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Model WMA-1 Water Motor Alarm

Hydraulically-Operated Mechanical Sprinkler Alarm
European Conformity, 16 bar
General Working Water Pressure Range
0,5 to 16,0 bar

Description Nozzle K-factor

10,1 lpm/bar1/2
The TYCO Model WMA-1 Water Motor Gong Finishes
Alarm is a hydraulically-operated Red
outdoor alarm designed for use with Aluminum
fire protection system waterflow detec-
tion valves. It is lightweight yet rugged, Y-Strainer
DN20 Bronze with 0,65 mm mesh screen
and it can be used in conjunction with
alarm check, dry pipe, deluge, and pre- Trim Components
action valves to sound a local alarm. DN20 Galvanized Steel nipples
Cast Iron fittings
The Water Motor Alarm is suitable for
mounting to any type of rigid wall and
can accommodate a wall thickness Design
range of 50 to 450 mm. It is provided
with a Listed and Approved Model 74A Criteria
Y-Strainer (P/N 305004) for use in the The TYCO Model WMA-1 Water Motor
alarm line. Alarm must be used in accordance with
The WMA-1 utilizes a lightweight, this section.
impeller design that can produce a very Item 1. The Y-strainer is to be located
high sound pressure level. The Gong, at the inlet to the Water Motor Alarm
Gong Mount, and Water Motor Housing (Ref. Figure 2).
are fabricated from corrosion-resistant
aluminum alloys with a brass nozzle Item 2. The Water Motor Alarm
insert. The polymer drive bearings do must only be mounted to a rigid wall
not require lubrication, and the Gong surface, which will not permit the
is closely fitted to the Gong Mount to Striker / Gong Mount to loosen and fall
eliminate the need for a separate cover. out of alignment.
Item 3. In order to obtain the highest
NOTICE possible sound level, the Water Motor Note: The Water Motor Alarm Drain
The Model WMA-1 Water Motor Alarm Alarm should be located as close as may be connected to the main drain
described herein must be installed and possible to the waterflow detecting of a waterflow detection valve if a non-
maintained in compliance with this valve. spring loaded swing-type check valve
document, as well as with the applica- is installed in a horizontal portion of the
Item 4. The alarm line piping from the
ble standards of the National Fire Pro- water motor alarm drain piping (before
alarm outlet of the waterflow detection
tection Association (NFPA), in addition its connection to the main drain).
valve trim to the Water Motor Alarm
to the standards of any other authori- must be DN20 inch size throughout Item 8. In order to minimize any wall
ties having jurisdiction. Failure to do so and it must be galvanized steel, brass, staining that can be created by drain
may impair the performance of these or other suitable corrosion resistant water, it is recommended that the drain
devices. material. piping from the Water Motor be galva-
The owner is responsible for main- nized steel, brass, or other suitable cor-
Item 5. The alarm line piping must be
taining their fire protection system rosion-resistant material.
positioned such that it can be drained
and devices in proper operating con- back to the waterflow detection valve Item 9. Drain water must be directed
dition. Contact the installing contrac- trim. such that there will be no accidental
tor or product manufacturer with any damage to property or danger to per-
questions. Item 6. The Clean-out Sump Plug is to
sons when the alarm is operating or
be located vertically below the Inlet to
Technical the Water Motor.
Item 7. Piping from the Water Motor
Item 10. The alarm line drain (at the
Data Drain must be a minimum of DN25 inch
in size throughout and directed to an
waterflow detection valve) must be
maintained at a minimum temperature
Approvals of 4C.
open drain, in order to ensure proper
FM Approved drainage for obtaining the maximum
VdS Approved sound pressure level.
CE Certified

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1 Water Motor . . . . . . 1 92-630-1-021
2 Support Washer . . . 1 NR
3 Drive Shaft Sleeve . 1 NR
4 Drive Shaft . . . . . . . 1 NR COUPLING
5 Gong Mount . . . . . . 1 NR 3/4" NPS
6 Striker . . . . . . . . . . . 1 See (a)
7 Gong . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 See (a) STRIKER
8 Cap Nut . . . . . . . . . 1 See (a) SHAFT
(a) Red Gong Repair STRIKER BEARING
Kit includes items: RING 2
6, 7 (red), and 8 . . . 1 92-630-1-025
(a) Aluminum Gong Repair OF STRIKER (ITEM 6)
Kit includes items:
6, 7 (alum.), and 8 . . 1 92-630-2-025

