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The Most Potent Strategies
INSIDER'S CIRCLE Hand-Selected by GKIC Members

f That Could Summon A Surge of
Profits For Your Business


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Forward by Dan Kennedy a,

Thank you very much for purchasing this book. What I've done is compile some
of my most potent strategies for getting more customers, clients, and patients to ar. ST GY
your business faster than ever bere. Almost all of these strategies were quelled .
from many of our Members who were asked which of my strategies led to a huge
profit windfall in their business. i
This book was also created in celebration of my 40-yer anniversary in
a1 Send A Newsletter
marketing. People who credit their eyes being opened to opportunities they never .F To Your Customers
knew existed were asked to reyeal their #1 strategy they learnedfrom "Planet
Dan" that led to a profit break through in their businesses. a+-
lust one of these strategies could end up being a huge proft windfall for
you. However, if you implement 5-10 of them, they could lead to a a1)
pround diference in your business. That\ because the chances that you're
perrming these strategies in your business right now are probably nil... al) Sending newsletter is one of the most powerful ways you can keep in touch
and customers. GKIC Member Lind She
with your prospects
'ey outlinei what she des to implement newsletters
unless you're one of the GKIC Elite...or one of nry Peak Perrmers, Platinum
or Titanium members.
a1') into her business:

{- Iu ongoing marketing campign is my newsletter. I send it out monthly

exceptfor December
Now I must warn might be a little cynical at some of these marketing
strtegies if you're notfamiliar with my body of work. ltfy advice is to keep an
.F The newsletter lets me have a relationship with current estate planning
information updated and reminds them to caII me if somethiig in thr
clienti, t up, their contact
famity chnges.
open mind and realize the efectitteness of these marketing strtegies. It rncry not . The newsletter lets me drip on potential clients. The informal tone
of my newsletter lets them
Iook pretty or perfect, but they've been shown to work over and over again for
savvy entrepreneurs well versed in GKIC marketing strategies. a4 know I'm approachable and friendly. Not so
for ail atiornryr. o", o tn, issues with estate
planning that people have to be ready. Estate planning s not pereived as
something you have
f- to do "now". I'ue
newsletter for yiars bere before maklig the
The best part about the strategies you'll discover in ths book is tht they've
been time-tested and proven to work. No theory here. Will they workJor your al. decision to get
it to me to mail a
,y or" rroy, I want them to ihoose me. It s worth
t a 94000 client.
business? The only wy to find out is to try them out for yourself. You might be
r- It also speeds up the "getting to know you" part of the
frst meeting. I was talking with a potential
tempted to disqualifu these strategies s "not in by business' or mistakenly think
to yourself that "your business is diferent." That would be a huge mistake. F client,,about how my granddaughter Erica at age 18 didn't underiand
money. potential client

said "Oh yes, I know all about Erica.' She had gotten to know my
family thrugh the newsletter.
I've always said that if you\e taking money for a product or service for the

The newsletter is also
fun to wrte. I ve had new clients teII me they have tried every recipe.
purpose of making a profit, then these strtegies will workfor you. And last I Another person told me that they have afire with artcles they hae cripped and
checked, that includes every single business out there, including yours.

So as you read through this booh don't feel the need to implement all these
F I would not dream
one like mine.
of stopping my newsletter. No other estate planning attorney in my area has

strategies at once. Test and implement one at a time, and over time you'll start {
Newsletters open doors. Here are frve secrets of a great customer newsletter.
to see cumulatve efect occur by which you'Il strt noticing more customers,
clients, and patients coming to you in no tme.
t Secret # I - Tell them what else you do. Many
purchasing a single product or service. Over
business by
usually reoidering
They'te workedfor the many GKIC members who have implemented these
strategies, and they've also workedfor me during my 40 years of creating J the same product or service, unawar ofthe other p company has to ofer.

Howmany times have you heard a client I didrlt know you
did thatl' or, "I didnt know you also sold
marketing campaigns for clients that, in 2012, surpassed a collective I Billion that"? Or, "I didn't know you also sold that!" These are all missed opportunities
to increase your
Dollars in revenue since I've been in the biz. And they could workfor you. revenue and profits. So, every month, tell your customers what else you
J do!

Secret #2 - Tell them what's new. As business owners, we are always coming up with new products
and services. A newsletter is a great way to get the word out to people who already trust you and
nd value in what you sell. This can often be done quite effectively by way of customer success
stories ad testimonials.
Secrct #3 - It's not about you. This is very irnportant. Your newsletter is not about you or how many
industry awards you have won. Your newsletter should be about what's important, interesting, and
entertaining to your customers and clients. Every month, if you inform, educate, and entertain
Send A Shock
them, with a big emphasis on entertaining them, theywill look forward to your newsletter
And Awe Package
Seret #4 - Recognize the expensive real estate! The back page ofyour newsletter is not simply
the mailing panel; it is the fust thing your readers will see when the newsletter comes out of the
mailbox. This is a great place to put important items that you want readers to see. Also, never have a
back page article with the headline, 'tontinued from ..." as this is boring and not very appealing.

Walter Bergeron is GKIC's 2012 Marketer of tJre Year and

Secret #5 Frequency trumps everything. Frequency is more important than the size of a newsletter,
- a sawy marketer in his own right. Here
he outlines how to use shock and awe packages to
whether it's color or black and white, or even the quality of the content! Yes, you heard me right - I get the attentin oryooit".g.t -".k"t,
would actually prefer a homemade cheesy looking black/white newsletter published monthly to a
professionally designed newsletter done twice a year. You simply must have frequency to build trust
and strong relationships with your customers and prospects.

We then makefollow up phone calls to determine if

they are stilt qualifed ndfinally ship them
the secret weapon. This secret weapon, we cII our-.Salesman
n i box..

This shock and awe package s an industrial case with

a bttery powered video player mounted
inside' It has a delicious treat nside the box with multiple
*ok)ting pi"r", and a contract.
when the client receives the package, dervered by ups-second
noyr, it s marked on
the outside of the package "open Immediatety, ierhble
Goods nsidd, and thq) open it

When they un box and then oPen up the case a video utomatically
starts to play, at the same
time they see a beautiful Louisiana Mardi Gras King
Cake inside he box. ThL personal yideo
message explains that we want them to enjoy the
cake while they watch a 34-minute video, we
eue,n supply plates and utensils to mke it unnecessary
to do anything but sit and watch our


t 8200.00 plus shipping but we ask them to return it
to us so the
ke and round trip shipping, about g90.00. This pales
in comparison to
to us.

Believe me, shock and awe packages are a greatwayto

make a big impression on your prospect-

especially when you are selling high dollar products or services. The package, designed to SECTION #3
overwhelm the recipient, is stuffed full ofa variety ofmaterials and convincing information and
delivered to him or her unexpectedly.

Tlpically the package arrives in a large box by courier or some other impressive delivery service. Choose Your Target Market
Here are some of the items you might want to include in your shock and awe package:
. Folders or binders with testimonials ad case studies about you
GKIC Member fay Henderson has spoken at several of GKIC's international events. He shares
. A sales letter
that choosing his target market along with implementing other GKIC marketing techniques you'll
. DVD'S of yourself giving a presentation discover in this book has led to a huge profit windfall for him:
ofarticles youie written or that have been written about you, your product or
,[..,to" The best thing l\te done so far was deciding whom I was going to go after. Recreating eterything I
. Abookyouie had just to speak to them. Finding those who had already built the list / herd I m
written or ifyou dont have your own bookyet, Dan Kennedy suggests you focusing on and
consider including a book about the topic or problem your product or service will solve that you creating a relntionship or lV
recommend the client read to get a better understanding of the subject.
. Ke
Then, quotingDan by
CD's of audio recordings of interviews with you on tele-seminars me), being somewhere ly
. A sample ofyourproduct newsletter, booths and
. Items relating to you, your product or service (For instance a high-end spa might send a pair
ofplush slippers or a robe.) 150o/oGrowth year over year and still growingfast. Start with one thing no matter how small.
The great psychologist,
William James, was once asked, wht\ the greatestfnding of the last 50
So how can you use shock and awe package from your own market? years ofpsychological research. He said, 'Oh, that\ easy. People tend. to become what they think
of themselves." Peace!

Busin to solve world problems or even major problems. when I talk to people
, most think that they must create a product or service that has appeal to
the m to get rich.

fO When you focus on a creating something that appeals to a small market, chances are your product
will have little or no competition-which means your product will be much more valuable than if
J} you market more of a commodity to the mass market.

fF So frnd a small gap and test it out on a small level. You never know what might be a huge
moneymaker. Finding and selecting a specialized target market is a safer and better bet than
fF targeting the masses when starting out.

fO Look at it this way.. . ifyou want to sell your product or service to the general public, you need a

fF substantial marketing budget because you'll need to run ads in major publications, do massive direct
mail campaigns and spend larger amounts on advertising on the Internet.

Try out your product in a small niche first. Find out if you can make money there frrst before rolling
it out. This will allow you to really rake it in when you expand it to larger markets.



These were amazing results. Here is the

foltow-up sequence that I used after mailing out the free

STRATEGY #4 1) MaiI Free Report along with research article and printed MRI example
report. Sending patient testimonials along wth this report as well.
for discussion in

2) Immediately - Email sent right away confrming their order of

free report with a link to the
Follow Up Wth Your Prospect website with more testimonials.

3) 1 Day lter - informing prospect that the free rEort is on the wy and what\ included wth
the report

Most businesses leave a lot of money on the table because they dont follow up. I remember moving a) a Day lter - call prospect to confrm receipt of the report and ask if they haw any questions
one time and keeping all the postcards, direct mail, etc. I would receive as part of local companies' or would like to schedule for an evluation.
"first mover" campaigns. I separated them into stacks on a table in my oftce and expected to get
5) Day later - Mal personal thank you note
piece after piece sent to me. 1
from the doctor (that\ me)

However, most businesses only send me I or 2 pieces. If they had foltowed up with me more 6) 4 Days Later - send email letting them know about the letter their about to receive in
the mail.
aggressively, they would have quickly achieved "top of mind' status when I was ready to buy.
return entelope for them to send me their most recent MRI
Below is an example of a multi-step campaign from member Daniel Hanford. When reading this, aid envelope for them to return their MKI along with a quick
think about how you can use a similar campaign to get more customers, clients, or patients to your condition. This free MRI re'view only available for 14 days

It took me a long time to design this multi-step campign but I know for fact that no other 8) 7 days later - another letter in the mail to tlk about the MN review and let them know
chiropractor in my community is doing it. Elen if they knew I was doing it they would not want only 7 days left.
to take the time and effort to implement it.
9) 3 Days lter - post card is dropped in the mail reminding them of the MN review ofer
Im chiropractor that as of lan 2012 speciIizes in treating patients with bulging, hernited,
and degenerati't e dscs. I do not ccePt general chiropractic patients. I actually turn those people will continue to mail them it
wy. I will only ccept a patient that has a serious disc problem. m the mailing. As wehaye
Sometimes these testimoni
I curren spend about 610K per month on advertising not including the costs of the follow-
up sequences, whch runs approximately $100 per person. In our entire Dan Kennedy-style
mrketing we use radio commercials, a weekly l-hour radio show called "SpineTALK', free with the free report and since

reports, emailfollow-up sequences, email reports (I have very unique approach here), online e miled oyer 300 free reports. I
Google ads to led-gen pages, valpak newspaper billboards, rtarious local papers (oter 20 totI) rovide in my area nd I m also
me as a new Patient.
for lead gen ds, bi-month semnars at local hotels, and more.

