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WRI 115 Prospectus Rubric

(Level 4) Outstanding (Level 3) Acceptable (Level 2) Developing (Level 1) Inadequate

Points 10-9 8 7 6-0 Comments
Prospectus Contains the students detailed Contains the students plan Contains the students plan Contains no plan or a plan
plan for his/her proposed including some details of his/her including few details of his/her that lacks many details.
Research Content research, interviews, and other proposed research, interviews, proposed research, interviews,
A plan including proposed forms of information gathering. and other forms of information and other forms of information
research, interviews, and gathering. Lacks a few gathering. Lacks some
other forms of information insignificant details. significant details.

Prospectus Contains a very detailed Contains very little detailed Contains a vague discussion on Contains no discussion how
discussion on how the student discussion how the student plans how the student plans to organize the student plans to
Written Report Content plans to organize his/her report. to organize his/her report. his/her report. organize his/her report.
Contains a discussion on
how the student plans to
organize his/her written

Prospectus Contains a detailed plan for Contains very little detail in the Contains no detail in the plan for Plan for presentation is
his/her presentation. plan for his/her presentation. his/her presentation. incomplete. Does not
Presentation Content contain information for a
Contains the general plan general plan for the oral
for his/her presentation. presentation.

Points 5 4 3 2-0 Comments

Writing Conventions: Prospectus shows a very Prospectus shows an appropriate Prospectus shows a less Lacks professional
professional appearance, tone, appearance, tone, and style with professional appearance, tone, appearance, tone or style.
Document Design and style. some inconsistencies. and style. There are many lapses
Prospectus shows a very in consistency.
professional appearance,
tone, and style.
Writing Conventions: Correctly uses in-text citations for Uses in-text citations to identify Frequently missing in-text Lacks in-text citations; lacks
all sources; and correctly cites sources; formatting and /or citations; improperly formats proper formatting; missing
Citation sources on a references page references page displays minor essay and references page or irrelevant references
APA in-text citations and errors page
references page
Points 10-9 8 7 6-0 Comments
Writing Conventions: Demonstrates knowledge and use Uses conventions with minor Difficulties with readability due to Lacks proper use of
of conventions; enhances the errors in grammar, punctuation, incorrect application of conventions; lacks
Surface Features readability of the report. etc. that do not detract from the conventions. readability.
sentence structure, run- readability of the report.
ons, fragments,
agreement, punctuation,
capitalization, spelling, etc.


January, 2014