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Perencanaan Strategik

1. Strategic planning and the stratification of Chinese higher education institutions, Juan
Hua,*, Hao Liub, Yingxia Chenc, Jiali Qin 2016
2. Strategic planning characteristics applied to project management, Karen E Papke-Shields
3. Research Article Urban sustainability through strategic planning: A case of metropolitan
planning in Khulna city, Bangladesh,Md. Ashiq Ur Rahman 2016

Perilaku Organisasi

1. The effect of inter-organizational justice perceptions on organizational citizenship

behaviors in construction projects Benson T.H. Lim, Martin Loosemore, 2017
2. Identity judgements, work engagement and organizational citizenship behavior: The
mediating effects based on group engagement model, Yucheng Zhang, Yongxing Guo,
Alexander Newman, 2017
3. Exploring the impact of megaproject environmental responsibility on organizational
citizenship behaviors for the environment: A social identity perspective, Ge Wang,
Qinghua He ,Xianhai Meng , Giorgio Locatelli , Tao Yu a, Xue Yan, 20117