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November 2017

Elk Horn
Newsletter of the Gardena Elks Lodge #1919 The Friendly Lodge

Aloha Members,

Happy Fall to all! The season of reflection and renewal is literally happening before our eyes.

Our lodge continues to be bustling with weekly activities and fundraisers. Attendance at weekly meetings is
steadily increasing beyond our already great numbers.

Thank you, longtime members who continue to give, and the new ones who are jumping right in with fresh
energy and enthusiasm. Both are contagious to be around and that is what is going to keep us thriving.

I am so grateful and very proud of our members; all that Gardena 1919 does for the community and the
contributions to our great order. From my first year as a chair officer contributing to the Elkshorn I shared this
thought and am including again for the 5th time and believe it to still be true "The success and continual good
works of our lodge is dependent upon active participation of all the members in some way. "

I look forward to seeing you at one or many of the coming events.

Thanksgiving blessings to all.

Fraternally ,

Alyssa Santos,PER

To my fellow Elks,
It takes a village to make these events successful and I can't THANK YOU enough for your
support for our walk-in refrigerator fundraisers- Pampered Chef and Laugh & Boogie Night.
Also, a BIG thank you to all those that donated blood for the Children's Hospital of Los
Angeles and made a difference for these little lives. Don't forget to MARK YOUR
CALENDARS: Friday, OCTOBER 20th, 7pm-9pm, Paint Night Fundraiser $25/pp. Tickets will
be available until October 12th or until sold out. Hope to see you at the lodge very soon!
Your Leading Knight,
Adrianne Castaneda August 2017 Initiation

Grace Hern
Leonila Neumann-Aiken
Robbie Trujillo

Hello Fellow Elks,
The fall season not only brings cooler weather but lots of activities to our lodge!
Football season has officially begun with the return of our Thursday Night and Sunday NFL watch
parties. We also have our ENF Halloween Party and Veterans Brunch coming up. Join us! Our
lodge can only remain successful with the help and support of its members. We are a group of
individuals who together can make our community, and our world, a better place for all.
Together Everyone- Achieves - More
Keep in mind the change in the weather means the cold and flu season has arrived. Be sure to
bundle up, wash your hands, and consider getting a flu shot.
Respectfully Yours, Michele Homer, Loyal Knight

Hello Elksters!
Ever wondered why The Original Jolly Corks are now called Elks? Here is an excerpt from
They considered, and rejected, one animal after another. Bears: too violent. Beavers: too
destructive. Foxes: too devious. Finally they came upon a strong-looking creature with proud,
spreading antlers, about whom no negative qualities sprang to mind. When they brought the idea to
a vote, on February 16, 1868, the majority agreed: the erstwhile Jolly Corks would from then on be
known as the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.
Please enjoy and browse through your website. Youll be amazed what you can find there.
Eric Koyanagi, Your Lecturing Knight

Bowling Corner
By: Bill Creighton, Bowling Chairman

All of the local tournaments are through for the year. Now
for the largest tournament of the year in Laughlin Nevada
where we hope to generate enough money so we can
send the major project $10,000 at the 2018 State
convention. Lets go for it.

The tournaments are as follows:

