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STEPSISTER 2: Valentina
Bird 2: Tomas M
Bird3: Simon
Fairy: Mariana
Mouse 1: Miguel Angel
Mouse 2: Jose Miguel
Lizard: nicolas
King: mateo
Prince: Cristopher
Soldier 1: juan jose
Soldier 2: jose tomas
Rabbit: Mayra
Dog: sofia
Dove 1: Emily
Dove 2: Federico
Cat: Esteban
Servant: Tomas c

Narrator: once upon a timein a very far land, there was a beautiful young girl named
CINDERELLA, who lived with her wicked stepmother and her two ugly stepsisters

Scene 1: Cinderella is at home

Stepmother: hurry up! Cinderella tidy up the house!
Cinderella: yes, maam
Stepsister 1: did you clean the kitchen?
Cinderella: yes , I did
Stepmother: Clean faster Cinderella
Cinderella: Ok, I will
Stepsister 2: did you polish my shoes?
Cinderella: yes, I did
Stepsister 1: did you iron my clothes?
Cinderella: yes, I did
Stepsister 2: and did you make breakfast?
Cinderella: yes, breakfast is ready.
Narrator: the evil stepsisters made Cinderella do all the hard work.
Cinderella: (calling out) stepsisters! A letter from the royal palace has arrived for you!
Stepsister 1: (fighting) give it to me! I want to open it
Stepsister 2: (fighting)no! I want to open it!
Stepsisters 1 and 2: (looking and the invitation card) look! We are invited to the Princes
ball a the royal palace
Cinderella: (crying sadly) I wish I could go too.

Scene 2 :Narrator: the night of the ball arrived.

Cinderella goes to her room to get ready for the ball but her stepmother told her she cant
go to the ball.
Stepmother: keep cleaning the house Cinderella, we are going to have a great time at the
Cinderella: (crying) why is she so unfair?
Bird 1: dont worry Cinderella we will help you clean the house
Bird 2: yes, you will finish on time to go to the ball.
Bird 3: you will meet the prince tonight!

Scene 3: Cinderella quickly gets ready for the ball.

Cinderella: wait!! Im ready, Im going with you!

Stepmother: youre not going anywhere!
Stepsister 1: you cant go, what are people going to say ?
Stepsister 2: (destroying her dress) your dress is terrible! Look at you!

Cinderella goes back to her room, she starts crying

Dove 1: dont worry Cinderella, they are not good people
Dove 2: stop crying! You dont deserve this.

Scene 4: the fairy godmother arrives

Fairy: hello Cinderella! Im your fairy godmother, Im here to help you!
Mouse 1: oh My God she is wonderful
Mouse 2: I told you! You deserve the best!
Cinderella: how can you help me?
Fairy: youre certainly going to the ball tonight

Narrator: Suddenly the two mice became horses and she got a beautiful dress, the
pumpkin became the carriage and the lizard became the driver.

At the party.
King: oh my dear son, look how many women there are here, theyre so beautiful. I hope
you choose well.

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