NR: Not Replaceable







Operation ler, causing the Impeller and the Striker

to rotate. With each rotation, the free
vided in the trim of the waterflow detec-
tion valve.
Upon operation of the alarm check, swinging Striker Ring hits the Gong and The Water Motor Alarm does not have
dry pipe, deluge, or preaction valve to sounds the alarm. The spent water is to be reset after an operation. However,
which the Model WMA-1 Water Motor then drained through the 1 inch outlet. if the alarm was silenced during oper-
Alarm is connected, water will flow The alarm will sound as long as water ation by closing of an alarm control
to the Water Motor and through the is flowing into the system and flowing valve, the alarm control valve must
Inlet Nozzle. As water flows through to the Water Motor Alarm. Water in the be reopened after the fire protection
the Inlet Nozzle, a high velocity jet is alarm line will automatically drain back system is restored to service.
formed which impinges on the Impel- through the orifice which is also pro-
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50,8 mm

22,2 mm 3/4" NPS

69,9 mm (61,9 mm)
34,2 mm
MOTOR 215,9 mm
65,0 mm 63,5 mm ISO 7-R 3/4

46,0 mm
254,0 mm
ISO 7-R 3/4 ISO 7-R 1
2 DN25

1. All installation dimensions are shown at nominal value. STANDARD INLET TRIM OPTIONAL DRAIN TRIM
2. All included trim components are galvanized. NO. DESCRIPTION QTY. NO. DESCRIPTION QTY.
3. With the exception of the DN20 Strainer, all included trim 1 3/4" x 3" Nipple . . . . . 2 A 1" 90 Elbow . . . . . . . 1
components are common hardware. 2 3/4" 90 Elbow . . . . . . 1 B 1" 45 Elbow . . . . . . . 1
4. Material shown in dotted lines is not included with Model WMA-1. 3 3/4" x 1/4" x 3/4" Tee C Wall Plate . . . . . . . . . 1
5. Consult local Authority Having Jurisdiction for mechanical with 1/4" Plug. . . . . . . 1 D 1" x 1'-6" Pipe,
alarm isolating control valve requirements. 4 3/4" Union . . . . . . . . . 1 T.O.E. . . . . . . . . . . . . 1


Installation Note: Use thread sealant sparingly and

on male threads only.
not, adjust the alarm line and/or drain
piping to suit.
The TYCO Model WMA-1 Water Motor Step 5. Prior to initiating installation Step 9. From the outside wall, insert
Alarm must be installed in accordance of the Water Motor Alarm, mount the the Drive Shaft through the Sleeve and
with this section. Drain Trim (less the Wall Plate and 45 fully insert it into the Impeller. (When
Step 1. Mark the through-wall loca- Elbow), as well as the balance of alarm fully inserted, the Shaft should protrude
tions for the centerlines of the Sleeve line piping including other union half) to beyond the face of the wall by approxi-
and Drain Outlet. The Drain Outlet must the Water Motor. mately 500 mm minus 50 mm minus
be located at least 250 mm below the wall thickness.)
Step 6. Tighten the ISO-threaded end
Sleeve per Figure 2. of the Sleeve into the Body hand-tight Mark the Drive Shaft at a point of
Step 2. Make 38 mm diameter holes plus 1/8 turn. approximately 3 to 6 mm inside the
straight through the wall at both face of the wall; remove the Shaft; cut
Step 7. Slip the Support Washer over
locations. the Shaft where previously marked; file
the Sleeve and place the assembly in
off burrs from the cut end of the Drive
Step 3. Cut the non-threaded end of position against the wall.
Shaft; and, re-insert the Drive Shaft
the Sleeve to a length equal to that Step 8. Tighten the DN20 inch Union. through the Sleeve and fully insert it
of the wall thickness plus 0 to 3 mm. Install the Wall Plate and tighten the 45 into the Impeller.
Thread the cut end to ISO 7-R 3/4 per Elbow.
ISO 7-1. Step 10. Hold the Gong Mount in
Note: Apply pressure against the position against the wall, engage the
Step 4. Install the alarm line piping up outside edge of the Water Motor body Coupling with the Drive Shaft and
to and including the union half (Ref. and verify that the body and Support then carefully thread the Striker Shaft
Figure 2, Item 4). Washer sit square against the wall. If Bearing onto the Sleeve. Securely
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tighten the Striker Shaft Bearing using