This is just a piece of our current marketing campign. I decided in May 2012 to write a 40-pge
report titled'Avoid Back Surgery" and do some pretty heaty Dan Kennedy-style lead generation
marketing to mail out the free report.

I spent $2000 to do a run in the local Valpak. I did not ofer any type of coupon or discount ofer.
The insert had a large title that read'Avoid Back Surgery" without drugs, spinal njections, or
cos surgery with a prompt to cII for the free report.

time I ran Daniel is a perfect example of "hustle'i So what can you do to summon more customers, clients,
The frst the lead generation ad we received 74 leads. So basically I spend about $27/ and
Iead and when they callfor thefree report we get their email, phone and address so I can start patients to your business?
marketing to them rght away.


Raise Your Prices Use "Unusual" Mailings

And Dimensional Mail
What to charge for your services and products is one ofthe biggest obstacles business owners face...
and they routine underprice their goods and services to try and "beat" their competitort price.
Why does dimensional mail work? Why does it increase response?
The fear oflosing customers...being judged as too expensive are things that keep businesses from
charging what they should for their products and services. Charging too little can and does cause Well I m convinced that the simple reason is because it adds
businesses to go under. a bit of intrigue to the mailing, which allows it to overcome
the toughest task in small business marketing...getting
Often I h like, "I cant charge more than I already arri, or.,I cant your mail piece opened. . ..getting your mail piece opened
truth is, when you look around, chances are you will find FIRST. ...and getting your mail piece read!
I'm also convinced that the importance of using dimensional
And. .. when you charge too little or surrender to your 'fear ofpricd' by reducing prices, you are not mail is rising due to the increased competition in the
only undervaluing your product or service, but you are jeopardizing your busineis in theiong-term. mailbox. Direct mail has to work harder than ever to stand
out - and dimensional mail can help.
Member Robert Bilger shows how raising his prices changed his business:
Member Dave Gagner shares his results with dimensional mail:
Wry simple strategy. Raised our prices 20%. Made our availability wry limited. Eliminated the
bottom l0o/o of clients (akn the whiners, price shoppers). Afier reading Dan\ tlltimate sales Letter book, I decided to write a letter. Then the fun began
nd still continues.
Results: In less than 3 months we are only serving customers that desire our seryice without the
Price shoppng and we get treated with respect as opposed to just another service provider. in
I Put the letter hand addressed it to the person a company I
researched and e call me and askfor time
for me to yisit them.
we have more time and money and about 90o/o less headaches. It's been great! Of the remaining e, I call them within seven days.

Raising your prices is the easiest thing you can do right now to improve your business. And you can
rson I mailed it to,
start as soon as you read this section.
thebankbag. IfI tu
ut 75o of the time Bi
Y19 can also test different prices and price strategies. Instead of picking a random price, test out
different prices ad offers. For example, try diferent payrnent terms ,o-h orr"-payment term,
three-payment term and six-payment term, etc. etc. .. "s "
It just plain worlcs.

We'll talk about price more later on in this book.. .so stay tuned! sinceI am the sole coach, I use it sparingly as opposed to blasting out hundreds as I couldn't
handle the responses or appointments in a timelT manner.

In this past yea it has put oter six-f.gures of

cash flow into my business. Even in today!
economy. I raise the rates of my coaching so that I don't have to overwork at a lower rate to
pull in a full time income (another Dan strategy of raising prices to make the amount I want to

The letter/sales-copy was written using several of Dan\ tips

from the book as well as the gold and
mass-afluent newsletters. And here\ the bank bag I used for the mailing. Don't worry, it's not a
real bank bag...the bank is fctitious, but prospects who get it in the mail cannot help but to open
it up! ST RAT EGY
and freemiums plays a role in almost every direct-mail campaign I
t* -t
Find Related products
use, and Travis Lee at 3D Mail Results is my go-to
:""r "*"
I have brought in Travis, Keith and their team in on projects, referred clients to him, and turned to
him time and again for the right items at the right price. Youd be foolish not to use 3D Mail Results To Sell To Existing Clients
as your preferred resource as I do. You can find them at

One recommendation that I have is to explain to the recipient why you are using the dimensional
item you have chosen, so they do not feel duped. ..and so there's a logical "tie in' with the letter.

on creating newproducts to sell to

Here are some examples:
was in my Platinum Mastermind
. A packet of aspirin with the claim that your offer will fix their headache. almost instantly add to his sales.
. A padded band-aid making the point that this is the way the competition fixes the
problem....but your solution is permanent. The most powerful one tht I could quickly take
advantage of was to take my existing sales
. A compass that relays the message that we are still looking for you. channels and fnd related products ind services to
setl to"m))'existing ,irntri
. A wooden'Round Tuit'that tells the prospect that since he hasn't gotten around to it
ramp up sales in an area that did not require any additional
as he no longer has that excuse. on and much easier sales to a proren cliint that already
. A thick shoelace enclosed with a fundraiser appeal for a non-profit organization
that's operating on a shoestring budget.
oneway to do this is to go for the immediate upsell. Hardly
. A neon-colored squeezable smiley face balt with a message that 'I ve sent you this any businesses go for the immediate
because you'll be smiling BIG after you read my letter. example...they'll ask you, "wou-rd you rike hies withhatr',
when yoo go in to buf a rig tvtac.
. A miniature racecar that enforces to prospects that they are in easy driving distance
to get to your seminar. offer an
. A one-ounce packet of red-hot cinnamon-flavored candies that provides an even further.
er. Weie already
intriguing introduction for a letter about a red-hot offer.
And, you can use the aforementioned bank bag envelope that makes the case that since what you are For instance, you e CD or DVD of a live presentation you did which
talking about concerns making money, then what better way for you to deliver your message then to compliments you hat demonstrates how to ,r." yoo. poJo.t or service. Then
send it in a bank bag. include an upsell

what else you can ofbr your customers, clients, or patients immediately
ey can even be aflliate products that will pay you
a commission. In
have to create another product!

Put Some Personality lnto your Writing Jl- STRATEGY 9
JF Build Ascension And Continuity
We already talked about the importance of having a newsletter, but GKIC member Mark Sharp talks
about how injecting personality in his writing heed his business: fl'
along with putting personality into
my returning clients and referrals
Ja) lnto Your Business Model
m people that they low to get the
In the
sure they read my great advice. lust yesterday
and she askedhow our vcationhad gone, then

eter", members frequently mention that my


This strategy is the 'bread and butter" of almost every marketing campaign I'm involved in. And
you need to implement it into your own business too. Member Pat Rigsby implements ascension
into her business-here's what she has to say:


The best piece of advice I've receivedfrom Dn has been building ascension and continuity nto
to read the stories and poiitical rarts I write at
the be me off..
everything that we do. What started out as an ebook in one business has eyolyed into lmost a

dozen continuity programs and franchise with almost 200locations.

We've pplied these same concepts in other businesses to create afl adlitionatfranchise with oyer
60 locations and more than a dozen additional continuity programs.
"H*;," While there s never a newsletter or product of Dan\ I don't get gret tips or ad.vice from - these

have been real game changers for us.
They are colorfirl
personalities shine Ascension is a model in which customers move on a predetermined path from level to level to level,
lot longer than some witlleach level, of course, giving you more money. That model is now in place in at least 80 diferent

so adding a consistent personality to your copy is my number one copywdting secret that most .F niche market information businesses that Ie helped launch.

Each level increases the value they get, along with the money they pay. This is a great way to fllter
marketers will never know. It's provided me with the ability to keep customers for decades.
out your best customers who spend the most money with you. At GKIC, we have Gold, platinum,

on your personality. Ifyou

.F and Diamond levels...which each level getting closer to me, the "guru' of the business.

ongevity to your business, you You see, 20 percent ofyour customers are going to give you 80 percent ofyour business. This model
is about pushing these people up the ladder to identifr that special 20 percent ofcustomers, and
GKIC Member Kevin Eikenberry agrees:
JF then pushing them through levels ofmembership, diferent products, or higher product price points

taught rp they can buy, levels ofloyalty, and so on.

i::!" ur
JF You want to keep a good grasp on them, because they're the ones that are going to spend the most
money with you and keep the most profitability.

JF AIso,
ofincome entrepreneurs want to generate
This is one of the most powerful strategies I have to reveal in this book and probably one of the Iow-c - it creates ongoing,
raction with buyers to a single payment when you can have
strategies you should be implementing right away. It has literally made me millions of dollars and it them
can for you too!

Think of your electric company as te best continuity program in the world. Nobody wants to go
without their power, so they'll gladly pay the monthly bill. So if you have an 'ddictivd' product or
service-or a product or service they cannot do without, you cant afford to ignore the possibilities
of this income model!
So think of ways you can implement continuity and ascension into your business model. This is
how your customers, clients or patients "self-select" themselves so you know who is going to spend
the most money with you. This will allow you to communicate with them diferently, invest more
Sell Bg Ticket ltems
money in some than otlers, and design ofers for them.

GKIC Peak Performers member Shaun Buck mentioned that the best piece of advice he ever got
from was to move away from small ticket items and start selling more expensive products an

Ihave always been good at sales but for most of my life I was selling small ticket items and on
some cD somewhere I herd Dan make the comment about manl times it is easier to seII 1
person an item for a million dollars then it is to fnd I million people to buy something for a

I thought about that for a bit and realized he was right and I fnatly put that information to good
use afew years back and persona would neyer want to go back to trying to make millioi
small sales.

Big-ticket items you can sell include coaching programs that can range in the thousands to tens of
thousands of dollars. You can also sell entrance into Mastermind groups ad memberships for even
more money. Another idea is to sell a "Platinum" level of your product/service.

