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MATH: Unit 1: Multiplication and Division facts Dear Families,
How can I solve multiplication and related September was a busy month! In
division problems using skip counting or October, we will begin spelling instruction
known multiplication facts? and homework. Students should bring
How can I demonstrate fluency with the x1, their spelling envelope (with their words)
x2, x5, and x10 multiplication combinations? home and to school every day. Students
**We will wrap up this unit and begin are also expected to demonstrate fluency
GRAPHS AND LINE PLOTS mid. month in X1, x2, x5, and x10 facts by the end of
unit 1. Please have them practice at
Reading: Building a Reading Life home if they are not. Our website has
some fun math links for practicing:
How can I check for comprehension while
How can I identify textual clues while reading in
order to envision or assemble facts? Sincerely,
How can I make predictions?
Mrs. Moore
How can I retell stories using key ideas and
details? **We look forward to seeing you during
How can I use context clues to make meaning of our Parent Visitation Day 10/19!**
different vocabulary and concepts?

Writing: Crafting True Stories Social Studies

How can I use a storytellers voice?
How can I show, not tell, by describing action How do north, south, east and
west help one find the Earth's
and using dialogue and strong verbs?
continents and oceans?
How can I generate different leads to
What is the equator and why is
rehearse a story, and revise by identifying the weather different there?
the heart of the story? What is a landform and why does
How can I study patterns within words to that effect where people live?
become a stronger speller?