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Rajuk College Presents "Eon: Spectral Shift'17"

Hosted by

Rajuk College Robotics Club - Rajuk RoboC

Club President: Anan Faiyaz

Date: August 16 August 18

Time: 9 AM to 5 PM

RAJUK Uttara Model College

Sector-6, Uttara Model Town, 1230 Dhaka, Bangladesh


Shift into Gear for the biggest Carnival ever on Science & Robotics.
Rajuk College Robotics Club brings you the first Robotics fest for School & College students in
Bangladesh. Since Robotics is rather a new field in this level, various side events are also being kept by
means of a portal to the world of robotics. Join us as we take you on the journey of a life time.

Rajuk College Robotics Club has prepped 8 events for school and college students and 1 showcase
event for University Students to; blow; your; mind!!

Events aside, there will also be various kinds of carnival attractions like VR games, Robo Games,
Displays of Various Robots and much more! We invite you to experience something Bangladesh has
never seen before!

And do keep updated through the discussion portal!

Events At a Glance:
#Infinnovation: Science, Robotics & Software Project Display
#Xemplar: Wall Magazine Competition
#TeraBitz: Interactive Quiz Competition
#Shutterpoint: Tech & Science Based Photography Contest
#Codex: Programming Competition
#Pixel: Digital Art, Vector & Graphics Design Competition
#LineManiac: Line Following Robot Competition
#RCS: Robot Challenge Series

University :
#Robowars: Robot vs. Robot Battle

For details regarding submission of content for our magazine "Spark v1.0" take a look here -

Event List(For School/College Students Only):
## 1)Insight Into Robotics V2.0
++Segment Completed++
## 2)Line Maniac: Line Following Robot Contest

The most signature robotics event that debuted in Bangladesh primarily for the university student.
However, we now bring it to you. The young enthusiastic school and college students.
Build a line following robot and compete for a chance to win big!
#Rules: - ********
The participating robots will be scored on the following categories:
a. Time: The faster the robot will complete the track, the more points it will bag.
b. Build: Inspection of the robots will be carried out beforehand after submission of the robots 30
mins before the run. A custom built robot will be awarded extra points.
c. Aesthetics: The overall appearance of the robot will matter as well. An exceptional looking bot will
be given extra points.
d. Checkpoints: There will be a total of 5 check points. Having Crossed each one earns the participant
a portion of points

#Registration Details:-
Registration Fee : 400 BDT
The Bkash number is 01818267910, 01935548194, 01712260976
- Send the amount to the given bKash numbers.
- Make note of the Trx.ID and then use it to register at our event page.
- While bKashing, use the Reference: 92

Registration Link:

## 3)RCS: Robot Challenge Series
Robot challenge series is a unique event that is aimed at bringing out the best through a set of
challenges. the robot needs to have line following as well as obstacle avoiding mechanisms to
complete the challenges. the challenge starts with getting out of a box and the difficulty is geared up
to step by step each level from avoiding obstacles, following lines with dead ends, going through
alleys and at the final level, all of the previous challenges are combined and jammed up with more to
make it more difficult. But the most interesting/alluring fact about the RCS is that for every
successfully passed level, the competitor wins a prize and as the levels increase, so does the prize. it
not only holds the interest of the competitor but also takes the event to a different level with thrills
and adrenaline surges.

Information File :

#Registration Details:-
Registration Fee : 400 BDT
The Bkash number is 01818267910, 01935548194, 01712260976 Reference - 93
Registration Link:
## 4)Codex : Programming Competition
#Guidelines & Rules:
-Dummy Round-30mins
*A Dummy round will be conducted to get the participants acquainted with the rules and regulations
of the competition
-Main Round
*Participants will be given a total of 150 mins to complete the given set of questions within the
stipulated time

a. A monitoring software will be used during the competition to monitor all the activities of the
participants computers. So any kind of miscellaneous activity or unfair means will result in instant

*Details regarding the software to be used will not be disclosed beforehand to prevent any malicious
advances/cheat codes.
*The questions will be prepared with the intent of it being solved in the following languages
3. Each Team of maximum 2 and minimum 1 members will be given access to a single computer
4.Using any sort of electronic devices including USB drives or cell phones is strictly prohibited.
Browsing for solutions is also prohibited. Any case of this sort will result in instant disqualification.

b. Resolved solutions will be evaluated on the following
-Execution Time

Information File :