At GKIC, we sell something called the "whole Enchilada" where prospects can buy all of our
products at once. This can go for over $ I 5,000 depending on the products that are available at that

So what big-ticket products and services can you sell? This will allow you to raise your prices and
make the same amount of money with fewer customers, clients and patients.

d' Spend More on Leads
Segment Your List
fp Than Your Competitors
GKIC Member Forrest Walden of Iron Tribe Fitness reveals one of my favorite marketing tenets that
I teach my private clients and espouse in my courses and Mastermind groups:

One of the most powerfirl ways you can maximize your marketing dollars is to segment your list.
This was GKIC member Bhaj Townsend's big breakthrough in his business as he describes here:
t' M7 Fawrite strategy by Dan Kennedy is to price my sertices right
from the very beginning
so that I could be able to spend more money than any other competitor to acquire the right

So far the best marketing advice I hve receiyed Is...SEGMENT the list. In segmenting the list,
can take the time to test coPy. In segmenting the list I can learn what worlcs better as I introduce
diferent strateges and tactics. In segmentng the list I haye been ble to more specifcally speak
fp You see, this is an ongoing fight I have
with my clients-no matter the size of the company or the
spending power. What I've found is that when it comes to attracting a lead, a customer or a patient,
to the diferent segments for greater results. Thank you Dan
they ask...

By segmenting your ProsPects and customers and having them subscribe to different lists based on
"What is the cheapest thingwe can do to get customers?"
their interests and needs, you will be able to send very targeted messages to each reader. This gives This is the wrong question to ask. Be forewarned, if you think this way, you too are in need of a
you excellent "Message to Market Match" which is essential for effective marketing.
.1, mind shift and MUST train yourself to think diferently. If you dorit, you will deprive yourself of the
This increases your chances of getting a sale. Yet most marketers just have a
rospect" list and
'tustomer" list and that's it. This is like swinging blindly in the dark, you re not going to get
t) oPPortuity to outspend every direct marketer in your market space thus limiting yourself in what
you can do.

' You see, by outspending your competitors, you can buy speed and growth and you can create

There are manyways to segmentyourlist. These includebuyingfrequency, purchase cycle, and JP discouragement to your competitors.
purchase topics. You can do what GKIC member Stuart Estler did and use pre-and post purchase
surveys to segment your list via interests: ]F customers-and even lose money on the

ap omer value has an enormous competitive

rs cannot use.

::!,:;'fl::;;,,, Jp Instead ofasking "what is the cheapest thing I can do?"- The right question to ask is: "How can I
culture market. we then derelop specific products for those segments.
our list in a sub-
aF structure my business so I can do it more expensively than everyone else?"...

According to 39% of email marketers that practice list segmentation see better
JF ...or ..."What can I do to outspend everyone else?"
oPen rates; 28%o see lower opt-out and unsubscribe rates; and,24o/o see better email deliverability,
increased sales leads, and greater revenue. fust a few tweaks in your existing customer and prospect a;' Another advantage of outspending-you can give more value to a customer, which attracts more

valuable customers, which gives you more money to spend per customer. For example, you can ofer
management can pay huge dividends for your business. better bonuses or send a shock and awe package. We covered shock and awe packages earlier in this

.t book.

aF The smartest marketers like Forrest Walden of Iron Tribe Fitness structure their business so they can
outspend their competitors. Show up like no one else-spend the most you possibly can to get a new

JF customer and you'Il attract more valuable customers which means you ll minimize the number of

ap units you need to sell to reach your target income.


As you concentrate on developing a new USP for your enterprise, you ll be newly aware ofthe-USPs
of otler businesses, and you can learn from their examples. To hone your marketing mind, you need
to become USP-sensitive and ask these questions about every business, product, and service you
ST 13 encounter in your daily activities:

Does this business have a USP? Does it stand out so it's 'not just another _"
Create A 'Category Of One' Ifnot, can I think ofone for it?

ln Your Market If so, is there a way I can think of to improve it?

Is there any idea here I can "steal" for my use?

A good source ofideas is the public library. There, free ofcharge, you can wander through Yellow
Pages directories and newspapers from cities all across the country, as well as hundreds of consume!
business, trade, and specialty magazines.
Most people who go into business just follow what everyone else is doing in their market and copy
what theye doing. Craig Valine reveals one of the strategies I implement for all my clients: Another source of ideas is the Internet: As you roam cyberspace, visit Web sites within and outside
ofyour business category in search ofinspiring USP ideas. Then you can boldly go where few others
Best Dan Kennedy uere to is go, into the marketplace with a really exciting USP of your own.
just ate a category)
ing to
'Ma I no
trategist." with use This will immediate make you stand out from your competition so you're not thought of as "just
"I am not one! :) another in your market. And they'll think of you automatically when they think of your
product or service.
Creating a tategory of one' in your markelace involves creating a Unique Selling Proposition
(USP). It's a way of explaining your position against your competition. When a supermarket chain So if you-"
can answer the following questions in your prospect's mind:
or big-box retailer like Wal-Mart labels itself as "THE Low Price Leader;" i made a positioning
"Why should I, your prospect, choose to do business with you versus ny and every other option
avaiLable to me in your category? Why should I choose to do business with you versus any and ewry
A USP is also a way of summarizing and telegraphing one of the chief benefits, often the chief other option ayailable to me in your category?"
benefit ofthe business, product, or service being marketed. can turn things upside-down in your marketplace.
In the ear 1990s, Chrysler was making much out of being the only American carmaker to include
driver's-side air bags as standard equipment. That briefly worked for them as a USP, but competition
quickly caught up.

A few years back, the Subway chain enjoyed great success repositioning itself as a weightloss
business, fust with the story of Jared, one of its customers, and currently by comparing the number
of fat grams in its sandwiches to those from McDonald's. How long the company could sustain this
was open to question at the time.

Your usP may express the 'theme" of your business, product, or service. Thinlc which coffee is
"mountain grown"? Which beer is made with 'the cold, clea water of the Rockies"?

These examples show that a usP can be based on just about anything: price, product, ingredient,
positioning. There are USPs based on color, size, scent, celebrity endorsement, Iocation, hours of
operation, and on and on.

We set a record that year, 15 straight l20-degree days, and everlthing a little dr brittle. My guess
is some imbecile driving through the community flipped a cigarette butt into orbit and it picked my
yard, but I'll never know.
STRATEGY #1 4 But literally, everything but the water in the pool is on fue. This good Samaritan, who thinks I m an
idiot, which is arguable by now, is there trying to save my house.

Become A Welcome Guest At that precise moment in time, he went from being the most annoying pest to the most welcomed
guest ever to Yisit the Kennedy household in 15 years, because he was there with just the right
lnstead of An Annoying Pest message at just the right moment in time. In this case, "catl 9l l stupid, I'll work the hose."

This is what I help clients position them as a "welcome guest" instead of arr "annoying pest"
in your marketplace. And that involves getting three things correct:

The frrst main issue in marketing is right message. What is tlat message, marketing message? What
do you say to your marketplace, to your past, present and future prospects, clients and customers
This strategy ties into the previousstr of GKIC member craig valine. And that is compelling, that is magnetic, that cannot be ignored, that must be responded to, that draws
this ties in with being in a 'tategory ace. It's all about going from an them to you like a night on a dark night draws moths? Do you have a great marketing message?
"annoying pest" to a 'welcome guest"
Secondly, whom do you say t to, and by deliberate strategy who do you not say it to? Being efficient
I use'Welcome Guest' strategies that attrct ideal qualifed prospects to me, rather than me
in your marketing. Are you efcient? Are you smart about this? Or are you throwing mud against
hunting and competingfor business. It\ made all the diference in the world.
the wall?
I used to live in Phoenix, AZ. I'm home And third, the media, how you deliver the message to the market. Do you do that effectively? Do
alone, a weekday afternoon, e f, I'm at you do that afordably? Do you do that efciently? Do you do that in a way that involves little o no
the kitchen counter. I've got a e, I,m manual labor and magnetically attracts people to you?
intense involved in a conversation with my client when someone uninvited, unexpected, and in
fact unknown to me, begins to ring the doorbell and bang on the front doors of my home with So ifyou want to increase your conversion percentage, ifyou want to close more sales, you dont
earthquake intensity. do it with a new magic seven-word maipulative phrase you pop out of the box at the end of the

I figured it was either an Avon lady or a fehovah Witness, Not sure who it was at that moment, but Process.

I ignored it and hoped it will go away. Most people who knock on your door in the middle of a You do it from the beginning of the process. And if you become a welcomed-guest marketer, as wee
weekday afternoon are just interruptions...thus I considered them 'ests" since they interrupted my going to talk about, then your closing percentage goes up without improving any ofyour sales skills
workflow. whatsoever.

But he's ringing and banging, ringing and banging, ringing and baaging. But finall I m right. After
ignoring him for a sufcient length oftime, he gives up and leaves - ever so briefly.

He goes around to the rea ofmy property, he cli

wall with shards of glass embedded on the top to t
the cactuses, the shrubs, the pool and the spa, an
me. He can see my back to him through the panes of glass on the doors on which he is now banging
with incredible violence.

This is, by far, the most annoying pest ever. But I'm like the most stubborn guy ever. so I keep my
back to him, raise my voice to carry on my conversation. We have the contest of wills that seems
to last an eternity. Finally, he wins. I cant handle it an)more. I turn around to deal with the most
annoying pest ever. It turns out the reason he's there is my entire bacard is in flames!