Our Schedule
Nov 4 & 5 Laughlin mixed - 4

PERs Past Exalted Rulers

Harold Sproule 1954-1955 Deceased Val Valdez 1981-1982 Dropped

Nat B. Harrison 1955-1956 Deceased Edward Wells 1981-1982** Deceased
Dale Smith 1956-1957 Deceased John Sutton 1982-1983 (310) 323-9466
Maxwell T. Zeigler 1957-1958 Deceased Ray Mason 1982-1983** Deceased
Patrick Ditonto 1958-1959 Deceased Chuck Turner 1983-1984 Deceased
Dean Hergenrother 1959-1960 Deceased Harland C. Hill 1983-1984** Deceased
Martin Munsun 1960-1961 Deceased George Glenn 1984-1985 Dimit
David H. Uhrig 1961-1962 Deceased Jerold Watkins 1984-1985** Dimit
Morris Fredericks 1961-1962** Deceased Dennis Peterson 1985-1986 Deceased Aff.
Charles H. Miller 1962-1963 Deceased Roscoe Colclasure 1985-1986 Deceased
Russell J. Moss 1962-1963** Dropped James B. Wilson 1985-1986** (310) 644-9211
Clark Sanders 1963-1964 (619) 343-1755 Paul Contreras 1986-1987 Dropped
Jerry Brown 1964-1965 Deceased Frank Bolthouse 1986-1987** Dimit
C. George Keller 1964-1965** Deceased Frank Novack 1987-1988 Deceased
Marvin Knapp 1965-1966 Deceased Harland C. Hill 1987-1988** Deceased
Larry Longton 1965-1966** Dimit Herb Grapin 1988-1989 Deceased
Geroge Haines 1966-1967 Deceased John Dietz 1988-1989** Deceased
I. Joseph Camilli 1966-1967** Deceased Bill Suarez 1989-1990 Deceased
Henry Sutcliffe 1967-1968 Deceased Clyde Thompson 1989-1990** Deceased
O.W. Lepper 1966-1967** Deceased Bill Mounday 1990-1991 (805) 389-3109
Raymond A. Niles 1968-1969 Deceased Roger L. Hoeman 1990-1991** Dimit
Van Ray Botts 1968-1969** Dimit John Wise 1991-1992 Dimit
Marion Clark 1969-1970 Deceased John Dietz 1991-1992** Deceased
Carl D Amico 969-1970** Deceased Norman Frazer 1992-1993 Dimit
Bob Sands 1970-1971 Deceased Jack Bonewitz 1993-1994 Dimit
E.M. Johnson 1970-1971** Deceased Don C. Dillon 1994-1996 Deceased
Fred Jones 1971-1972 Deceased George Thompson 1996-1997 Dropped
James Palmieri 1971-1972** Deceased Ray Oats 1997-1998 Deceased
Leroy Lander 1972-1973 Deceased John Davi 1998-1999 (310) 324-8343
Buel Hensley 1972-1973** Dimit Jack Smith 1999-2000 Deceased
Raymond Salcido Jr. 1972-1973 (949) 583- Bill Misner 2000-2001 (310) 834-6657
Charles Davidson 1973-1974 Deceased Jerry Coulter 2001-2002 Deceased
Jerry Coulter 1974-1975 Deceased Don Pfenniger 2002-2003 (310) 327-6628
James S. Mason 1974-1975** (949) 654-8530 Rod Goff 2003-2004 (310) 371-8185
Norman Durr 1975-1976 (760) 721-7235 John Sutton 2004-2006 (310) 323-9466
Claude L. Smith 1975-1976** James B. Wilson 2006-2007 (310) 644-9211
Stanley Sopher 1976-1977 Dimit Martin Almaraz 2007-2008 (310) 329-4725
James S. Mason 1976-1977** (949) 654-8530 Bill Suarez 2008-2009 Deceased
Leroy Lander 1977-1978 Deceased Judy R. Sutton 2009-2010 (310) 323-9466
Lou Baldi 1977-1978** Deceased Rodney Tanaka 2010-2013 (310) 561-2020
Ector Espinoza 1978-1979 (310) 326-5641 Reyne Rocha 2013-2014 (310) 710-1715
Frank Diaz 1978-1979** Dropped Alyssa Santos 2014-2015 (310) 953-7259
Gerald Jerry Moore 1979-1980 Matthew Almaraz 2015-2016 (310) 266-8930
Eugene Egerer 1980-1981** Deceased Rodney Tanaka 2010-2013, 2016-2017 (310) 561-
**Hawthorne Elks

1735 W 162 Street Gardena, CA 90247

The Officers and Members of
B.P.O.E. Gardena Lodge #1919
Cordially invite you to the
Homecoming of
Judy R. Sutton
District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler
South Central Coast District
Wednesday November 1,2017
1735 W.162nd St.
Gardena , CA. 90247

Cocktails 5:30pm
Dinner 5:45pm-6:45pm
Meeting 7:30pm
Dinner $7 per person

Alyssa Santos,PER James Mason,PSP

Exalted Ruler Chairman of the Evening

Please RSVP to the lodge office



October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Wear Pink to Meetings!!!

