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9/28/2017 The Goonies - 20th anniversary edition

Goonies remake
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How to play

The action takes place in the sleepy seaside town of Cauldron Point - down in an area known as the Goon
Docks. The Goonies are a group of local kids - Mikey, Brand, Mouth, Chunk and Data. One day they find an old
treasure map in Mikey's attic. Data figures that this must be the fabulous hidden treasure of the notorious local
pirate, One-Eyed Willy. The girls, Andy and Stef, join the other Goonies and the adventure begins. But the secret
underground tunnels they are exploring are actually the hideout of the Fratelli Gang, and the Goonies are soon
trapped! The Goonies have a powerful ally on their side, however, in the form of the huge and amiable Sloth.

When you play this game, you are Sloth! Can you help the Goonies find the treasure and escape back to save the
Goon Docks from demolition?

Here you can see some screenies of the game. Ain't it nice? 1/5
9/28/2017 The Goonies - 20th anniversary edition

The 20th anniversary edition of The Goonies is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers. We
provide binary versions for Windows, OSX and Ubuntu. For other Linux distributions or other computers you
can download the source code.

To run the remake, you'd need a somewhat recent computer with a decent videocard. The videocard should at
least support OpenGL, otherwise it won't run. Don't use the standard Windows drivers for your card (at least if
you have an Nvidia card), since the graphics will be corrupted and the game will run slow.

Official releases
You can download the remake from this primary server or our mirror. File size is about 12MB:

Windows version
OSX version
Debian/Ubuntu 8.04 (amd64)
Debian/Ubuntu 8.10 (amd64)
Debian/Ubuntu 9.04 (amd64)
Source code + data

How to play
When you have started the game, you can select the 'How to play' menu option for a visual explanation about the
game's controls and objectives. There's also an explanation of the available items and what they do in the 'How
to play' section. These instructions are an expanded version of the in-game menu.

General guidelines
Here's some points worth noting: 2/5
9/28/2017 The Goonies - 20th anniversary edition

1. This game is designed for a single player competing against the computer
2. The action can be controlled from the keyboard of your computer, or with a joystick/gamepad
3. Press the Space Bar on your keyboard to start the game
4. An interesting feature of this game is that you have to keep your player's level of VITALITY and
EXPERIENCE in mind. You start off with 100% vitality and zero experience. These levels are indicated
on your computer screen
5. As you proceed through the game and run into obstacles or enemies, your vitality naturally decreases
6. On the other hand, your level of experience will increase as you successfully dispose of the horrors (like
the skulls and the skeletons) you meet in the underground maze. When your experience level reaches
100%, your vitality will increase
7. You can knock out the members of the Fratelli Gang, but remember: you won't gain any EXPERIENCE
from this!
8. Once you succeed in rescuing all seven of the Goonies from the underground maze of tunnels, the next
stage of the game will begin
9. You can also increase your vitality level by grabbing up any bottles of VITALITY DRINK you see in an
empty cage
10. To pause the game momentarily, press the [F-1] key. This will freeze the screen and show the map.
Pressing the [F-1] key again will restart the game

These are the default controls of the game. They can be redefined in the options menu.

Key Action Info

Cursor up Jump up, climb up vines
Cursor down Climb down
Cursor left Walk to the left
Cursor right Walk to the right
Space Punch Can also be done while jumping
F-1 Pause
ESC Back to title screen
CTRL+K Enter password Only during title screen
ALT+ENTER Switch between full-screen and window mode For Windows and Linux
Apple key+F Switch between full-screen and window mode Only for Mac OS X
F12 Quit For Windows and Linux
Apple key+Q Quit Only for Mac OS X

Characters and components


Sloth is the main character. He's the gentle gigantic creature who helps the Goonies to find the treasure and
escape from the labyrinth.

Fratelli Gang members 3/5
9/28/2017 The Goonies - 20th anniversary edition

These are the bad guys. They want to hunt down and capture all the Goonies, who have stumbled in on the
Gang's secret hideout. They are armed and dangerous!


These keys are to the cages where the Fratelli Gang has the Goonies locked up. Be careful, a cage may have
more than one keyhole.


Gold coins from the treasure hoard of One-Eyed Willy. Use these to increase your score.

Treasure sacks

Contained in these are many devices to help save the Goonies. But, be careful: sometimes they contain
something you don't want at all!

But there's more!

Other items of treasure include... Shields, magic formulas, riddles, hyper shoes, helmets, torches, time stopping
devices, and magic capes. These have different effects on the enemy, and the same item will change effects
according to its color. Figure out what must be done to get these treasure items to appear!

This remake was made for the Retro Remakes 2006 competition by Brain Games. The game was made in the
months June, July and August of 2006 by the following people:

Santi Ontanon
Jorrith Schaap
Patrick Lina
Nene Franz
David Fernandez

David Fernandez
Miikka Poikela 4/5
9/28/2017 The Goonies - 20th anniversary edition

Nene Franz

Music & SFX

Jorrith Schaap

Jesus Perez Rosales
Mauricio Braga
Patrick Lina
Santi Ontanon

Beta testing
All of the above
Albert Beevendorp
Patrick van Arkel

Original game 1986 by Konami, remake 2006 - 2009 Brain Games 5/5