Don't Get it Right, Just Get lt Going
Use The Right Message
One of the enemies of entrepreneurship is perfectionism...or the desire to impulsive "get it right" For Your Market:
before you launch anything or perform an initiative in your business. GKIC Member Shane
talks about how getting things 'just right" was hampering his progress:

One of the frst pieces of ad"tice I ever heard Dan say was so simple, but it went stright to my
heart. It was simp, 'Good is good enoughl'
Weie talked about choosing whom you want to do business with in a previous strategy in this book.
Id been for my English schoolfor
And now we're going to talk about honing your message for your target market-whicL is a tip
waiting selling it to our students. GKIC Member |ohn Sharp outlines here:
I decide I could tweek it as I went.
them to #1" your
Hit ritefor each
hierarc wi edia and a message
buy, we raised our monthly lessonfee and strted to appealing to Take the same
around ofers afree English CD e.very month. It\ really

Shane is a perfect example of why placing action and IMPLEMENTATION above 'erfection" is
how you achieve speed and massive breakthroughs in your business.
keep trying to beat the
What if you have a"great idea" and begin putting it together whi-le agonizing over every little detail ething. The ofer to the
to make it perfect in your mind...and then find out the idea was a flop? you just wasted a pile of to the executive might be

Instead, spend half the time putting the idea together so it is just 'ood enough." If it gets traction, Keep tweaking and testng the messge, until one works, use tht message as your control and
THEN go back and tweak it and make it even better. If it nose dives, then you did the best to cut keep trying to beat the control.
your Iosses.
You see, a lot of advertising and marketing messages are really no Messages at all. They're just
'Good is good enough'and "fail fast" go hand in hand. GKIC member Mike Litman says, "you "business cads." Name, rank and serial number. who we are, what we d, where we are.
have to get it right, you have to get it goingl' which is something you should tattoo on your
forehead. As foe Friday used to say on 'Dragnetj 'fust the facts, ma'am." This is no message because it lacks
differentiation, and it lacks a reason to respond now.
Anody who has ever used the earlier versions of Microsoft Windows can attest to this. The
earlier versions of the operating system was rife with problems-and there are still "issues" present Your marketing message must encompass your unique selling proposition, which we talked about in
depending on whom you talk to. However, did Microsoft withhold the release of Windows until a previous strategy in this book. An example I used over and over again is Domino's pizza:
they got it "right"?

Heck no! If an issue came up, they would simply send an update to fix whatever problem existed.

So ifyou've been stalling in your business because ofperfectionism, then take action today and start
implementing. And fix the problems later.

His usP was: 'Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed!' Ten words that
brilliantly incorporate two product benefits with the meaningfi:l specific of delivery within thirty
minutes-not quick, fast, or soon, but precise in thirty minutes-and a guarantee.
This marketing message was used over and over again until they had to change it-delivery guys
started running over people in a rush to deliver the pizzas. But this USP and marketing message G Become A "Problem Solver',
catapulted a small pizza joint into the 2nd largestpizza chain in the world.
So what message will hit home for your target market? As fohn explains above, you'll have to test
{D ln Your Market
different messages and offers for your customers and prospects.

GKIC member fohn Sharpe also talked about a very importat strategy most entrepreneur
very often when it comes to getting customers, clients, or patients to o business

talking problem instead of solution. As entrepreneurs, we quickly move fro probtem

with them:
I forgot about him saying that at Maitbox Millions, reminds me of what perry Marshall
dont do

says about
to solution,
we haye to.

When working with the customers, seems you have to do exactly the opposite! Talk
about the
problem 80% of the time, solution small percentage of the time.

12 He is right. when you see yourself as a problem solver, you will capture the attention
of your

G customers because 'u're entering the conversation already going on in the minds,,,
Collier once said.
as Robert

Speaking of Perry Marshall, here's an example of this taken from his site
{D where he outlines the importance of becoming a problem solver in your ma.kt.

JF mis
JT am.
migt run out of toilet
It was a great ideafrom a



It was a flop. I, and a lot of other people, Iost money in that

business. Why did it fail? Because
that business did not enter the conversation that was already going on in customer's heads. It SIRATEGY
didn't harmonize with what they were already thinking about.

So what pain does your product or service solve? What conversation is already going on in your Don't Follow The Crowd
ProsPects mind you can attune to in your marketing? In other words, if your prospect was sitting at
their kitchen table and talking to their spouse dejected about a problem, what are they saying when
tlreylament:'If I could just_... "
ln Your Market
Fill in that blank and you'll be ahea, of 99o/o of your competitors.

Ifyou only take away one success secret from this book, let it be this one. This alone could explode
your income and give you a HUGE advatage over your competition!

This concept is not new. Earl Nightingale, considered to be the father ofPersonal Development,
described this in his program Lead the Field. It goes like this:

"Ifyou want to achieve success in any endeavor, and have not an example to follow, look at
what everyone else is doing and do the opposite. Because the majoritis always wrongi'- Earl

This- can be said for pretty much arything in life, but it can be HUGE when it comes
* to your

- marketing. This is something that GKIC member Christopher Yates realized for his photography

G ing the crowd in my industry. If

to not look at industry norms and

-D If youre just starting out with GKIC youre go
strategies that might make you feel a little "un
* for you. In fact, some of them are going to be

ac Tha because what you're going to learn is vastly different then what the majority teaches about

marketing and advertising-ald probably what youe heard as well.

You're here because what youe been doing to market your business hasnt been working.

aG Or your
business has stagnated arld youie looking for more "arrows in your quiver,, you can pdut and

summon more customers and clients at the drop of a hat.

aF And-to accomplish this, you simply need to do what most of your competitors will not! you simply
need to "go against the grain' of how other people in your industry market themselves-or "how

things are done around herd' in your market.


Focus On The Affluent ln Your Market aF
aP Use A Free Report To Collect
Christopher Yates also experienced another breakthrough in his business that I espouse all the time to ap Names And Emal Addresses
my clients. And that's focusing on the affluent individuals in your market. Here's what he had to say:
The frst (strategt) was to keep focusing on the afluent market for my photography business ( no
pun intended!) Our industry has been through some major changes. The ffiuent market has mad.e
up the foundation of my business and as a result I have suryived while many others harc gone out
of business. I contnue to learn this market
study his other materials.
as I read Dan\ marketing to the affIuent newsletter and
ap GKIC Member Mark Martella describes how he used free reports to get more bankruptcy clients
for his law practice in the rst 8 months of 2012 than he did all of 2l l using my methods:

The truth is it takes no more work to attract customers/clients from the explosive growing Jp
Mass-Affluent, Affluent and (Iltra-Affluent populations eager to pay premium prices in return for
exceptional expertise, service and experiences.

This is the fastest and surest path to prosper in tough times (selling to those least affected by recession)
and to get rich in good times. And the best pat is there's a skyrocketing demand for premium
services...andthecheerrlwillingnesstopayforthem. There'salsoanexplosionofaffluenceanda
BOOM in luxury spending. cp nkruptcy clients in thefrst 8 months of

down oter 10% nationwide) and, the

This 'special buying behavior' is concentrated in a minority-but a very significant minority-of

customers. And if you know WHO they are, WIIAT they desire, and WIIAT they respond to and A free report is just one type oflead generation magnet is designed to do one thing and one thing

how to connect your business to them, you can profrt wildly.

ap only: It is designed to get people who are interested to identif.themselves by raisiig their hand d
requesting this information.
Did you know that22o/o of households have over 55%o of all earned income? That means that more
than half the income is generated in one of frve households. Sure it must be more profitable selling
ap That is its only purpose.
to the I in 5 than tlre 4 in 5, right?
ap It is designed to get people to raise their hand and say,.I'm interested".
This is something GKIC member Alicia Kramer also realized:
ap so what is happening here is that, as opposed to cold calling and trying to grab people, you are
Focus on selling to people who have money (aka marketing to the afluent) has been ml most
important strategy. When I launched my lrypnotherapy practice in 2010 I had full schedule 1p attracting them like a magnet.

for months, unfortunately they were not my ideal clients and I was grossly underchargingfor my
JF They areidentif ing themselves by saying, "Hey I m interested in what you have to offerl' Their way
ofshowing that interest is by requesting this lead generation magnet.

Over the years I haye restructured my business to cater to a better clientele, charge more/get paid Other examples of lead generation magnets include:
more, and expand to a global market of motittated success oriented entrepreneurs. I enjoy what I . CDiDVD sent in mail.
do more than etter bere, I "work" Iess hours and mke more money.
. PDF report or White Paper to dormload.
So dont be one of the "masses" of businesses marketing to the 80% of US households with LESS than . MP3 audio or online video to download.
half the money hoping youie going to be the "luclcy ond' that gets their business. If youre interested,
I highly recommend my Marketing to the Affluent course ( that will One of the ultimate lead generation magnets
teach you how to be one of the few smart marketers targeting the minority of customers that control d value.I have used books as lead generation
the majority of the money. nd to my clients.


Realize That People Like Realize The Business

Stories, Not Thngs: You're REALLY ln:

Member Dave Keys implemented one of most powerful strategies I teach when it comes to New GKIC Member |ef Campbell had a major 'A-ha" moment when he realized one of the
secrets most marketers wiII NEVER know when it comes to their business:
influential writing and persuasion: using stories to influence buyers and build trust.
I am a new member of GKIC and have lready learned a lot, and realize I haye more to learn.
onthfrom aftedgtingSEobusiness.
i;rn in game changer s that I can't stay in the
DNA ,f:::"0"'oo"r'es marketing
rs what business they're in, they'll more than likely tell you, ..I,m a
or "I'm a Copy'rwiter'i In other words, they'll simply tell you the

make those subject to them yearn

Sadly ey attempt to improve their income. They simply

presentations that engaged the

focus a living and belive that more money is suddenly
at how consisten my new

Stories are extremely powerfrrl because everyone loves stories. That's why movies and television
shows are popular-each one ofthem tells a story and weve been raised io appreciate stories.
you're in is the MARKETING business!
nature as well.Since espitches" the slip
Yorr see, without marketing you ll simply be hoping and praying that targeted customers
ubconscious mind. S related to yow target
will magically contact you for your product and services.
and clients
persuasion tool to you want.
While the line "If you build it, they will come!" worked for Kevin Costner in the movie Field of
Dreams, It wont work for you in your business!

Why? Because it doesnt matt .thing,'if

you have a dearth of customers and
clients coming to yourofice, you. nd ihat's why you have to get in your
head that the REAL business .lhing,i
of the ."thli th* the ttring itsf.

aP ST TEGY #24
Create A Herd And Keep
Collect A Swipe File f=p An lron Fence Around Them
GKIC Member Sabra Sasson realized the power of having a collection of proven ads...called 'swipe ap GKIC members Greg Hawkins hit upon one of my most popular strategies for getring and
customers, clients or patients-and not allowing them to run offto anoiher coripetitor:
frles" at her disposal:
JP The best dvice I got
from Dan was dewloping a herd and how to keep an iron fence around
I had a consultation with a client (I should more accurate sq), a potential client) who seemed
eger to mowforward and said they 'Definite" wanted the seryice I offired. But they diiln't fp through newsleters and direct mail!