Registration Fee : 300 BDT

Group Members(Min to Max) : 1 to 2
The Bkash number is 01818267910, 01935548194, 01712260976 .Reference - 94
Registration Link:
5)Pixel: Digital Art Competition
Let your imagination run wild and express it with lines and vertices in Pixel. Pixel is a vector art
contest for graphics designers and digital artists. Participants will be given a definite topic and a fixed
time limit within which they must make and submit a vector art. from the submission 5 or 10
participants will be selected who will be called for the final round at the event venue. there they must
make another artwork. from these, the winner will be selected
#Event Details:
a. The topic will be given on Aug 14.
b.The participants will get 24 hours to do a vector art on the topic. submission will be closed 24 hours
after the topic has been given.
c.The participants will have to use Adobe Illustrator to do the art. they will do it on their personal
computers and submit online.
d. From the submissions, 5-6 participants will be selected for the final round at venue.

a. The participants are allowed to use any resources as long as it doesn't violate copy right. texts must
be expanded to paths.
b.judgement will be done based on composition, color combination, concept etc.
c.The size of the art will be 19201080 pixels.

Information file:

#Registration Details:-
Registration Fee : 300 BDT
The Bkash number is 01818267910, 01935548194, 01712260976 .Reference - 95
Registration Link:
6)Shutterpoint: Science & Tech Based Photo Exhibition

Details -

7)Tera Bits: Quiz Competition
So you thought we are all about bots? Knowledge is just as important
as practical skills. So join in on the quiz to show what your brain is worth. Rajuk College Robotics Club
plans to stress test your very intelligence and find out, who is the sharpest among you!

-There will be 2 groups in this competition.

-Junior (VI-VIII)
-Senior (IX-XII)
- Every team must consist of 2 members.
- Team members do not have to be from the same institution.
- There will be a preliminary round and 2 buzzer rounds(2nd round
and Final round).
- The top two teams will be awarded a cash prize.
- The amount of the cash prize will be announced soon.
- Topics:
1. General Knowledge on science
2. Electronic Mechanic
3. Information & Communication Technology
4. Prospects of IT in Bangladesh
5. Robotics
6. Global Technology
7. IQ
8. Modern Media
Rules and Information File:

#Registration Details:-

The Bkash number is 01818267910, 01935548194, 01712260976 .Reference - 97

Registration Fee : 200 BDT
Registration Link:

The total prize pool for the event is 7000 BDT

#8)Infinnovation: Science based Project Showcasing & Tech EXPO

A science project showcasing competition for the feast of the most brilliant of minds. Think you are a
techie? Show us your greatest creation and if your project leaves an impact on terms of innovation
creativity and skillfulness then take home a whopping prize pool of 9000 BDT.

The agenda for project showcasing is default. Any kind is acceptable. However, teams must bring
working models of their projects.
Demo Agendas:
Renewable Energy
Power System
Signal and Image Processing
Internet of Things (IOT)
Embedded System
Cyber Security
Environmental Science
Control System
Space System
Extra points will be awarded for the following:
1) Original Content
2) Hand Crafted Creation
3) Power Point Presentation of the Project.

Junior Group - Class 6 to Class 8
Senior Group - Class 9 to Class 12

#Registration Details:-
The registration fee for the event is 750 BDT.The Bkash number is 01818267910, 01935548194,
01712260976 .Reference - 98
Registration Fee : 400 BDT
Registration Link:

The total prize pool for the event is 7000 BDT

Specifications limits and rules & regulations can be found in the event documentation(pdf).


9 ) Xemplar: Wall Magazine Competition

An exclusive wall magazine event for the creative minds. Participants must craft their own wall
magazine which matches with the agendas provided.

The agendas are as follows:

1)) Science
2)) Modern Technology
3)) Robotics
4)) Information Communication & Technology
5)) Computer Science
6)) Physics
7)) Chemistry
8)) Electronics

Junior Group - Class 6 to Class 8
Senior Group - Class 9 to Class 12

#Registration Details:-
The registration fee for the event is 550 BDT.The Bkash Number is 01818267910, 01935548194,
01712260976.Reference - 99
Specifications, limits and rules & regulations can be found in the event documentation(pdf).

Registration Fee : 400 BDT

Registration Link:

The total prize pool for the event is 7000 BDT

Rules: -

Registration Fee : 2050 BDT

Registration Link:

For more information, contact-

1)Sk Mehbub Hassan((, +8801987020707

2)Shakhian Iftekhar Orin(, +8801864002674

3)Nuhan Ahmed( ),