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( Azawad) Azawad


Region Reason Situation
Kurdistan They have their own culture and language, Kurdistan Referendum in Iraq
affected by the result of WWI and the Other three zones may be affected
suppression from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey
Balochistan They have their own culture and language, They have struggled in the past, but they did
affected by British colonial policy and divided not have any action after two independence
by Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan referendums
Aceh They have their own culture and language, they Gained autonomy after 2004 Tsunami, but
struggled for independence over hundred years, they adopted Syariah more harsh then
and they antagonized with Jakarta government before
Palestine Affected by European Imperialism, caused the Israeli government still suppress them,
lose of their own country for over half a century Hamas may want to talk with Fatah now
Southern Yemen Different mazhabs and culture, Yemen had KSA and UAE encouraged Southern
been divided into two parts in the past Yemen Independence. (Sunni)
Chechnya Most of them are Muslim, and Russia Chechnya wars in 1990s and negotiated at
government wanted to Russificate Chechnya. last, but they may never give up the hope of
Moro Most of them are Muslim, Filipina government Struggling Moro Movement, but they might
cannot solve the problem of corruption and link with Aby Sayyaf now
Western Sahara Differed from Morocco in term of culture and Rabat government wants to unify them, and
language is claiming the sovereignty of Western
Tuareg (Including They have their own culture and language, Have tried to struggle the national
Azawad) always invaded by foreign government, ruling movement, e.g. Azawad, but they
by Algeria, Libya, Niger, Mali now negotiated with Malian government recently
Biafra Differed from Nigeria in term of religion and Consider independence again, may get some
culture, and has gained independence for three influence from Catalonia
years but failed at last.
Somaliland They have their own tribes, language and Hope to gain independence and regain
culture, and discontented with failed Somali peaceful life
Darfur They have their own history, and ruled by Negotiated with Sudanese government
Sudan, Sudanese government wants to Arabize