J. I always talk about "The Herd'i..a group of customers who bond with you and read all your
I received one of Dn Kennedyi swipe files which was so timely!! It provided a "how to" write an
fp blog posts, free reports, and buy your product. And I don't use the teim ..herd,'
term either.
as a diiogratory

email that would move the client to purchase. I followed it precisely and tailored it to the services
I am ofering - and walla! I got hired!!! lust got the check in the mil today too! Woohoo! fF This
There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Use swipe files of proven promotions in your market that
you know has worked before. The key here is to use something you know is successful.
JF Mith

your No B.S. Marketing

fF One ve
and a.diseased,'Herd. The
hese are proven to work, fp 80%o of
their email list size but the fact is

.p Yo
Dont ignore this.
Also when you come across a system you like, bookmark it so you can easily find it later when
ap We
in the long term.
term...but it,ll destroy you
ave been with us for 5, l0

ap and 20 years whereas

you are ready to use it. For example, the aforementioned incredible free gift offer above is a great
keep customer s for 2-3
example that every business ca.n use to attract new customers and boost sales. years.

Ifyou arent ready to set this up in your business, bookmark it in a "to-do' frle online. You can also
save directmail sequences to see what other businesses are doing. Also, ifyou are holding an event,
look at what GKIC is doing and save all the pieces we mail. ap l[mrmiy"n::'*::#:;Hi;;*ii::g']*"*
You should also get on relevant lists in your target market. aF
save the pieces they send you in the mail. Ifyou see the sa
then that's good evidence it's a 'tontrol" piece and you

This strategy alone corld save you

profitabllity faster than ever.
lot of time, money and headaches and get you toward

aF customers, clients, and patients through

ap This is how you fence in your herd and

over again.


Your Business ls NOT Different! Create A More lrresistible Offer

GKIC member Yung Li mentioned one of the common tenets of GKIC marketing...something that Many small businesses know how to write cop drive
traffic, and choose their target audience. But
I ve preached over and over again at they fall short when it comes to creating an offlr
my seminars and to private clients. Here it iJ in yung's words: for their prospects.
This is a realization GKIC member foe uhr recognized and
ness is not diferent. I am in the implements in his own business:
,;:r, *,r,ng of the pro ducts. It NEVER send any direct marketing without a Magnetic
i, Ofer that has real value to the customer.
"f (Free mousepads just dont make
r. .ot, do theyi)
You see, lo
Indeed they do not' That's why you offer has to be a virtually
Kennedy's 'no-brainer' to your target audience.
Different." ss. Hereae4elementsofanirresistibleoffer. Runyourcrrrrntofferspastthisshortlist--andbaseany
and all offers you create from now on on this
quick checRist.
l) ofer must be clear. People must be able to understand
it instantly. confused people do not
ir For example, half offis better than 50% cffand
Ttp9"q' a lot better than 35a/o or even 600/o off.
People have difficulty'aderstanding percentages.
Two for one is half off.
ncome and growth are only possible for the business owner who
derstood as a good value. Thatt why percentage
and idea of effective marketing that we deliver to find something
suspicious. They think as soon as they see I hve
discount. percentage offcoupons work well where
I dont mean to brag, but Success Magazine once said this about me: (Dan Kennedy) moves with
remarkable ease apping my strategies to one very different business after another."
3) The offer r a premium or preferably both. Sometimes
workmuch is something you give away as a free gift to
So dont just examine strategies other marketers are using in your niche. Look at other markets for
who comes *_.or.
ideas in your business and 'test and tweali' for your own business.

For manyyears, Bill Glazer operated two of t}le

most successfi:l menswear stores in the country.
meticulous tracked resurts of all his oners and found He
that by adding ; ;;;i"-,1 e averaged.a 30o/o
increase in response.

4) There should be a logicar reason for the ofer. Ifyou discount or give something away without
:. people have been told all their lives there,s

","u;fl :""'*':,i:;i"*::,,.i:,
t about any explanation will do but there nleds

J and RESENTMENT at e-mail marketing, even

Commerce Alliance Research. .The preference


Take People Offline {)
As Soon As Possible {.
t --98% of consumers retrieve their mail from the mailbox the day it is delivere d, and,77Vo
through it that same day. - USPS dara, reported in DM NEWS 2/f 1.

{. --In 2011, the total volume of first class nail was depressed by 7%, but direct-mail for
{. commercialpurposeswasup 3o/o.-TargetMarketing l2l11 .Morethan f2_BILLION
There are many lnternet marketers who are addicted to online marketing, and the ability to siphon
traftc instantly to a website at the flick of a switch. However, here's a tip that20l2 GKIC Marketer {. customers, clients, and patients online, it would behoove you to take them offIine
of the Year Walter Bergeron shared from a private session I had at my Mailbox Miltons event in In fact, I consult with some of the largest Internet marketers in the world and
20t2: {. tly use "ancient" direct mail for their businesses!

Dan had some great adtice for me during a olte on one meeting t Mailbox Millions when it
coffies to bringing clients from offline to online. He warned that when you bring your clients
online you are bringing to place where it is very easy or just as likely that they will be able to
ttiew messages from your comPetitors as well. {.
It is just like going into
sales people
a sala meeting with your client and then inviting 10 other competing
to coffie into the meeting with you - You would never do that!
So his advice was to add a third part to the equation. When you bring clients from offline
(direct mail piece, radio, TV, yellow pages, whatewr..) to online (capture lead information) then
you must as quickly as possible take them back ofline so you can be received and viewed in a {.
category without your competitors or eren worse, distrctions.

Futher, one of the other benefrts of getting people ofiline immediately is that direct mail ad other
ofiline marketing has greater "staying power" in the prospect's mind. Here are some other stats {.
about direct mail and other ofiline marketing:
-- 507o of consumers say they pay more attention to postal mail than e-mail. - Epsilon Channel
Preference Study, That means, if you insist on communicating
entire or mostly with e-mail and neglect use of direct-mail, you may very well miss HALF the sales {p
opportunities of any given campaign or within your list. .260/o of consumers rank direct-mail as
more trustworthy than e-mail. . .. only 60/o ranked blogs and social media as trustworthy. - Epsilon. JD
-- 60% of consumers say tbey enjoy checking their mailbox and receiving mail. - Epsilon. This JD
reseach indicates there is positive emotional pay-offto consumers in frnding letters and otler
direct-mail that matches their interests in their mailbox, and further, that the opening of ' fresh"

mail and discovery of interesting information and offers is an activity they look forward to! Against *
this, consider that 65% say they receive too many e-mails everyday to open them all. - Epsilon. .A

ap If you don't decide what you want to do with your time then it wiII be decidedfor you. pivotal

ap advice for entrepreneurs and business people alike tht should be used
throughout our careers.

ST 28 ap Thnlc Dan

Become A Master
rp Both
management tip you can implement right away:
do this the night efore so that the subconscious
Jp has time

Of Tme Management ap This hke nothing else. you ll wake up ready and rariri to get to work.

rp Arrd
most peopli make when it comis to time management_just
'Gee...what am I going to do today?"

rp If you fail to plan, you plan to fail when it comes to time management. And scrting

rp advance is the most powerfrl time management strategy you can implement.
your day in

People often are amazed at how much I get done when it comes to working with clients, running
Mastermind groups, and being involved in the many facets of GKIC. I will tell you this is not by
accident...its by being a master (and perhaps a tad paranoid) about time management.
have a big clock staring at me while working by myself
I'll admit it: I have a time fetish. I always
in the 'tocit" of my office, ad when I'm speaking in front of 1000 people at one of GKIC's
international events. And there's a good reason for this.

Time is the only asset you cannot renew. You can take away all my money and thanks to all the skills
I was able to quell after 40 years in this business, I'll be able to make that money back.
But once time disappears, it's gone for good. And it's something that members acknowledge after
reading through my materials and teachings:
From GKIC member Eric Stone:
Dan\ time management advice has been extremelyltaluablefor me. Particularly, the way he
in advance. In addition to helping me market and run my
schedules and scripts out his days Jp
music teaching business more efectitely and effcient, this advice has been helpful for me to
transrm the way I practice and get faster results on the guitar.

And from GKIC member Leevi Romenik:

Although there are a ton of great marketing tactics, principles and tricles plus loads of
copywriting ad'vice that Dan has shared - I would have to say the best advice I recei't ed from Dan lF
is his stuf about time management.
Anyone who knows aII the stuf Dan gets done knows he\ a testament to how valuable your time
is and how important time mangement . CQ
and we neter get it bacl so we must yalue it.
Money comes and goes but time is fnite
"Ideal, you should schedule your day by the half-houa from beginning to end."
.p +{,


Avoid The Number Avoid The Number

"One" At All Costs "One" At All Costs

GKIC member Mark Grupposo mentioned one of my'et peeves" when it comes to business:
GKIC member Mark Grupposo mentioned one of my'et peeves" when it comes to business:
The worst number in any business is one!
The worst number in any business is one!

What does this mean? It means if you have one major customer/client, one source or vendor for
What does this mean? It means if you have one major customer/client, one source or vendor for
a product/service, one piece of vital equipment, or one employee, you Il be left scrambling
a product/service, one piece ofvital equipment, or one employee, you 1l be left scrambling for a for a
solution or replacement if something happens to "it".
solution or replacement if something happens to "it".
one of our members John Melley talks about this on his blog at (
One of our members |ohn Melley talks about this on his blog at (
I learned this lessonmyself. luly AudioMERCIAL- product. We replicate the program on CD with
I learned this lessonmyself. My AudioMERCIAL* product. We replicate the program on CD with
artwork, a nifty case, MP3 fls, the works.
rtwork, a nifty case, MP3 fl, the worles.
I haye a CD duplication companl in the Il.S. that is terrific.
I have a CD duplication company in the U.S. that is terrific.

came when my clients in Canada needed to get them shippeilfrom the U.S. into
Theproblem came when my clients in Canada needed to get them shippedfrom the U.S. into
deal with Customs Charges, etc. The shipping costs shot up. Unforeseen problem.
Canada and deal with Customs Charges, etc. The shipping costs shot up. IJnforeseen problem.
That happens.

So, I'm left scrambling to find a CD iluplication companl in Canada-which was a surprisingly
So, I'm left scrambling to fnd a CD duplication compary) in Canada-which was a surprisingly
dificult thing to do, by the way.
dfficult thing to do, by the way.
It took bft ofrtguring it out dues to currency exchange rates, iliferent tax laws, etc., but got
It took bit o fguring it out dues to currency exchange rates, diferent tax laws, etc. , but we got
it solyed.
it solved.
Take a look around you and your business. what do you only have "one" of; ltd be smart to
Take a look round you and your business. Wht do you onlT have 'One" ofi lt'd be smart to
work on finding and putting together a back up plan
work on fnding and putting together a back up plan for the time when (not ifl you'll neeil it. for the time when (not if) you'Il need it.
fohn_summed up my thoughts very well. You could waste a lot of time and money dealing with just
fohn summed up my thoughts very well. You could waste a lot of time and money dealing with just 'bnd'in your business.
'bnd' in your business.