a pair of channel locks on the 38 mm
The owner is responsible for the inspec-
tion, testing, and maintenance of their Limited
hex end.
Step 11. Spin the Striker by hand and
fire protection system and de-vices in
compliance with this document, as well Warranty
as in addition to the standards of any For warranty terms and conditions, visit
verify that it spins freely (without any
authority having jurisdiction. Contact
sign of binding). If not, make the neces-
the installing contractor or product
sary adjustments.
manufacturer with any questions.
Step 12. Install the Gong and securely
It is recommended that automatic
tighten the Cap Nut. The identifica-
tion sign lettering must be orientated sprinkler systems be inspected, tested,
and maintained by a qualified Inspec-
tion Service in accordance with local Contact your local distributor for avail-
Step 13. Test the Water Motor Alarm requirements and/or national codes. ability. When placing an order, indi-
by opening the alarm test valve in the cate the full product name, including
Testing of the Water Motor Alarm may
trim of the waterflow detection valve. description and part number (P/N).
result in operation of other associated
The alarm must be clear and steady. If
alarms. Consequently, notification The complete Model WMA-1 Alarm
not, make the necessary adjustments.
must be given to the owner and the fire Assembly includes the Model WMA-1
Note: Testing of the Water Motor Alarm department. Water Motor Alarm, Model 74A Strainer,
may result in operation of other associ- and Standard Inlet Trim.
If the alarm was silenced during opera-
ated alarms. Consequently, notification
tion, the alarm control valve must be WMA-1 Water Motor Alarm
must be given to the owner and the fire
reopened immediately after the fire pro- Assemblies (select one)
department, central control station, or
tection system is restored to service. Specif y: Model WMA-1 Alarm
other signal station to which the alarms
are connected. The Model WMA-1 Water Motor Assembly with Red Finish Gong,
Alarm must be maintained and ser- P/N 52-630-1-021R
Care and viced in accordance with the following
Specify: Model WMA-1 Alarm Assem-
bly with Aluminum Finish Gong,
Maintenance Step 1. The Model WMA-1 Water Motor P/N 52-630-2-021
Alarm does not require any regularly Optional Drain Trim
The TYCO Model WMA-1 Water Motor scheduled maintenance. Rotating parts
Alarm must be serviced and main- Specify: Optional Drain Trim for
do not require lubrication. It is recom- Model WMA-1 Water Motor Alarm,
tained in accordance with this section. mended, however, that fire alarms be P/N 52-630-2-002E
Before closing a fire protection system periodically operated, i.e., inspected,
main control valve for maintenance to verify that they generate a clear and Replacement Parts for
work on the fire protection system that steady sound. Any impairment must be WMA-1 Water Motor Alarm
it controls, permission to shut down immediately corrected. Specify: (specify product descrip-
the affected fire protection systems tion from Figure 1) for use with
Step 2. The inspection should be made Model WMA-1 Water Motor Alarm,
must first be obtained from the proper periodically in accordance with the
authorities and all personnel who may P/N (specify from Figure 1)
requirements of the authority having
be affected by this decision must be jurisdiction, or more frequently as may Replacement Trim Parts for
notified. be necessary in the case of locations WMA-1 Water Motor Alarm
The following procedures and inspec- subject to vandalism. The Y-Strainer Specify: Model 74A Y-Strainer,
tions should be performed as indicated, and the Reducing Tee at the WMA-1 P/N 305004
in addition to any specific requirements inlet are to be cleaned out after each
of the authority having jurisdiction, and operation of the Water Motor Alarm
any impairment must be immediately and after the alarm line piping has been
corrected. drained.

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