October 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
6pm Bingo 5pm Burger 7:30pm 11:30am 6pm Taco
Night Meeting Kiwanis
Lunch Friday
Lodge 6pm 7pm-11pm
Uniform) Emblem
8 9 10 11 12 13 14

9am-11am 6pm Bingo 5pm Burger 7:30pm 11:30am 6pm Fish
Night Meeting Kiwanis Fry
Breakfast Lunch
7pm (Casual (Band:
Investigation Lodge Ukulele Class Tropic Starr)
7:30pm Uniform)
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
6pm Bingo 5pm Burger 7:30pm 11:30am 7pm-9pm
Night Meeting Kiwanis
Lunch Paint Night
7pm (Casual
Indoctrination Lodge 5:30pm Fundraiser
Steak Night
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
6pm Bingo 5pm Burger 7:30pm 11:30am 6pm Fish 6:30pm ENF
Night Meeting Kiwanis Fry
Lunch Halloween
7pm House (Black tux) (Band: Pi-
7:30pm Party
Committee & Ukulele Class Lan Chen)
Trustee Mtg Initiation
29 30 31
6pm Bingo DD Business meeting 7pm all lodge chairmen and
officers -business attire or lodge shirt

Wednesday Dinner Menu Meal Prices Jolly Cork Hours

OCTOBER 4TH-PORK CHOPS Meeting Dinner: $7.00 (includes Tuesday: 3pm-10pm
OCTOBER 11TH- MEATLOAF soup, salad, and dessert) Wednesday: 3pm-11pm
Fish Fry: $10 member, $13 non- Thursday: 3pm-10pm
OCTOBER 18TH- CORNED BEEF & member ($10 dance only) Friday: 3pm-10pm
CABBAGE Steak: $12 member, $15 non- Closed: Saturday & Monday
OCTOBER 25TH- COUNTRY FRIED member Open Sunday @1pm
Effective 10/17/17
Dinner increase for non-
members to $13
New steak price for non-
member $15

November 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4
DDER 11:30am 6pm Taco Bowling -
Homecoming Kiwanis
Lunch Friday Laughlin
Meeting 6pm
(Black Tux) Emblem
5 6 7 8
9 10 11
Bowling - 6pm Bingo 5pm Burger 7:30pm 11:30am 6pm Fish Fry
Night Meeting Kiwanis (Band: Tropic
Laughlin Lunch
(Casual Lodge Starr)
Uniform) Ukulele Class

12 13 14 15
16 17 18
9am-12pm 6pm Bingo 5pm Burger 7:30pm 11:30am
Night Meeting Kiwanis
Veterans Lunch
7pm (Casual Lodge
Brunch Uniform) 5:30pm
Steak Night

19 20 21 22 23 24 25
6pm Bingo 5pm Burger 7:30pm Thanksgiving NO FISH FRY
Night Meeting
7pm (Casual Lodge
Indoctrination Uniform)

26 27 28 29 30
6pm Bingo
5pm Burger 7:30pm
Night Meeting
7pm House (Black tux)
Committee &
Trustee Mtg Initiation
Wednesday Dinner Menu Dinner Prices Jolly Cork Hours
NOVEMBER 1ST- CHICKEN Meeting Dinner: $7.00 (includes Tuesday: 3-pm-10pm
NOVEMBER 8 -TURKEY & ALL soup, salad, and dessert), $13 non-
TH Wednesday: 3pm-11pm
member Thursday: 3pm-10pm
TRIMMINGS Fish Fry: $10 member, $13 non- Friday: 3pm-10pm
NOVEMBER 15TH-POT ROAST member ($10 dance only) Closed: Saturday & Monday
ND Steak: $12 member, $15 non-

October Birthdays November Birthdays
De Foe, Stanley H
Pepper, Nick
McNett, Dennis
Hodge, Robert C
04 Ouellette, Mona 03 Williams, Michael
04 Pfenniger, Donald 04 Greenham, Roger
05 Huerta, Antonio 08 Carlock, Nicole
08 Martin, Calvin F 08 Glueckert, Nancy M
08 Nakakura, Kenneth 09 Fukasawa, Jeffrey
09 Clark, Randall L 09 Swigart, Steve C
09 Kilb, Robert H 09 Wilson, Judith
09 Swart, Karl 10 Grundhaus, Les
10 Hernandez, Olivia 11 Almaraz, Martin
10 Nagao, Wayne 11 Monson, John M
15 Swigart, George (Mike) A 11 Nagao, Kazuwa Mark
17 Davi, R John 11 Pacheco, Marie
18 Bayek, Edward 11 Pekins, Bill
18 Clements, William W 12 Anzai, Wesley
19 Santiago, Ernesto 12 Miller, Keith B
21 Tanaka, Shanna 12 Tamboury, Sharon
21 Ybarra, Deborah 13 Enriquez, Adolph M
22 Nazario, Marsha R 13 Trujillo, Roberta
22 Yniguez, Raymond 15 Achurch, Teresa
23 Jackson, Barbara 16 Brucelas, Ron
23 Lockett, James H 18 Smith, Maria Y
23 Perez Sr, Paul 19 Pacheco, Anna
23 Swinth, Laura B 20 Padilla, Ruben
24 Hanna, Samer 21 Lehman, Neale D
26 Kim, Leonard 22 Garcia, Mark
26 Noetling, Sandi 22 Lee, Kathleen Mitsuko
27 Jamora, Bettie 22 Rodriguez, David
27 Nakagawa, Thomas H 22 Uyemura, Tad
28 Woolwine Jr, Woods R 23 Cardinale, Angela
30 Mann, Glen R 25 Davis, Scott
30 Medina, Daniel 25 Martin, Florence M
27 Ferrell, Daniel
28 Ledergerber, Gregg
30 Groff, Paul E
30 Withrow, Laura

