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‘october 2, 2047 Masthead ‘managing editor-in-chief dede akola A IA volume sixty-three, issue two &, 2 < Le content editor-in-chief taryn parker arts & culture ‘ondisk odor opinions penelope evans: Editor’s Address avant-garg svmeet shaema 7 eat friends, cua Halloween season s upon us and {hope ths issue brings you all happy bth cee. Lam beter spirits because ar computer rose from the ashes like phoenix. Hopefully, our seanner wil remain with us, pitually science snl tam HELL ORBS 8 — We? Hush Sweet Lover” KD Lang Is Your Dog a Butch ora Femme? The answer might surprise you As the laws of the universe state, you cannot truly accomplish anything unless you are a ‘duo, considera stereotypical buddy cop pairing, one young and reckless rookie, and seasoned veteran three weeks fom ment, who bust the mayor's personal drug smuggling ring by using their unconventional-buteffective talents. ‘To obtain thee true potential, every butch High Femme: Borzoi needs their own femme. Alone, they are There is debate over whether or not she is strong, but coupled, they are...more strong, _truly who she says she is, as her ethereal his milk when he beautiful seems to not be of this world Like a guy who drank was aki. When your eyes meet, you cannot look There isn’t real way to te this into dogs, way, aif controlled by a mysterious force but, come on, dogs. Where does your ‘Femme! Afghan Hound beloved breed fll on the Butch-Femme Since her Fortune 500 company merged, ‘Scale? Well, we at The Gargoyle are here to she’s been taking more time for hers. answer your burning questions, and ‘She's always wanted to see Europe, maybe hopeful this 100% scientifically accurate now is the right time. ‘measuring system will assist you in Butehy Femme: Corgi discovering the truth Deception is her business. She is shor and resembles a breakfast sausage. You know you've met before, perhaps predating this life, but you gt the sense it's nota question ‘you want answered Puteh Beagle She once tured up toa dinner party after being lost inthe woods fora week with a lovely assortment of desserts. A true icon that ean never be recreated. ‘Soft Butch: French Bulldog Heer hobby is writing poetry abut life before the war, You can find herevery morning at the coffee shop, smoking onthe patio {thinking about what she hs lost Bute: Bloodhound You've sen her motoreyele gang around the neighbourhood, Mother tells you not to £0, near her, but she winks as she rides past one day, and you know you have no other choice, Stone BUG! Dogo Argentino Heer soul is kind, but she's running from her past, and you're too scared to ask just what that is. You silently tuck the false passport ‘hack under herbed, hoping she won't noticed you had accidentally disturbed i in your cleaning rituals. pinning down people to categories is a laughable attempt to bring order ito our inherently chaotic universe. Consult your local eanine to determine where they Personally believe they fallin this spectrum, it's only police Stay frosty, the truth is ou there, to Of course, we are all ever-changing, and comfortable is the sun always calling you to come home pulling, coexing you in mt knowing you have your own path ‘gnowang youymishtrorbit farther and ta) the but wanting to be the heat beh no you eninding you it is there When you tarn around ~ albert hoon, enjoy that about her Still images present no difficulty; she can make anyone dance Her films? They leave American propaganda BEHIND. 