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5E09 Single Member Districts News to Use

Commissioner Dianne Barnes/202-387-2497

Monday & Wednesday Weekly Free Yoga Classes at Harry Thomas Recreation Center,
1743 Lincoln Road, NE from 6:30PM 7:30PM: The classes aim at helping you lose weight;
reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels; and prevent or manage diabetes. For
additional information on the above activities, contact the Harry Thomas Recreation Center.

Monday & Wednesday Weekly Free Aerobic & Yoga Classes at Turkey Thicket Center, 1100
Michigan Ave NE; Senior Water Aerobics on Mon & Wed from 8-9 & 9-10am (DC Residents 55 plus)

Monday Thursday Weekly - Free Aerobics & Yoga Classes at North Michigan Park Recreation
Center, 1333 Emerson St, NE: These classes include Cardio-vascular exercises on Mon/Wed from
9:30am 10am (Aerobics) and Tues/Thurs from 9:30am-10:30am (Yoga). These classes aim at helping
you lose weight; reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels; and prevent or manage diabetes.

Every 1st Saturday, WALK & Ward 5 Health Coalition: You are invited to join WALK & Ward 5
Health Coalition as we continue to partners with Walk with a Doc at the National Arboretum, 3501 NY
Ave, NE at 9am. For more information, please contact the Walk Leader: Phronie Jackson, PhD, Also, info can be found in the link:{}

Friday, Sept 29th - Oct 31st, DC Water has contracted with Doetsch Environmental Services to facilitate
the cleaning and inspection. Work will take place to mobilize at the following locations.

Channing Street Shaft: Intersection of McMillan Drive NW & 1st Street NW (on McMillan Site)
Adams Street Shaft: Intersection of Adams Street NW & Flagler Place NW
V Street Shaft: Intersection of V Street NW & 1st Street NW
Pumping Station: Intersection of Thomas Street NW & 1st Street NW

Location Work Duration Scope Temporary Impacts

7:00AM Main access point for
Channing Minor work performed
7:00PM 33 cleaning equipment
Street Shaft on McMillan Site
M-Sun and personnel
Up to 2 days in the Parking restrictions; Lane
9:30AM Move gate to isolate
Adams Street week of October 2 closures on Flagler Place
3:30PM tunnel system no
Shaft Up to 2 days in the may require closure of
M-F equipment staging
week of October 16 street during work hours
Up to 2 days in the Parking restrictions Lane
9:30AM Move gates to isolate
week of October 2 closures on V Street
V Street Shaft 3:30PM tunnel system no
Up to 2 days in the may require closure of
M-F equipment staging
week of October 16 street during work hours
Pumping of cleaning
Parking restrictions; Lane
7:00AM water; Removal of
Pumping closures will require
7:00PM 33 debris; Solids removal
Station temporary closure of
Mon-Sat and discharge to sewer
Thomas Street
Please note a crane will be utilized at each site. DC Water does not anticipate any surface disturbing
work associated with the work. Mobilization at these sites is solely to provide access to the tunnel system OCTOBER 2017

5E09 Single Member Districts News to Use
Commissioner Dianne Barnes/202-387-2497

for cleaning and inspection. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT:

Senior Public Outreach Officer: Hadiah Jordan,, (202) 787-4717
DC Clean Rivers Project Email:
DC Clean Rivers Project Website:
First Street Tunnel Website:

Monday, Oct 2nd, Stronghold Civic Association (SCA) SCA meets at the Inspired Teaching Public
Charter School (200 Douglas St NE) from 7PM 9PM every 1st Monday of each month unless it falls on
a holiday, then its on the 2nd Monday. Email:, POC: Laura
Jackson, President,

Saturday, Oct 7th & Monday, Oct 9th, District DMV Locations to Close for Columbus Day In honor
of Columbus Day, all DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DC DMV) locations will be closed. Customers
are encouraged to plan ahead and Know Before You Go for services requiring an in-person visit to a
Service Center as customer volume is high before and after a holiday closing. The following services are
available online at Renew vehicle registration (can only be done online or by mail; no
in-person visit); Obtain duplicate vehicle registration; Renew driver license; Obtain duplicate driver
license; Renew identification card; Surrender tags