TEGY #3 o
ap STR ATEG Y #31
Design Your ap Have Prospects
Jump Through Hoops
Business Around Your Life

has experienced significant strides in his business after

GKIC Member Steve Mash brings up the subj ect of autonomy in your business . . or the ability to do

strategy that has allowed him to charge more and position

business as you choose, and charge as you please for the value you bring to the markelace.

The best advice I received? You need to give yourself permission to conduct your life and your
business by your own rules. All the other decsions you make are derived from this: to haye an assessment test to test your current client
ortance of my
laintng. And another great one s they
Work.vs. free time....the quality of client you accEt nd lour mnagement of then....time with re so many other things, but these two haye helped
your family....the amount of compensation you deserve.

Many people assume that havi

Most people are tenifed to accept that level of responsibility, and would rather lette their fate t'om doing
in the hani of the client or market. That\ why people like Dan Kennedy are so few and fr rio- yoo. rro**. ,,
customers, clients, andpatient
Frequent GKIC speaker and longtime member Ali Brown exemplifies this very well. She runs her
ofher home and designs her business so she can create an extraordinary
business from the comfort
life for herself.

Myself? I usually work fro m 7 -4:30pm and head to the track to race horses. I used to live in Phoenix
but I decided to move back to Ohio because the heat was a little too much. I dont have to get
This is the best way to do business, in my opinion.
anyone's permission to do this either, and I'm not afraid to dictate the terms by which I do business. To work with people who are arready
predetermined to do business with you-instead
of having to ,.p"iro"dd,p"oph Jth cutthoat
selling tactics.
So you can either live the big life and occasionally be seen on CNN Financial and participate
in reality shows like AIi Brown, or you can be a hermit like Michael Jans. It's up to you. And I
guarantee when you implement these strategies one-by-one, you can do it too!

fp Build Up Your Authority
Harness Celebrity fp
ln Your Marketing: rp ln Your Marketplace

This strategy follows up on the previous comment by GKIC
GKIC Member Mark Geraci had a very simple answer when asked which "Dan Kennedy'' strategy Member Mark Geraci when asked his
most powerful "Dan Kennedy'' strategy. Ard that's uitding
meant the most to him: up your autho.iry i yoo,
The easiest and most beneficial way to build up authority
Build your Authority, Celebrity and Exclusivity!
.p in your marketplace is by
And you dont need to be a national celebrity r best_seing author
writing a book.

I'm going to cover celebrity frrst. Thereb simply nothing more magnetic than celebriry I have
often used my client, Guthy-Renke! as an example of how they have become the 'top dog' in the fp Even ifyou are a proprietor ofa local hardware store,
landscape company, home remodeling
infomercial world by using famous celebrities such as Victoria Principal, fessica Simpson, and Sean
lohn (a.k.a. P-Diddy). ]p
comPany' etc' you need to write and publish your own book
as newsletters, special reports, how-to-guidei,
advisor status will publish or perish.
ai well as otler information media such
and more. Anyone who seeks trusted authority and

Why is a celebrity so powerfi:l? Think about it. What happens when youe up late at night and
you're pushing the remote control button while watching TV and all of a sudden you arrive at a
show where you see Jessica Simpson (or some other celebrity you recognize)? What do you do?
a This is critical in this age of diminishing trust. Establishjng
credibility and authority are increasingly
becoming key factors to success. And there's no doubt thaipublishei
authors are considered trusted
It makes you stop channel surfrng and say to yourself. ..what's fessica doing on at 2 AM in the
a Let's say you moved into a new town and wanted to
hire a personal trainer. you perform a Google
It grabs your attention and makes you watch it for some period of time. It ALSO has another big
benefrt. It makes the product that is being sold much more believable and credible because if a big AF searchand come across 2
Potential trainers. One ofthem is 'just another trainer' but the other one
has written a book called, "How To Lose 30 pounds In
30 Days?,,
star is endorsing it. . must be good!
AF Which trainer will automatically get your immediate reverence

and respect? of course, the one who
has written a book on the subjectiecause tlley are recognized
And you dont have to have tlle millions of dollas in your ad budget to use celebrity. Often you can as an established authority in your
think of very low cost ways to use celebrity locally. You can use local retired athletes, newscasters,
and sportscasters too. These are people that your clients/customers/patients/prospects also know 1F ofcourse, there are many things you can publish. In fact, information
because tey see them on TV every day. Surprisingly, these people dont get paid a huge sum of
money and can be hired very affordably. a be written' You can create vide and audi information
products dont even have to
products too. r create an audio program

and have it transcribed to create a book or report.

We hired Gene Simmons from KISS to speak at SuperconferenceSM several years ago and we But society gives great reverence to individuals who
ended up paying him more money to speak then all the other speakers combined. Because many
with Gene. Heck, one guy
d :,::-"L*-i1
are published autlors. So creating a
t*gs you can do righr now to starr attracting more customers, crients, and book is
patients to
people came to the SuperconferenceSM so they can get their photo taken
brought his entire 8-track collection for Gene to sign! J your usrness.



ortunity is Sean Greeley of Net profrt Explosion. He

out of ar MBA program_surpassing th norms in
in just 36 months. . ..starting from nothing.
STRATEGY #34 Bu then he

hit with stage 4 cancer. He took some time offto regroup and
-got focus
- - - on his health.
He eventually sold of his fitness business and was back at
the a."*irrg bo"J.

Turn Adversity Sean then started doing some consulting and saw the
get more clients. He then created his fitness consulting
potential in coaching frtness experts how to
business, Net prolSt rrptoriorr, or NpE and
lnto Opportunity became a millionaire in 3 years. ..

.. . in the worst economy since the Great Depression!

Sean ran into the fue and saw the recession as an

opportunity. Ifyou overdose on the mainstream
media's news of gloom ard doom or [sten to rosers
iound you wio h"ve surrendered, you wonl
even know how many people are making more money
than ever before in thei lives.
GKIC Member Dr. Eric Dohner knows adversity. In fuly 2006, frve feet of water ran through Dr.
Dohner's main ofice arrd he ended up losing a half a million dollars. Dr. Dohner is a skin and vein We covered how the majority is ALWAYS wrong earlier
in this book, arrd theyve never been more
specialist in New York and was in danger of losing a substantial part of his income. wrong than now!

In fact, his accorntant told him he'd better declare bankruptcy because that's the only way hed be Seriously, this can be the best time of your lifetime to
make serious money. The best time to attract
able to get out of it. He remembers saying,'Hell no!" and decided he was going to market more. people and money to you as never before-despite what 'everyone
.rr"" rr, to ,"f about the
and do more. economyl

Thanks to GKIC marketing strategies outlined in this book, he was able to recover and even triple
his income. He's currently in the middle of a major renovation and purchasing a 1.5 million dollar
building. He's also opening a fourth location!

Most businesspeople cower into a corner when problems or adversity hits. They think to
themselves, 'Woe is me!" and will do anything to prevent problems or adversity in the future.

Howeve! Renegade marketers trained by GKIC are able to use adversity as opportunity. They see
adversity as a way to strengthen themselves and pursue opportunities that end up becoming 'life
changers" for themselves and their businesses.

A great example ofadversity creating opportunity is Stephen Snyder.

He underwent the embarrassment of bankruptcy many years ago and thought his business life was

Until he started teaching people how to regain their credit rating after bankruptcy and now he has a
successfil info-marketing business teaching people how to recover financially from bankruptcy.

As you continue your entrepreneurial journey, you're going to experience some ups ad downs.
Ifyoue "been there'] then you understand. And ifyou have yet to experience a setback, tJren be

You can either do what most businesspeople do and retreat to a "comfort zon' of mediocriry Or
you can run into the fue and transform adversity into opportunity and create a prosperous life for

ap marketers w''ho want to copy you and duplicate your success. systems will
also help you if you

ap decide to sell your business, as most buyers will want to see impenetrable systems
can'step iri'and take things over.
in place so they

Send A Newsletter rp
To Your Customers ap
AF for creating hamburgers, Big Macs, and the rest of their food
-year olds for minimum wage to create their burgers. And

ep they hired another one to replace them with no drop_of in

Longtime GKIC Member fohn Alanis always had a passion for art. So he decided to start running an
art business. d,
-, to have any cooking experience.
tes exactly the same at a New york

His marketing system was basically make up a bunch of stuff, load it and haul it to a fair, ad then
hope someone walking by would buy. No lead gen, no follow up, no nothing. They see, they buy. Or
not. (Mostlynot.)
tD This allowed
rhats becaus
Kroc died in

It ended up turning into a disaster. That is, until he discovered my insights into building and Imagine knowing when and how you're going to get your ideal customers
leveraging repeatable systems - was the key -- the formula to unlocking the potential in John's and clients 4-6 months
from now. And thik about what that'll do for your psyche, and how well you
dp sleep at night.

A old system was infficient,lefi money on the table, and ws unpredictable," Now - based on
f, Thats what implementing systems can do for you. Your worries will just about
expefience awesome sustainability most businesspeople dream about.
disappear. And yoll
what I've learned from Dan and GKIC - I haye a very specifc wy to think about business... nd
every aspect of my mrketingbecame 100o/o systems based. f,
Now ifyou were to survey 100 businesses out there, they probably have a standard operating fp
procedure for how a product is created. However, when it comes to producing a marketing system,
most businesses would just shrug their shoulders. J
That's why systems are very important to GKIC Renegade marketers. They have systems for creating J
products, hiring staf, and other critical elements oftheir business.
But they also have marketing systems that allow them to have more certainty and stability in their
business. They can almost predict how many customers and clients they're going to get2....3....and
4 months from now... J
...Whereas most businesses practice "hope and pray" marketing. When business starts to slow C
down or they're in a cash flow crunch, they send out a bunch ofpostcards (usually to an untargeted
list and without a defrned offer) and'hope and pray'' they'll get more customers and clients. C
It also helps when the systems are complicated. This prevents "knockoffs" and unscrupulous


rp STR TEGY 37
Add More "Done rp Send A Newsletter
For Them" Packages rp To Your Customers

GKIC Membe Bill Harrison had been in business for fifteen years when he attended his frrst Dan
Kennedy seminar in 2000. Co-owner of Bradley Communications Corp. that serves authors and
CP GKIC Member BiIl Harrison also shared one of his biggest breakthroughs gleaned from my

entrepreneurs who want to get publicity, says his business tripled in five years from the time he met sthrough teleseminars rather than one to one
Dan and continues to grow.
minars as a result. (For an exmple toJollow,

Harrison who owns and operates the business with his brother, Steve Harrison, says, "Radio-TV
Interview Report ( was almost our entire business when we met Dan. Today our business Speaking to groups is extremely powerfrrl for 2 reasons:
includes a membership site, training Programs, coaching, events and more."