1) Lb | Absolute, pure JOY makes its yontonitrate Fe, ime finds definition.” And >) The Black Panthers get a decent documentary ,, Ger) Agnés Varda likes to Dance. Now, I dance too. -ALISHA KRISHNA A love letter to butches and butchness mattea roach ‘When 1 think ofthe best people in the word, butches are well ear the top of thelist. No other Subset of people 0 universal lovely Butch is the comforting embrace of a warm Sweater ora familar button-down shit. Butch Is in the smal things = the way a it holds & beer, her confident stance, the way she takes up space find moves through the word Butch comes in a myriad of shapes, sles, and formal of them equally miraculous. She's the fourtoenyear old gill who gots confused fora oy. She's bleed by knowing who sheds ata young ae. She's the olde lesbian at he sgevent who asks fyou've been affected Teses tet you know that she see ou aw of students. She's the girl youve ‘Known fom time wh really came foto er own after high schoo Butch is my fist ove, the pol who surprised me ‘vith flowers on my eighteenth birthday. Butchness is something that's just for us Butchness is masculinity without misogyny. t's ‘who Cam and who T want to become. To all my Fellow bitches" from soft butch to stone butch see you, Hove you, a lacecte, : 4% one, o&. & oe ee @ The Boxing Gym “Q, N Short Gay fomance Stories ao Gorey STRAIGT GIRL SAPNESS. Bute THEUSTs +A GouD CHAIN, , i atl tagan whan she iplased hee 0 ob Net hides lat et ee Yogs maf next 4 mine, #he gold 7H Ermmaice. bandana Chain, thick, with collected sparkling & transporied me +0 Fantasies charms, slung around her sweaty oF barefoot dancing in the Heck, her motoroil Slicked hair, rhea: ond sitting ie front my heart spetiered out and !wonte — sae HELE oe glow, hee to Fix ce with her mechanic's meaner eae hands, her perfectly matched outfit heart Shutter with pleasure, "'nkled as she worked through ove She Stepped up tt into Core workout, she swore her way my personal space, her through She crunches and oh! the hips pressed into mine, clave . i enough that | could see the Pelvic thrusts! shedid them with swede glisten under ner ees OD wen ease, a teasoned professional. Y “Sth the Frere Down" £he Browled, toobad she’s Straight. The City Body \| WN veg gfe och ondiek oduor itil Isbeen quite some time since Tv had the fortune of delivering ra, persona, and intrepid Iiterary matter toyou sentient beings with ildhods. your beady eyes are skimming ve this paper Fight now oF yourgan anthropomorphised cartoon table leg—voiced iy Kevin Jamesbeing pis leveed by this inoue; then theres a colo chance that Fm not bring palin ether ath, expertence or real people beverages with leo eontent exceeding Fe amount accidentally produced by Kampuchea te Pethaps youre no the Barefoot Contessa, the Ameria Ilo even the Biggest Loser, but Someone else; no Ftoom, and just wondering and wandering, What Tmtringto convey isthat-maybe—you should Tek not of you at hat wal which sa very techie ofa speifi colour The surzound both Sou, and that ed object dec adjacent to the hain went accepted, bute aways ina ingamd denying. Leaning ao, A colourful colour that serves asa foreground 0 that other perso, that person who's been Sporadically aligning thelr gaze towards ou: a Sn ape Youre reading the Gargoule but ica station stom and ges yo asthe origin o thee tmnbrace A guid embrace that, stays stagnant {indferenc, but becomes intel malleable ‘hen the thowsands of gas resting upon its ‘Mtirace, opens, One bye, toby two, one Treeandetctera by tai arms af you, to the other person, To hapa eoloufl ining, nd to that sat youre wearing led Ketchup is ‘igh above te erect nipple, separating the ie? om te fleur, andthe ater floras ors in Spring? Ground:- breaking,” yu wil sttch Deel Wears Prada, again, son. Prince Diaries reaching unde your oral button Tho: Royal Engagement,” you gable as YOR feel the stain Terie a: wants eoe00 Irate: t needs, you, tobe, and veer o laughter ‘hat cancalled The sate sa cies wesDom cong tre ‘Bint pot doesn iscoward Spninted at hen a ereto the ou made tothe € jem ts weet youve ata wean rail tee a nt nee ee '& Fitch, Abererombie Fateh. Aereombie F i ye to wih that we were ail stg of penises as ile the tn conclusion, Buen eataitous 3m eres alas, We ‘reamed sharks Justin (de: Coo Untitled (But Titled Futch) © Futch, futch, fuuutch o ondiek oduor cae ‘them. It's a jest, and the punchline is me—Tam_ You thought you head th ast of me, but guess nob: srhat baby, I'm stl standing On our roup moh coe nt estes res iorioes oaburden, A burden wth cold cil them to pick up Sprite wile that les o anes distressed, dist purehing chips and pop for ovr chips and pop lets you know that autumn Dreduction night great philosopher once si ‘ay. ohana means family and fanily means noone approaching, Noone said no~and no one setsleft behind or forgotten" its.a mantra that cided maybe, It carries that the only rational fides my path in ths four dimenstonal trastchole that Fal beng tightened beyond tightening, Until now Tam left hanging, Well here the fuck Iam, staring at our group hat, where everyone hs Viewed ny mestage Lam sot san bene am noting The Six rs B-U-R-D-E, when thrasted together, tas wel be detached. Nothing survives a Sent at 5:07PM, but noone has responded. I's hard to deseribe that sentiment; the all-t0 i amd one mind ano th Facto oup So, her's mural oftional children/soung- Sen, dling tule: ethees egconieries of dal characters that think embodied the term [Bam's] mom—except they, each, chose to uth receive the iy, plush eartoom bullets ts shell, Thuoyant, and marked in fuschia, dono harm—t0 # 4 labrador retriever ru #\0 or eeieee ITIES muar coven BE fayep BY BUICK pth ”) iota an ani My "ithbore 48 (Kelp) = 5 Re has hip dysplasia. le eed a Yly F Good Boy’s Guide for AliExpress 2 month shipping is fine fuck its free shut up its fine its fine softa champion. Aliexpress is a host website utilized by small Aistrbutors in China, In this sense ts ‘omparable to eBay’ or Taobaor Aliexpressdifers from Taobao in that it aimed at the foreign ‘market, whereas Taobao i aimed a the Alomestie Although few in Canada and the US tse it itis massively popular elsewhere: itis the ‘most visited ecommerce website in Russia and 10 most popular website in Braz i : Learn to recognize brands : Whereas some AX retailers ae gute smal, others ae large enterprises with predictable ‘quality. These are especially good choices for first-time buyers —the shipping often quitea Dit shorter (~2 wks), there are plenty of reviews, “The distributors are heen observers oftheir Intended markets and churn out unthinkably ‘heap fast fashion replicas of just about anything, including items that might be subject 7 pie inflation from Western reales, sare foe to imitate as they please and sizing is usually faithfl to standard. You ly fnd these brands by sorting tems by feller rating have had good experience with HAODUOMI, zanzea, and Vadim. Shipping i fe but (toro) ask two Don't be afraid wo send a message if you trees to three months, depending onthe have aquestion| ele. ‘ tentve nthe way Many AX vendor are quite atte ‘othe unaeuaintd, every purchase scems a bit Mfmiomer service ve had concerned ofa gamble bt don be intndated~ you can fepreentatves message metas wy mater fet what you want ‘Mannute ter I eanceled a mistaken order. Look for tems with the most ratings and reviews, Moat reviews are in Russian and ‘Ukranian, but the site auto-transates them into English this sometimes leads to odd turns of phrase lke these pants were the village to mean ‘they were too roomy, Nonetheless, you should beable to judge fey easly how the product looks in eal life and whether or not = worth the money. Many provide photos and deseibe details such as smell, fabri andthe quality of sewing. Look for size charts! Alixpress retailers most commonly adhere to Chinese standard sizing, The Chines system Starts with a ase size ofS and goes to about a XL in most brands, You wil likey be about two rte sizes above what you would expect in the Wester sizing system Lam about an Lin ‘Canadian stores but most frequently buy 3XI-on ‘AX. Itean be dificult o find plusized clothing ‘OnAX. but many people nonetheless do check the reviews om a item ou are interested in, 28 sary users post thir height and weight < Micron ade ites y FINE DETAILS Fabric design 7 an spect lengthy shipping! This dovnt mean hey forgot oul We shipping Just ae what you got Youll gtit inthe mail2 months from now (or 2 weeks of 3 ‘months) and tbe like a litle Christmas ‘morning inthe middle ofa lonely October, Rejoice! ° 3 Colors Available panDaDa Cotton Striped Bitch Physiological Pants Underwear C$ 1.88 - 4.16 / pec Free Shipping detest (07 | Orders (50) < vedui, Collar design Beg By uot FAT LIP SyAoo ve (TS Fucking HAIR! lire 7 VE Wey ey

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