DC DMV has more than 55 online services, enabling customers to skip the in-person trip. Additionally,
with any online or in-person transaction in which DC DMV collects money, customers now have the
option to make a donation to the DonateLifeDC organ donor registry to support organ and tissue donation
for people located in the Washington, DC community. The District Department of Motor Vehicles
promotes the safe operation of motor vehicles and public safety while providing outstanding customer
service. For more information, visit Like DC DMV on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.
Gwendolyn Chambers (202)729-7015

Thursday, Oct 12th, MAG Meeting is held every 2nd Thursday of each month. Minutes and hearing
submission may be viewed @ link: POC: Kirby Vining
202-213-2690. A representative from the Deputy Mayors Office reported that the special hearing on the
McMillan Project ended with re-approval of the previous plans for the area. A representative from the
General Service Administration provided an update about what can be expected to occur on the project
site in the next few months. Updates will be provided at upcoming meetings on the McMillan Project.
The community is welcome to attend at the Inspired Teaching Public Charter School, 200 Douglas St NE.

Monday, Oct 16th, Bloomingdale Civic Association (BCA) meets at St Georges Episcopal Church, 2nd
and U Streets NW), 7PM 9PM; BCA meets every 3rd Mon of the month but if a holiday falls on the 3rd
Monday, it meets on the 4th Mon. (; POC: Teri Quinn.

Tuesday, Oct 17th, ANC5E Public Meetings - held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Friendship
Armstrong Public Charter School; 7PM9PM @ 1400 P Street NW (corner of 1st and P St NW). Web
Site: twitter @anc5e.

Wednesday, Oct 26th, @ 7-8 pm, PSA501 will hold its monthly meeting @ St George's Episcopal
Church, 160 U Street, Northwest. Speakers are PSA Lieutenant William Verna, Sergeants Farid Fawzi
and Nicole Brown. Discussions will include PSA501 Monthly Crime Stats; Address any immediate
concerns; and discuss problem solving techniques. PSA 501 will gathering every 4th Wednesday of the
month in order to discuss the PSAs Crime Stats, and work on problem solving techniques to address any
areas that are in need of police attention. Lieutenant William Verna, MPD OCTOBER 2017

5E09 Single Member Districts News to Use
Commissioner Dianne Barnes/202-387-2497

Friday, Oct 27th, 5th District Citizens Advisory Council will host its Annual Awards Dinner from
7PM10PM (Reception commencing at 6PM) @ The Hecht Warehouse @ Ivy City, 1401 NY Ave NE
(enter on Okie St NE Free Garage Parking). Tickets: $40 per person. 5D CAC Meetings are held on
the 4th Thursday of each month at 5th District, 1805 Bladensburg Road NE, 7PM8:30PM. Frances Penn,
5D CAC Chair @ 202-230-2727 ( To join the MPD 5th District Listserv: provide
you info at email or

Saturday, Oct 28th, Bloomingdale House Tour & Reception Event date: 10:30AM-7PM (rain date Oct
29th). Tickets may purchase online at or at Windows Market
& Caf, 1st & Rhode Island Ave NW. Tickets: $30 in advance; $35 day of the tour. Tour check-in:
Tyber Creek, 1st & T Street NW.

Community Concerns:
Historic Landmark Application #17-17: The Bloomingdale Historic District will include all
addresses, lots and condominium units within Squares 3099 3125 and 3127, plus federal Reservations
276A & 277A. The Historic Preservation Office has received an application from the DC Preservation
League to designate the properties referenced above as a historic district in the DC Inventory of Historic
Sites. Digital and hard copies are also on file and available to the public from the Historic Preservation
Office and will be posted on their web site.

The principal purposes of historic district designation are: the recognition of the historic or architectural
importance of a property; and its protection through the future review, by the Historic Preservation Office
and/or the Historic Preservation Review Board, of proposed subdivisions and permit applications of
construction, alteration and demolition.

