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I am Tony, Tony Sucipto, I have a gen illness called asthma, its about 17 years ago
until now, one day I fell so uncomfortable with my asthma, so I want to check my health
problem to Ade M Djoen General Hospital.

(At Ade M Djoen General Hospital Front Yard)

Mr. Tony : Excuse me nurse, good morning, can I ask something?

Nurse Alex : Yes sir, good morning, sure, what can I do for you?

Mr. Tony : I want to ask where I can register for examine my health problem nurse?

Nurse Alex : Oh here it is sir, from here you just go straight on at this corridor, after that

you should turn right,and then you will look a ward that has a counter beside

the door, that is registration ward

Mr. Tony : Oh thank you for your instruction nurse, I want to go to register now, see

you again nurse!

Nurse Alex : You are welcome sir

(At Registration Waiting Room)

Mr. Tony :Excuse me sir, good morning?

Registration Officer :Good morning too..what can I do for you sir?

Mr. Tony :I want to register for health examine sir

Registration Officer :Ok, please sit down sir, Well, for the requisite I just want to collect

your personal data sir. I am going to ask you some question

Mr. Tony :Certainly, sir

Registration Officer :For the first, what is you complete name sir?

Mr. Tony :Tony Sucipto

Registration Officer :How old are you Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :27 years old

Registration Officer :Where do you live Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :I live at Jalan Lintas Melawi No.99, Sintang, West Borneo

Registration Officer :Do you have a Mobile Phone Number sir?

Mr. Tony :Sure, 085290912005

Registration Officer :What is your religion Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :I am Catholic sir

Registration Officer :Are you married sir?

Mr. Tony :Yes, I am

Registration Officer :Do you have any Health Insurance Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :Yes, I do, here is it

Registration Officer :Do you have any academic title sir?

Mr. Tony :Yes, I do, I have Economic Scholer title

Registration Officer :Who is your next of kin Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :Andre Kencana, he is my neight bour

Registration Officer :What makes you come to this hospital Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :I want to check about my health problem, it is about my asthma.

Registraton Officer :Ok Mr. Tony, that is all, please wait until we call your turn

Mr. Tony :Thank you sir!

Registration Officer :You are welcome Mr. Tony

(10 minutes later At Waiting Room)

Registration Officer :Next register number 78, Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :Yes,I am!

Registration Officer :Please come in sir

Mr. Tony :Of course!

(In Examine Room)

Nurse Alex :Good morning sir?

Mr. Tony :Good morning nurse, hey you are a nurse that I have seen before, right?

Nurse Alex :Yes, I am sir,,let me see..your name is Mr. Tony Sucipto, right?

Mr. Tony :Yes, I am nurse

Nurse Alex :How are you today Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :Not to bad nurse, but it is still crowdid

Nurse Alex :Oh crowdid huhWould you tell me about your health condition recently

Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :SureI am usually crowdid at 04.00 AM, it is the most bad condition, but if

I became crowdid, I straight to use my In Healer medicine, for 4-6 hour it is

go better, but after that I am going crowdid again but not like before.

Nurse Alex :How many times in a day that you fell crowdid Sir?

Mr. Tony :Usually 2-3 times a day nurse

Nurse Alex :How long the crowdid allowed Sir?

Mr. Tony :Until 1 hours nurse

Nurse Alex :How old were you when you got it?
Mr. Tony :I was about 10 years old

Nurse Alex :What kind of medicine that you use for now Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :It is Bronkodilator In Healer nurse

Nurse Alex :Ok..Do you have an allergic that can make you become crowdid Sir?

Mr. Tony :Yes, I do, I have an allergic that can make me become crowdid, such as dust,

animals hair, cold air, and smoke

Nurse Alex :What do you think about your crowdid Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :I fell uncomfortable with my asthma, and I am fell afraid if the crowdid


Nurse Alex :Ok Mr. Tony that is all about our assessment, now I will give you a

suggestion that can make you became better if the crowdid relapse, for the

first, if you bring your medicine you can use it if the crowdid suddenly come,

it is like usually that you have done it, then dont suddenly do a hard

work, wait until the crowdid gone, or if you fell crowdid and you forget bring

your medicine you can go to find a place that have a clean air, then breathing

like usually but raise your head with your hand at your chin, it will make you

breathing well. And I suggest you must avoid anything that can make you

become crowdid, and dont forget to bring your medicine if you go to

outside, do you understand Mr. Tony?

Mr. Tony :Yes, I do nurse, mmmnurse, do you have a long term treatment


Nurse Alex :Of course we have but if you consume this medicine for long term treatment

it can cause your heart rhythm disturbances, but you can try my suggestions first, if
that didnt change anything, come back again to this hospital and we will give you

the long term treatment medicine

Mr. Tony :Ok nurse, I will try your suggestions first, thank you so much for your suggestions


Nurse Alex :You are welcome Mr. Tony, dont forget about my suggestions and be healthy Mr.


Mr. Tony :Ok, good morning nurse

Nurse Alex :Good morning Mr. Tony

After I have an examine, I do the suggestions that give by Nurse Alex, and then for 2 years
until now I didnt have any problem with my asthma. Thanks God