Harrison said the biggest thing that contributed to the growth of his company was implementing
one strategy I espouse all the time:

We had all these hppy advertisers who would get interviews on radio and TV shows, but after
observing how Dan did things we realized we should ofer a premium prced event. We had f, d
pressure. By

a room or on a teleseminar applies
aII these customers who wanted publcity and all these media relationships, so we ueated an others.Seeing back ofthe room tends to crate a
eyent called the National Publicity Summit where people get chance to meet top ntional TV fo
e others will . Some marketers even stage this in
producers nd print journalists one-on-one-almost like speed dating with the media.

'big ticket items" earlier in
a Plus selling in groups makes your work more eftcient since you're selling to
more than one person-

instead ofa bunch of'bne-on-one" sessions that can take up a lot oftimJ and energy.
larger price tags. Because
so they can do other thing
of and goof of for a change. So they'll pay big money to get everlthing done for them.
So think about anything about your product or service you can have 'done for thenf'. You could
easi command $5000 to $100,000 depending on your product/service ifyou play your cards right. cp




There Are Riches ln Niches Double Your prices Today

Dr. Yes, we already covered raising your

prices earlier in this book, but I fert I needed to incrude a
she seParate strategy of simply doubling
your prices without question-instead of fretting about
she whether to raise your price s Z0o/o,30/o,35ilo,
etc. etc.
Marketer of the year Finalist Mark Mehring
took part in one of my hot seats and r gave
Things were great until in 2007 her income tanked: simple advice. Here,s what happened to him this
M;k in hls;wn words,
The phone stopped ringing and in 12 months' time we had lost 30o/o of our retenue and
production," At the same time, competition had risenfrom seven orthodontic practices in the
are to 28 within six miles from her practice. One of the hardest hit industries, Orthodontics,
considered an electiye, was down 47o/o Natonwide.

Fortunately she started going through my strategies and attending our international events:
SuperconferencesM and Info-SUMMITSM. while going to those events, she learned a very ofgood_enough in this book. The number
important lesson: of
rices can be eliminated by just doubling
to get out of it--so I started trying boliler things.
n Kennedy and GKIC. Because Dan was always
thinking about we could niche our practice.

The nswer came with a product called In'visalign,

proprietary orthodontic treatment that us
a series of cler, removable teeth aligners as an Iternatiye to
traditonal braces. That is when
things very quick turned around for us. Things got so big that Invisalign contacted me and rfection is the enemy ofgood. Ifyou try to
get perfection, you will never
asked me to speak at a cowention. We went from being one of the lowest Invisalign producers to you are doing-whether that's an idea,
sales letter, video, bok or whatever.
one of their top lo/o producers nationwide in 18 months'time. there and make revisions ther to keep
trying to perfect it and rever see ifit
We already talked about the importance of finding your target market earlier in this chapter. But
The sarne goes with doubling your prices.
really niching down your target audience is a great way to "specializd' so that you .h"rg..* -o..
and be the 'o-to' person in your markelace.

A general rule ofthumb is there shouldnt be more than 100,000 target prospects. Ifthere are more
than that, consider niching yourself down so that you can narrow your target and get below this
number. This will allow you to target these people better with your advertising an tailor your
message-to-market match with these people.


Become An Entrepreneur, Diversifying The Media
Not A Business Owner You Use To Market yourself
There's a huge difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur. Most people think these
terms are interchangeable, but they're not.
Architect Larry Lane thought he had to do things the hard way when it came to marketing his
A business owner is satisfied with growing her business by 5-10% every year. They might add a new business. They didnt teach him now to bring in business in architect school...and whatever clients
product line, hire another staf person, or incrementally raise their prices so they can marginally he receives seemed like it was just through pure luck:

improve their revenue year afrer year.

So ifyou go up to any business owner and ask them iftheyie satisfred with 5-10% increase in profrts '!;"':';#;:l';;:'::
every year, they'll more than likely say, "Yes'l

However, an entrePreneur.. .especially our Renegade Entrepreneurs...will not only increase the Larry knew there had to be a better path to wealth and abundance. So he discovered GKIC by
profrts of their main business, but also create a second, third, or fourth business stemming from that becoming a GOLD member in 2006. He discovered how to create a marketing message that allowed
main business. Thus exploding their income by 200o/o-300o/o and MORE! him to pluck his ideal customers and clients out of the crowd.

GKIC Members Keith and Travis Lee are perfect examples of how entrepreneurial thinking can lead
business came when he discovered how to use the right media to
to huge breakthroughs:
e. He learned how to build a list, create weekly radio shows, perform
started sending out a monthly newsletter.
We run a company called American Retail Supply, a distribution company servicing independent
retailers throughout the U.S. We do a lot of purchasng and importingfrom overseas to supply Further, Larry authored ..celebrity
a book, ne tuned his marketing, and is now known as a
their retailers. We were frustrted with hunting around for items we can put in their direct mail Architect'':
packages to get people\ attention-otherwise called 3D Mil or'Iumpy mail".
My projects have been those I enjoy eten more such s the George W. Bush Presidential Library
So we started a new business called 3D Mail Results that stemmed from American Retail Suppty. and Christes Auction House!
The business fits in perfectly with the parent company since they know where to get unique items
people can put in their direct mail packages that'll get people's attention. You see, most businesspeople think picking the right media will solve all their problems.
So it's a
shock to hear that there is no such things as a righi or wrong, good or bad meda....any
more than a
Nowadays Keith and Travis Lee help clients choose the dght 3D item, guide them through hammer is a good or a bad tool.
the copywriting process, and even coordinates printing arrd fulllment of client's direct mai-l
campaigns-all while running the parent company at the same time. It depends on what it's used for and the way it is used. They key is to use as many t)?es of media
humane possible. . .like Larry used above.
So as you gothrough your entrepreneurial journey, you might experience a breakthrough ofyour
own that could lead to the start of your OWN secondary business that stems from your main one. friend of mine, the late foe Cossman, found
And very often that second business could be more lucrative than the first! by one to three methods - but, on average,
The only way you ca achieve this breakthrough is by 'thinking outside the box' and considering
yourselfas an entrepreneur instead ofa mere business owner.


lmplement "Hustle" Shore Up Your lncoming Calls

Dr. Chales Martin is a practicing Dentist, performing Advanced Restorative Dentistry. He also
At the start of 2013 I got a fax from Diamond Luxury member Dr. JeffAzalone, a Dentist and
operates anlite' Coaching Program that teaches other Dentists how to be successful in their
Periodontist. He was a 2013 GKIC Marketer of the Year runner-up as well'
practices and businesses.
Dear Dan-I thought this would interest you. EverT October for the past 3 years, we have been
He's also my personal dentist as well. And here's a paraphrased story I relayed to an audience at a
mailing out a "your dental insurance benefits are expiring at year end'" notice. Before GKIC we
previous seminar. So this isnt coming straight from Charles but from me:
would only mail this out once with little or no response. WITH GKIC we mailed out multiple
stEs. I was in the waiting room and overheard one of Dr. Chrlie Martinls receptionists speak to a
Proq)ect on the phone. TheT were interested in becoming patients but I oyerheard the price
This year we added a new twist. We mailed out initial notices to 88 patients, then 2 additional
objection. Mind you, Dr. Martinls fees are extremely high-h Jees are almost 10 times what
notices 10 days apart (always using a headline,ffi and dedline). After the 3 mailings'
other dentists charge thanlcs to the strategies GKIC teches.
spending about $50 on paper and postage, we collected $2400 (4700% ROI)- But this year I
also had my staf CALL the patients who had not responded to the mailer and I gve the staf Anyway, I overherd the receptionist tell the potential patient that thefees are large so that Dr.
cash bonuses for patients scheduled. Eight more patent scheduled, bringing the Grand Total to Martin can send his kids to private schools...and she eyen recommended other dentists who were
$19,688, a whopping 39,2360/o return on my complete investment' cheaper. Nevertheless I recommended Dr. Martin immediate fre that receptonist-which he
ewntually ilid!
That's hustle.
Who knows how much money this receptionist cost Dr. Martin and his business!
Listen, there's money to get. Acres of diamonds right below your feet.-no distant travel to search in
exotic places needed. Good news, you donl need to build a multi-media, interactive website with I cannot tell you how many times Iie been told, "My advertising isnt working", checked into it, and
video and live-action cartoons. fust a little hustle will do the trick. found the advertising producing plenty ofcalls, but the callers not being converted.

I m not afraid to do work. Quality work, mind you...but still work You see, handling an incoming, promotion-generating call is telemarketing, yet most businesses let
someone do It who has no training and no experience and no skill in marketing. Or they have self-
The strategies in this book worked for GKIC members who took action. There are examples of
limiting wealth beliefs that end up sabotaging the sale.
ordinary people mfng extraordinary incomes thanks to these strategies. But we cannot provide
you the hustle. That, friends, is uP to you. Get smartby doing the following:

So think oflealcs in your business that could be shored up with a little bit ofhustle. That could mean 1. Train, role-play, rehearse, motivate, and reward the person responsible for handling
placing more follow-up calls, promote harder, do a little more 'grunt worli' or think of more ideas incoming calls. And also create scripts for repetitive incoming calls.
for your business. 2. Shop your own operation. Play the role ofprospect. Have someone else call as a
rospect'' and record the conversation for your review. Do this frequently. And dont expect
what you dont inspect.
3. Monitor the conversion efiectiveness. In most businesses, it should be at least 50%

This step alone could siphon more money into your business.