As there are a number of pending applications, it is unlikely that this application will be considered at one
of the next few Board meetings. Especially for the proposal of a historic district containing numerous
properties, it is important that property owners and residents and their elected representatives have an
opportunity to consider the nomination and its implications. Then, when the Boards calendar permits, it
will consider the application in accordance with the Historic Landmark and Historic District Protection
Act of 1978, and with the criteria set forth in Title 10C, DC Municipal Regulations, Chapter 2, to
determine whether the property merits designation.

As the affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5E, we will be afforded 45 days notice when the
Board schedules a public hearing on the application, and we will be advised of our opportunity to testify
under the Boards Rules of Procedure. Every property owner will be sent a similar notice.

The Board welcomes our comments on whether the properties merit designation according to the criteria.
We are encouraged to comment anytime from now until the hearing. Should you have questions, you
may call Tim Dennee, the Landmarks Coordinator at 202-442-8847.

Note: The info above was provided by Mr. Dennee in a letter dated July 28, 2017, from DC Office of
Planning, 1100 4th St SW, Suite E650, 20024. Voice #: 202-442-7600; Fax: 202-442-7638.

District Department of Transportation (DDOT): The 311 # is the option for citizens to notify the city
about traffic-related mechanisms that have been implemented & are faulty (warning signs, faded
crosswalk lines, etc.). New traffic-related safety mechanism should be sent to DDOT through their
website. OCTOBER 2017

5E09 Single Member Districts News to Use
Commissioner Dianne Barnes/202-387-2497

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA): Construction will not be permitted on
Holidays. On this day, all construction work, for which a permit is required, is illegal and could result in a
Stop Work Order and may be subject to fines. For more information visit:
illegal-construction or call (202) 442-STOP to report illegal construction.

Department of Public Works (DPW) Tips for Resident

Avoid a Sanitation Tickets: Its the law - we should pull our trash cans into our yards. Help keep the
alleys free of litter and trash by cleaning up near your home. This will help to keep rodents down and
crime, too.

Regular Trash Collection: Place trash and recycle containers out for collection no earlier than 6:30 PM
on the night before - no later than 6 AM the morning of collection day. Residents are required to remove
trash and recycle containers from public space (the alley) by 8 PM on your collection day.

Bulk Trash Collection: Call 311 to set up appointments before placing bulk trash out (7 items) for
collection. Place bulk trash out no earlier than 6:30PM the day before and no later than 6 AM on
collection day. Place them where the trash and recycle are collected. Without appointment: Take bulk
items to the Fort Totten Transfer Station, 4900 John F. McCormack Drive NE.

Yard Cleaning and Grass Cutting: Residents are responsible for the up keep of the area abutting the
front and back of their homes. This may include front and back yards, sidewalk and alley abutting your
home. Fines may occur from the city if DPW or other agencies have to come out to accommodate this

City Services include abandoned autos, alley cleaning, illegal dumping, parking enforcement, potholes,
trees, & street lights. The rep will provide a tracking # of your request. Celeste Duffie, Community
Relations Specialist, Office of the Director, 202-671-2531

Visitor Parking Passes are not automatically mailed to residents. Call 311 to request a Visitor Parking
Pass for your residence or go to Open the visitor parking pass site on the left side of the
screen and fill out application. You can use the following ID - DC drivers license, DC ID, or if a
homeowner, use the Square and Lot number.

Department of Health (DOH) Rodent Control Tips for Residents: Residents, visitors and business
owners, lets work together to reduce rodent activity in our city!

-Eliminate all clutter around the outside of homes and under porches. -Store any garbage in metal or
heavy plastic containers with tight-fitting lids and place trash at point of collection shortly before pickup
not days in advance. -Remove weeds and debris near your property/ yards where rats can hide easily.
Plants such as English Ivy, Periwinkle, Pachysandra, and Hosta are known to be cover for rats. -Store
food in metal, glass or heavy duty plastic containers with tight fitting lids. -Remove uneaten pet food,
and store pet food in secure containers. -Add metal weather stripping and trim to doors to prevent rodents
from gnawing and entering underneath.

Complaints: Please call 311 to report rodent complaints. Please call (202) 535-1954 for information,
outreach, educational materials, and enforcement. To report a rat bite, sick rat or injured rat, contact the
Animal Control Division at (202) 576-6664. OCTOBER 2017