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What is shape type this pyramid?

A Christmas tree, box or cup
(from Population Pyramid Christmas Tree Cup

It is predicted that in the 2050s, there

What does the shape say about In the 1950s, there was a high birth rate
will be a low birth rate and low death
the distribution of the and high death rate. The life expectancy
rate as well. There would be older
wasnt that long in these times possibly
population? (dependent) age groups that make up
due to lack of advanced technology.
the population than younger
There were more adolescents/children
(dependent) and middle (working) age
than there were older adults/elderly.

Which age group has the highest Age groups 10-14 and 15-19 have the
Age group 65-69 has the highest
percentage of the population? highest percentage of the population;
percentage of the population- around
both groups make up around 5% on a 1-
3.8% on a 1-10% scale.
10% scale.

Which age group has the Age group of 80+ years has the lowest
Age group 100+ years has the lowest
lowest percentage of the percentage of the population- an
percentage of the population-at 0.0%
population? estimate of 0.4% and 0.6% on a 1-10%
and 0.2% on a 1-10% scale.

Its interesting to see how the

Its interesting to see how the
Are there any population of Greece will potentially
percentages of male and female in each
decrease in the future; it shows how the
usual/interesting anomalies in age group are extremely similar as you
traditional idea of the importance of
the pyramid? would usually see either a significant
establishing families is going to slowly
amount of more women than men or
diminish in society as years and years
go by.