Aching Tooth
Want to Rent the Hall?
If you are interested in JULY 5 -SHARON TAMBOURY $150.00
renting the hall, please JULY 19TH- ERIC HAYASHI $200.00
contact Yolanda Wu, for JULY 26TH-DALE PIERCE $225.00
member rates. AUGUST 9TH_ JUDY WILSON $275.00
She can be reached at AUGUST 23RD-ROBERT GUTIERREZ, JR
(310) 308-6661 $325.00

Absent Members

JULY 28, 2017
ENF Gratitude Grant Recipients
By: Bettie Jamora, ENF Chair
Switzer Center Arron Manley Scholarship Gratitude Grant

The Switzer Center Arron Manley Scholarship Gratitude Grant was given out at
Fish Fry.
Christopher, his son spoke of his father and his love of people and his students
had for him .. it was very touching. Son Christopher and Mother (of Aaron) Mary
Lou in picture.

Gratitude Grant for "Project Needs"

Gratitude Grant for "Project Needs" the program is affiliated with St. Paul's
United Methodist Church, Redondo Beach. They feed the homeless and
veterans twice a week. Marie, Anna and I went there to present the Grant
when they were serving dinner. It was a humbling experience over 100
people were in line to get a hot meal. Donna Bar is the program coordinator
she is in the picture. Also known as the "South Bay Soup Kitchen".

CAST Gratitude Grant

The CAST Gratitude Grant was given out at Fish Fry. CAST
stands for Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking. Nancy
Jordan the Director of Development (in picture with group of
Elks) attended and spoke about the work they do to get teens off
the streets. This organization is one of very few that actually
finds them, rehabilitates them, educates them, clothes and
houses them till they get back to where they can join society

Judy Sutton, District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler from the South Central
Coast District 2017-2018

Judith R. Sutton is the daughter of Arnold and Anne

Ramirez, the third of four children, 3 girls and 1 boy.

Judy, as she prefers to be called, was raised in Gardena,

attended Gardena schools, graduating from Gardena High
School. After graduation Judy went to college at California
State College Dominguez Hills, and by the time she had
graduated it had been renamed California State University
Dominguez Hills.

Judy comes from a family that has always been involved in

the community. Her parents taught the kids to get involved, and helping at
community events became the norm for the family. Her volunteer work includes
being a member and officer for Gardena Sister City, a board member of
Gardenas Cable Usage Board, President of Gardena Valley YWCA, and
President of Gardena Rotary in 2003-2004.

Judy became a member of the Gardena Elks September 22nd, 2004. Initiated on
a Wednesday, two days later she worked her first lodge committee at Gardenas
Fish Fry, where she helped until she became Exalted Ruler. She was asked to be
Lodge Esquire in 2005. While holding various lodge committee chairmanships,
she proceeded through the lodge chairs and became Exalted Ruler for the
fraternal year 2009-2010.

As a Past Exalted Ruler, Judy has worked in the district as a District Piggy Bank
Chair, Drug Awareness Chair, Ritual Contest Chair, and ENF Chair. In May of
2014 at the CHEA State Convention, Judy received the California Hawaii Elks
Association Major Project Outstanding District Chairman South.

Judy became a CHEA Vice President at the State Convention in 2015, serving
President Don Schultz, as one of Dons Roadrunners.

