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Hoff by Barbara Emberley

Guided Reading Level: J

Music Standards M1GM.6c
Identify classroom instruments by
M1GM. 2b Perform a steady beat and sight and sound using correct names.
simple rhythmic patterns using body
percussion as well as classroom 1st Grade ELA Standards
instruments with appropriate
technique. ELA1R6.c Comprehension
Asks and answers (implicit, explicit,
M1GM.3a and evaluative) questions about
Read simple notation including essential narrative elements (e.g.,
quarter note, quarter rest, and paired beginning-middle-end, setting,
eighth notes using non-traditional characters, problems, events,
and/or traditional icons. resolution) of a read-aloud or
independently read text.
Create sound effects and movements ELA1W2a
to accompany songs, poems, and Response to Literature: Captures a
stories. reader's interest by stating a
position/opinion about a text.

Drummer Hoff Drum
Private Parriage Cabasa Visuals
Corporal Farrell Tambourine Book
Sergeant Chowder Maraca Character pictures for sequence
Captain Bammer Guiro Drummer Hoff rhythm chart
Major Scott Claves Character nametags
General Border Triangle

Read book to class, students identify characters and order them in sequence
(discuss unfamiliar vocabulary)
Present chart, pointing to soldiers while class speaks ostinato (a short
repeated pattern) Drum-mer Hoff (rest)
Read book again rhythmically, class whispers ostinato while tapping two
fingers together to keep the beat, and arms out for rest
Lead class to discover the pattern may be visualized rhythmically as
Tah-Tah-Tah (quarter rest) Tah = Quarter Note
Transfer characters to instruments (see materials) and discuss how to play
each instrument properly
Distribute instruments to students, layer the parts as you read the book one
last time
Extension- allow students to act out the sequence

Writing Prompts
1. Which characters job would you like to have? Why?
2. Which job do you think is the most important? Why?