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Music Video Proposal: But Youre

Probably Wrong by Happy Accidents

The video focuses on the friendship between two isolated individuals (the protagonists) as they
themselves begin drifting apart until they are ultimately reunited through the efforts of one of the
protagonists. The video will also have conceptual and performance elements with visual metaphors
linked to emotional well-being and lip-synching.

The genre of the song is alternative/indie which allows our production to have a fast and steady
pacing that focuses on slightly unconventional themes. The genre is also becoming relatively popular
and so our production will be targeting 14-25 year old mainstreamers of the psychographic
grouping. Furthermore, we intend to include our own stylistic features to stand out from other
music videos of the same genre. For this reason we believe that our music video would be more
appreciated by citizens of group C1, C2 and D of the socio-economic groups. Lastly, casting in many
rural-urban fringes of the UK makes casting diversely extremely difficult. With this, we believe well
be primarily targeting a White/British audience due to our limited targeting options.

The story of the music video follows two protagonists, one female one male, who are visually
isolated from the world around them. The only people they communicate with are one another over
the phone but they begin drifting apart until life begins passing them by. In a final effort to rekindle
their friendship, the female protagonist wakes up and sprints to the most isolated location she can
think of where she finds the other protagonist and that is where the two are reunited.

We wanted to explore the theme of friendship in our production and develop on the idea by having
it be the main focus and casting a male and female lead to present the narrative of two friends
drifting apart. The way we intend to communicate this to the audience clearly is by including
elements of a conceptual music video when the chorus comes around. We insist contrasting the
mundane, high key lit reality with a low key lit room to represent the characters mentality with fairy
lights entangling both characters as the female protagonist attempts to escape while the male
protagonist doesnt.

The idea isnt wholly unconventional however; narratives with a male and female lead all too often
utilise the theme of romance which we want to depart from.

My group and I wanted to focus primarily on urban areas to reflect the characters personal lives and
society as a whole so our locations consist of a house, specifically a bedroom and kitchen/dining area
that present the characters in their own homes. We also want to film at our Local Park, shopping
area, train station and school as an extension to this but to also present the characters as detached
from the world and people around them through the use of props and shallow focus.
For costuming, we wanted both protagonists to wear contrasting colours to emphasise the link
between them at first glance. For this reason, the female character will be wearing a blue denim
jacket while the male will be wearing a pastel pink leather jacket. We also wanted neutral balanced
outfit for both characters, emphasising the contrast for the jackets. To achieve this, we plan on
having both characters wear plain white shirts, black trousers and black shoes.

Many of the props we intend to include are extremely mundane because we want to present reality,
for the most part, to the audience. The props we have in mind include the following:

Prop Provided By Use

Chairs/Benches Location specific (e.g. school Protagonists sitting/sliding into
chairs, park benches etc.) shot
Scooter Rugile Means of transport for female
Cereal Box + Bowl Michael Part of whip pan transition,
Female protagonist eating
Snack Bar Rugile Male protagonist eating, visual
Mobile Phone Rugile, Michael Communication between the
Fairy Lights Rugile, Michael Visual metaphor for mental
Coloured Powder Rugile Making scenes more colourful
Bombs/Balloons and enjoyable to watch

Visual Styles
We wanted to use lighting as a means of representing the emotional state of each character. This
means our female character will be shot in many scenes with warm high key lighting, suggesting
shes secure, while the male character will be shot in cool high key lighting, suggesting sadness.

Furthermore, we wanted to include a neutral colour palette with accent colours as a stylistic feature
for the costumes; this is why the characters are wearing pastel coloured jackets with white shirts
and black bottoms.

Group Roles
Producers Rugile Rozenaite, Michael Esin
Director Rugile Rozenaite
Co-Director Michael Esin
Character 1 (Female) Mia London
Character 2 (Male) Wilf Sanderson
Camera Operator Rugile Rozenaite
Make-Up Artist Kira Mclean
Editor Michael Esin
It should be noted that Rugile and Michael are the only students a part of this production. The other
roles have gone to those casted and/or specifically selected for their previous work.

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