At the 153rd Grand Lodge Convention in Reno, Nevada, on July 19, 2017, Judy
was installed as the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler from the South Central
Coast District.

Judy met her husband John when she joined the Elks. To the marriage, Judy
brought a daughter, Joanne, and John brought 3 sons, Eric, Chris, and Mike.

Judy is honored to be serving as the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler from the
South Central Coast District for the fraternal year of 2017-2018.

Lodge Officers 2017-2018
EXALTED RULER: Alyssa Santos,PER (310) 953-7259 ESQUIRE: Javier Reynoso (310) 200-6342
LEADING KNIGHT: Adrianne Castaneda (714) 585- CHAPLAIN:Leslie Mitchell (310) 686-3547
0897 ASSISTANT CHAPLAIN: Rick Gray ( 310) 713-8434
LOYAL KNIGHT: Michele Homer (562) 208-4700 INNNER GUARD: Marsha Aguon (310) 961-0393
SECRETARY: Bob Mullikin (310)413-6953 TILER: Marcya Holguin (310) 200-5655
TREASURER: Gina Ayers (310) 503-3182 ASSISTANT TILER:
5 YEAR TRUSTEE: Shanna Tanaka (310). 270-8014 PIANIST: Pauline Thomke (310) 529-4376
4YEAR TRUSTEE: Dale Pierce (310) 721-2598
3 YEAR TRUSTEE: Sal Galindo (808) 9601174
2 YEAR TRUSTEE: Scott Arroyo (310) 678-1032
1 YEAR TRUSTEE: Ector Espinoza, PER (310) 326

Lodge Committees
Advisor: Ector Espinoza ,PER (310) 3265641 Americanism: Ginny Suruki (714)906-555
Auditing/ Business Practices: Scott Nakashima (310) Drug Awareness: Bill Pekins (310) 418-2170
210-2761 Family Picnic : Loyal Knight
Birthday Brunch: PER Association Presiding Justice :Scott Nakashima (310) 210-2761
Elkshorn/ Social Media: Jax Sargent (310) 704-8097 Girl Scouts : Marsha Aguon (310) 961-0393
Lodge Entertainment: George Wong (310) 377-7421 Senior Golf: Kimo Carlos (310) 880-2053
Lodge Activities: Don Davis (310) 327-9925 Sunday Breakfast: Loyal Knight
Fish Fry: Arnold Ramirez (310) 327-9025 Youth Activities: Javier Reynoso (310) 200-6342
Hoop Shoot: Jose Cervantes (310) 418-1031
Indoctrination: ER and Chair Officers
Investigation: Shirley Treuden (310) 525-8887
Membership /Lapsation: David Homer (562) 208-3743
Old Timers/ Charter Members: ER and Lodge office
Photographer: Bob Kilb (310) 469-2381
Ritual Coach: John Sutton,PDDGER (310) 489-5552
Standing Relief: ER and officers
Alternate Delegate: Rodney Tanaka PER (310) 561-
Past Exalted Rulers Association Chairman: Jim Wilson
PER (424) 2886340
Bingo: Bob Mullikin (310)413-6953 Elks Bowling: Bill Creighton (310) 675-3571
BLT : James Wilson,PER (424) 2886340 Community Activities: Gina Ayers (310) 503-3182
Christmas/ Holiday functions ER and Lodge officers Government Relations: Gina Ayers (310) 503-3182
Lodge Visitation: Yolanda Wu (310) 308-6661 Elks Memorial: John Sutton,PDDGER (310) 489-5552
Piggy Bank: Nancy Gleuckert (310) 561-0981 Flag Day: Rodney Tanaka, PER (310) 561-2020
Elks National Foundation: Bettie Jamora (541) 890- Flag Retirement: Lodge officers and office
9965 Elks Funeral: ER and officers
National Veterans: Dan Medina (310) 339-9919 Hamburger Night: Kimo Carlos (310) 880-2053
Children's Christmas Party: Leading Knight Mother's Day: Lodge officers
Father's Day: Lodge officers
Public Relations: Alyssa Santos,PER (310) 953-7259
Scholarships: Scott Nakashima (310) 210-2761
ROB: Rodney Tanaka,PER (310) 561-2020

Facebook (Members only) Twitter: @GardenaElks Instagram: @GardenaElks


Gardena Elks Lodge #1919

1735 162nd St.
Gardena, CA. 90247




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