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What eleven-letter noun from the reading
means “a public statement”? d
3. What eight-letter verb from the reading
means “to open something or some place
with a formal ceremony”? d

Circle a letter to show how each sentence should be completed.

1. Four score and seven would be a period of
a. 27 years. b. 87 years. c. 107 years. d. 127 years.

2. When Lincoln refers to “our fathers,” he means
a. the Union generals. c. Grandfather Lincoln.
b. all American fathers d. The founding fathers of
and grandfathers. the United States.

3. To “die in vain” means to:
a. bleed to death. c. die uselessly, for no good cause.
b. die bravely. d. die in a bloody battlefield.

4. A government “of the people, by the people, for the people” could
best be described as a:
a. dictatorship. b. monarchy. c. tyranny. d. democracy.

Analogies are statements of relationship. To come up with the missing word, you
must figure out the relationship between the first two words. Then complete each
analogy with a word from the reading that shows the same relationship.

1. North is to Union as South is to ____________________.

2. Dozen is to number 12 as score is to number ____________________.

3. Reign is to rain as vein is to ____________________.

4. King is to monarchy as president is to ____________________.