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Learn Lenormand:

Blending Cards and

Creating Sentences
With Chlo McCracken
Blending cards
Blending cards
Traditional approach
Order of pair doesn't matter,
except, depending on school:

Rider - directionality

Does the Rider bring a

message to you?

Does the message miss

you? Or come from you?
Clouds - directionality
Which way does the
person face?

Are the clouds in front

of them?

Which side of the clouds

is closest to them: dark or
Coffin - directionality
Traditionally, see
which side the black
cloth is draped.

In the Celtic
Lenormand, which
side has a black crow
on it?
Scythe - directionality
Where is the blade
pointing? What would
happen if that cutting edge
was used?

Where is the handle?

How would it feel to bang
up against the handle?
Mice - directionality

What do the mice face

- what are they eating?

Where do the mice

leave their droppings?
Book - directionality

Is the book open or


What side is the spine

of the book on?
Cross - directionality
Above - what is being
Below - what is being
raised up?
Behind - what is being
offered support?
In front - what is being
born as a burden?
Blending cards
More recently...
Order of cards matters
Card to the right
affects card on the left

How would these

two pairs be read
Blending cards
More recently...
A nostalgic opportunity?
A foreign coin?
An international

A lucky journey?
A synchronous
Blending cards
Blend two or more
House + Bouquet
House + Bouquet +
House + Bouquet +
Blend or sentence?
Or both?
Blending cards
House + Bouquet
A beautiful house.
A creative family.
An invitation to
someones home.
Blending cards
House +
Bouquet + Ship
A creative, foreign
A beautiful
A secure venture in
A comfortable,
beautiful journey.
Blending cards
House +
Bouquet + Tree
A beautiful,
ancestral home.
A family of long-
standing creativity.
Invitation to a tree-
Creating a Sentence

Brainstorm keywords.
Brainstorm blending pairs.
Try putting words together in different
Creating sentences
Odd or even number of Central Issue and
cards? Surrounding
Past - Present - Future Considerations
Theme + Combination/s
Combination/s leads to...
and related
Mirroring -
odd or even
Past - Present - Future
Past - Present - Future

Someone who was a friend has become

something more, emotionally. However, the future
with them seems uncertain.
Past - Present - Future
Past - Present - Future

Someone who was a caring friend now seems

emotionally less clear, and you may need to decide
whether you can accept this lack of certainty.
Theme + Combination
Theme + Combination

The theme is a friend, or a caring friend, or a

friend with heart issues. The combination
suggests a lack of emotional clarity, or that they
are worried about their heart issues.
Theme + Combination
Theme + Combination

The theme is a caring friend, a loving friend, a

friend with heart issues. The combination suggests
unclear emotions may necessitate a choice, or that
a caring choice is to accept uncertainty, or that
uncertainty around their heart will require a
Combination leads to...
Combination leads to...

An emotional friend leads to uncertainty or

depression. A friend who is emotional leads to
Combination leads to...
Combination leads to...

Uncertainty around a friend who is emotional leads

to having to make a choice.
A friends heart problems lead to them making
cloudy judgements.
A friend feeling emotional leads to cloudy
Central Issue +
Central Issue +

Emotions are at the heart of the question, and you

need to consider both how it will affect the
friendship, and whether you can accept lack of
clarity in this question.
In a question of love, how does uncertainty affect
your sense of loyalty?
Central Issue +
Central Issue +

The central issue is ambiguous emotions, consider

loyalty when making a decision.
If you are uncertain about whether this is really
love, consider what choices you would make for
this person, and what the friendship means to you.
Significator and
Surrounding Cards
Dont necessarily read significator
Sentence or blend
Significator and
Surrounding Cards

Academic news regarding health suggests a deceptive

A message from a health institution is coming regarding a
skin specialist.

Rider/Fox - news from a specialist

Tower/Stars - scientific institution
Reading Choices
Do you decide how
to read the cards
before you begin?

Ways to practice:
read for TV shows,
current affairs, historic
Wings of Change Lenormand (2015)