Have An lnbound Call ScriPt Manufacture Celebrity
This goes along with the previous strategy of shoring up your inbound calls.
If you get the same
you need to have an inbound call script. Get your people to use it
calh ve,. and ver again
religiously and if they deviate, frre them.

just 'winging it" and making

If you watch a movie, you Il notice that the actors on the screen arent Steve Sipress is one of GKIC's Independent Business Advisors and made the following comment on
*"r. lines to memorize, rehearse, and repeat over and over agaia-
op lio.. as they go. Th.y given
our blog about celebrity:
most through multiPle takes.
time creating the set, hiring
It is infnitely easier, cheaper and quicker to make oneself a celebrity today as opposed to even
The director and screenwriters want to make sure all the production just a decade ago, thanks to technology.
dont go to waste thanks to actors and actresses muddling through
creW and producing the movie
their lines. He is right. I have talked about manufactured celebrity, and why and how it is such a valuable asset.
could be salespeople One that anyone can create for themselves out ofthin air.
The same goes for the people who answer the phones for your company. ,These
whise responsibility is to do the actual selling for your
who take in-bound calls for your company I frequently talk about Bob Stupak, for years the brilliant marketer, promoter and operator ofVegas
product or service. or they could be an administrative assistant who takes calls on behalf of your World (now the Stratosphere), and how he made himself a celebrity his customers were eager to
company when a ProsPect calls to inquire about your product or services' meet, get photos taken with, then breathless tell their friends and family about meeting him - as if
toward the they'd met Elvis.
Ifyou have salespeople, you need a carefully created call script that eases the, prospect
"wing it", your sales volume will drop and all the effort you're taking
sae. Ifyou let yur ialespeople You wont frnd paparazzi following me around in LA or read about me on But I have
to drive Potential leads to your business will go to waste' cultivated celebrity within my customers and target markets, just as Bob Stupak did with his, ad
have proted by doing so.
call center script is
And if you have an administrative assistant to takes inbound calls, an in-bound
they collect the information for future follow-up. This can be through
,r"...rry to ensure ProsPect's We talked about using a celebrity in your business and promotions, but why not becoming a
talked about earlier in this report'
tr ring h. prospect your lead geneiation magnet-which we celebrityyourselfr All the strategies in this book can make you into a celebrity in your market if you
take action on them. I have hundreds of people ask to get my photo taken whenever I speak at an
You can also create a pre-recorded message when people call in to claim
your lead generation
of Info-SUMMITSM or SuperconferenceSM yet I can comfortably go into my local grocery store in
magnet if youre driving people to your bisiness through a lead-generation ad. Here's an example
a pre-recorded message:
The simple truth is, if you arerlt deliberate, systematically, methodically - or rapidly and
"Hi! Thanks for calling Bill's Landscaping. You've reached our natutal landscaping ts hotline dramatically - establishing yourself as a celebrity, at least to your clientele and target market,
where weie giving oioy o 3T-page report fult of ways to make your
yard a showcase you can
you're asleep at the wheel, ignoring what is fueling the entire economy around you, neglecting
beproud oflitlut using ony **iut ptticides or chemicals. You'll learn over 25 natural devement of a measurablyvaluable asset.
lanilscaping tips from the pros plus a whole lot more! To get y
report ient right to your door' simply lealte your name phone r
the tone anil we'll rush it right out to you!'

The pre-precorded message is a good way to have a non-threatening fust

contact with your ProsPect'
to iome advertising because they are afraid the person they call will
Some people do not respond
to take'
"hammer; them. The pie-recorded message is a good intermediate steP for these timid folks



Accumulate Wealth-Building Skll-Sets

rP Take Action And lmplement!
aP This isrit really a 'strategy' per se, but I saved it for last for
Donna Krech is one of the members of my Titanium Info-Marketers Mastermind Group. she * a reason.
recently told me about a life-changing moment for her:

IfinIly grasped the possibility that it! impossible to pile up enough money or assetsto achieve
rP Youie read through this
ideas to choose from. But
pieces ofadvice and so many
-. diferent
success story,, most entrepreneurs
true security, for there is always possibility of loss * end up with a big 'to do" lis

or confiscation. Real securitT is in a skillset
that empowers you to make money at wiII, as needed" as desired.
I even just seeing 47 strategies that are shared as the one "best piece of advicdl makes it hard to
You see, I was taught earlier on that the only real security you have is the ability to produce. The pick. Am I right?
only question being, what should "produce" mean?
There are a lot of people with good ideas out there. But very few who
* take immediate action. They
wait to gather all the information, or have enough money, or for the 'erfect
I firmly believe after 40 years in the biz that info-marketing is the quickest way you can break free of
the work-money link and create leverage in your business. UF timingl

it rP Dont worry about having all the details figured out, just get moving. Because
"fust by getting into action you'll leapfrog ahe ad, ofiso/o ortn. p.opi. around
as Dan Kennedy says,

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arketing It's a million little things. Not one. often we hear of the 'bvernight
success" story. people want to
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JP know, how someone arrived at success so quickly? fhe thing is, ihere is no
success. It's doing a lot ofdifferent things that all add up.
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Entire industries and professional have been made to sit up and take notice ofinfo-marketers JP
who "made themselves big." )oe Polish was a dead broke, ready to quit carpet cleaner when he
arketing-thus influencing his entire industry. Craig proctor JP youve 6nished with those,
o you keep moving forward.
industry ofreal-estate and, thanl$ to his leadership, hundreds
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marketing rather than a prospecting or image advertising
I leave you with member Pete Williams from Australia and how he put to action
multiple strategies to
Another testament to the powerful of info-marketing: in20l2 a friend of mine mailed over
J generate $30'000+ immediately via a elaborate marketing campaign.
Here's his story:
8-million sales letters, sold over 240,000 books on a health topic, and pocketed net income ofover
$4 million. Few grasped that they were seeing info-marketing anyone with a serious passion about aP This campaign is a few years old, and was actually marketing campaign to reyiye an old
a subject-with knowledge or experience in any business or field--can do.
J+ stagnant Product I hdn't really sold for the prior 6 years- o triirt of orlhrntic sports memorabilia.

of course, you can accumulate other wealth-building skill-sets, like improving your time
J+ icket Ground (MCG), Australials version
phone calls I trcked down the wrecking

management, getting better at selling, and being more aggressive about marketing. But when it
comes to summoning wealth out of thin air, nothing else beats info-marketing. nd irested carpet from the members

Every year, GKIC swings open the doors to this "secret world' via the Info-SUMMITsM. you can
I had a series of sports memorabilia created with a photo of the MCG, a commemorative plaque
learn more by going here:
and a piece of the crested carpet ... Wrote a prrr, ,"l"or" with the headline '21 year OId SeIIs MCG
For Under $500', got a lot of media exposure and sold a lot of frames'

forward about 10 years and I decided to revve this project, release fnI series of
memorabilia and clear out Mum\ garage that was storing the remaining rolls of carpet.

To do so, decided to go back through my DK archfues, and combine as many'Kennedy
Style Marketing Principles' I'd lernt from the vrious books, newsletters nd audios into this
marketing campaign as I could.

I didn'thave a list, and the only relevant direct mail list in Australia wouldn't allow me to mail,
as the product I was selling was in direct competition with the list owners... Therere I had to get
creatfue and ireate' a list, with some online lead generation.

As Dan says in the'Ultimte Marketing Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Course', that if you JF
don't have a list or can't buy/rent a list, iti always best to do lead generation marketingfirst, to
build your own list, that way you can subsequen mail multiple times... so thati precisely what
I did: some lead gen style banner advertisements driving trafic to a pre-notification, pre-release
opt-in Pge.
The video on this opt-in page told a great narrative about me just trying to help save the 'People\
Ground' (stadium\ tagline) and let 'the people' own a piece of it, and when I tried to tem uP ar?
with some of the larger sports memorabilia compnies to help get it out and avilable, 'they'
didn't want to be part of it, as what 'they' don't really care etc etc.
Once the list was built during this lead gen phase, I
decided to incorporate a product launch style

approach to this cmpign to ensure I built up signifcnt demand, social proof and took the
prospect for a journey bere making the frames available for purchase; so over the following 2
weeks leading up the the release the true 'Kennedy Style Marketing' was able to be implemented
in the sequential marketing sequence.
The rtrst pece of the campaign was a short email to the list to reinforce social proof by telling
them how ffiany people had pre-register already, nd continuing "the story", as I included a video
of me at my mums house (where the carpet was stored) 'iutting up the carpet so the framers ,
could start work on the frames" - This ws an attempt to incorporate 'demonstrtion and proof '
through video as Dan talks about in hs 'Copywriting In A Box Seminar' a
I a
Unfortunately straight after this campaign started received a'cease and assist'letter from the
MCG itself, as I was using their brand in the domain nme of the website.

Once I made that adjustment I decided to incorporate that into the marketing campaign to help a
reinforce the signifcance of the MCG and enhance "the story":

In that same piece of copy, I ako letteraged an implied endorsement -from a national celebrity
who intervewed me on his national radio show that week.

Dan continually talks about the benefts of using celebrities in your marketing, and at the same a
time this campaign was occurring, Tiger Woods was all over the news with his'incident', so
I decided to leverage that into the campaign as weII. We found a video of him in a US sports
memorabilia companies ofices just sitting there signingpostex after poster, fter poster ... and t+
sent out an email with the subject'Tiger Woods Cught On Tpe'.

In the email I framed the video as a way to iliferentiate the authentic sports history piece I was
selling, from the'traditionally manufactured not-truly-authentic memorabilia'; which wouldhelp
'break free of the price-product link' and expand price elasticity in my prospects minds due to the

As Dan spoke about in the lune 2010 edition of 'Look Oter My Shoulder' I used a dffirent take
on'Borrowed Authority', and incorporated some of the responses I was gettingfrom the list to
"say some things" I wanted said, but didn't want to say directly myself; which helped dffirentiate
my products from the questionable' and iommodity style' products I was competing against.

To really hammer home'Principle #17 from Dan's 63 Killer Marketing Strategies Report: Create
comparisons that favor your product or service' I created another short screen-capture video of
me looking through other online sports memorabilia companies websites and comparing their
'manufactured orter-priced non-authentic' products to the authentic + historic MCG
frames I
was selling.

I also continued to incorporate the copywriting tactic Dan continully tallis about, the PS., in
every) piece of communication - primari to reinforce social proof, scarcity and 'manufacture

One of the fnal marketing pieces prior to making the frames ayailable was another video sent to
the list, [incorporating demonstration' again and 'making the thing personal' as discussed in the
lan 2010 No BS Marketing Letter.l showing the attention to detail and process the framers went
through to make the frames themselves.

To not extend this overview any longer; I also ensured to include a range of other Dan Kennedy
taught sales + marketing principles into the product/campaign such as

- Rick Reversal yia Guarntee

- Fast Response Bonuses
- and many others

... all in all, after incorporating all this 'Kennedy Style' marketing into campaign the cmpaign,
when we made the frames available for sale online we made over 930,000 in just the frst hour!

Gitten the production and delitery time of the frames was up-to two weeks, I also made sure
to reduce buyer\ remorse with a personal thank-you postcard to each buyer. We also made
ordering via fx available (given the demographics of the It) and made a few sales that way too!

I hope you implement at least one or two of the marketing strategies you discovered in this book.
All you have to do is take action, and you could be getting similar results in with your marketing.

Dedicated To Multiping Your Income,

Dan S. Kennedy