breakfast. She danced before lunch. She danced on her way to naptime and twirled in her bathtub, until Queen Mommy got splashed and grumpy. Princess Lila could twirl on her small flat feet or her tippy-tappy toes. Her big blue eyes sparkled when she danced and people came from all over to tell her funny jokes because her laugh was so magical that no one could keep from smiling when they heard it. Then one day, Lila slipped in the bathtub and twisted her ankle. She barely cried-- until the doctor told her she would have to stay in bed for three weeks. Then she sobbed and sobbed. When she was done crying, she would only look out the window and sigh. Her Princess sister Anabelle brought her flowers and played her songs on the guitar. Her King Daddy picked her up to dance with him, but still Lila did not smile. Queen Mommy was very worried. Everyone in the kingdom sent Princess Lila pictures, candy, flowers, and stuffed animals. But nothing made her smile. The sky over the kingdom turned gray and shadowy and no one in the kingdom wanted to laugh or sing. Queen Mommy heard that far away was a very funny clown, who could make anyone laugh. She sent him a letter and told him to hurry. He was there in three days, and the entire kingdom gathered in hopes to see Lila smile again. The clown danced. He stood on his head. He told jokes that made King Daddy laugh so hard he cried. He did fifteen somersaults in a row. Everyone was laughing and smiling. Everyone but Lila. But then, she heard something, a small yelping noise. She looked around and there was a small puppy wriggling out from under the clown’s cape. The puppy finally shook off the heavy material, barked, looked around, and ran straight towards Lila. It jumped up into her lap and began licking her face. And Lila began to laugh. She laughed and laughed and laughed until her eyes watered and her cheeks were sore. She kissed the puppy and laughed at his squirming. She tickled his tummy and let him lick her cheeks over and over. Queen Mommy began to laugh too and at that moment, a bright sunbeam burst through the window and everyone in the kingdom clapped together, so glad that their Princess Lila was happy again. The clown gave the puppy to Princess Lila and she named him Giggles. Giggles made Princess Lila laugh every day until she could dance again, and then every day after that, they danced together in the bright golden sun.

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