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1st Quarter 2016 report

Nominating Committee Report

The building
blocks of your success

The Nominating Committee (Jerry Cross, Jerry McDonald and Ronnie Selman,
Chairman) nominates Larry Bone and Mary Needler, to fill two positions on the
Board of Directors that expire at the 2016 Annual Meeting.

Larry Joe Bone has been a member of

GENCO FCU for 43 years and has completed Election results will
four years of service on the Board of Directors. be announced at the
Larry has given 21 years of volunteer service Annual Meeting.
Date: to GENCO including 7 years on the Credit
Saturday, Committee and 14 years on the Supervisory
Additional nominations by official
petition will be accepted if signed
March 19th, Committee. Larry has served as Chairman of by one percent (359) of the total
2016 the Supervisory Committee for 8 years. Larry is membership. Each nominee
currently employed at Packaging Corporation must present qualifications,
of America. biographical information and a
statement of willingness to serve.
Waco Mary L. Needler is a graduate of Baylor Petitions must be submitted by
Convention University and a Certified Public Accountant. February 1, 2016 to the Valley
Center, in Mary began her public accounting career Mills Drive office.
Brazos Room with Hooks and Gerik, CPAs and in 1993 she
became a partner in the firm. In 1995, she GENCO FCU
opened her own accounting practice and Attention: Board Secretary
Banquet: provides numerous accounting services today 731 N. Valley Mills Drive,
6:15 p.m. for individuals, non-profits and businesses. Waco, TX, 76710
Mary has been a member of GENCO FCU
since 2011 and has served one term (3 years) on
Business Meeting: the Board and is currently the Treasurer of the Board. In addition to being a member
7:00 p.m. of several certified public accounting associations, Mary has also served on the
board of directors for Waco Womens Lions Club, Smart Start Child Care Association,
American Business Womens Association, and the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure
Central Texas.

Meal tickets are

available at all
GENCO branches
after February 1,
2016.Tickets are No meal ticket is required
$7.00 each. to attend Annual Meeting.
e x p e c t b e t t e r

p r e s i d e n t s m e s s a g e

Planning For
As our day-to-day lives get inevitably more
complicated and hectic, it is sometimes
difficult to forget about the present for a
moment and think about the future.
You may have all your personal finances taken
Take Advantage
care of right now, but its important to remember of the Equity
that your needs change over time. What works
today might not be the best solution for the next
You Have Built
phase of your journey through life. Up in Your Home
Are you still wanting to open up that IRA you think of each 4 Low interest rates
year? Tax returns are right around the corner and your 4 Low closing costs
tax refund provides an excellent opportunity to make an 4 No pre-payment penalty
investment in your future. Are you on track to handle next
4 Terms up to twenty years
years holiday shopping? If you start saving a little each
4 Borrow up to 80% of
month now next Christmas will be much less stressful. Do
the value of your home
you need a checking account that will pay you a great
4 Interest may be 100% tax
rate and refund your ATM fees? GENCOs Advantage
deductible* of your home,
Checking may be the answer for you. Do you feel the minus any outstanding
interest rate on your credit card, auto loan, or mortgage is mortgage balance
too high? Start saving for your future today by transferring
your higher interest rate credit card balances to GENCO
or refinancing your auto or home loan to GENCO. We can Apply Today for a
save you hundreds or thousands of dollars over a period of Home Equity Loan!
time which means money back in your pocket.
These financial issues and many others are just a few of 4You can use these funds for
the topics you can discuss with a GENCO professional. any number of purposes:
And the best part is these consultations are completely Vacations
complimentary. Its yet another benefit of your membership Education needs
with GENCO Federal Credit Union, and another way that
New and used vehicles
were working for you now and in the future.
Bill consolidation
Our staff is well trained in these areas so call or come in And much, much more
and have a conversation about your financial future. We
For more information on
want to be your financial partner and look forward to an
rates, terms and all other
opportunity to serve you. Together, we can GENCO home mortgage
make 2016 a year of financial questions, call our Real Estate
growth and success. Department at (254) 776-9550
All the best. or (800) 922-6428.
*The credit union is not authorized to
Sincerely, Neil Ling, offer tax advice. For more information,
consult with your tax advisor.
w w w . g e n c o f c u . o r g

Life long TruStage offers affordable top quality protection with The building
protection online claims service and discounts to CU members.
Call today to get a free quote at 855-483-2149.
blocks of
your success
within your F Life Insurance F Auto Insurance
budget. F Home Insurance F AD&D Insurance
Exclusively for F Health Insurance
Credit Union Claim your no-cost
AD&D coverage
Members. today!

TruStageTM is the marketing brand for the insurance offered through CMFG Life Insurance Company. The insurance offered is not federally insured
or guaranteed or sold by your credit union. Products may not be available in all states. Be sure to understand the complete details of coverage,
including any exclusions and limitations.

McLennan Hewitt Lorena Fire

County National Department
Livestock Night Out
Show * *
Supporting Our Community

Supporting Hosting our youngest

our local GENCO members at
Police Halloween party

Happy New
Your credit report is an electronic record of your credit activities that show
how you use credit and how much of it you have available. If youre late in
Year from
making a monthly payment, that too shows up on your credit report. the entire
Credit Whether a lender is evaluating your loan request or a card company GENCO staff!

report is considering whether to give you a credit card, you can count on an
evaluation of your credit report to influence its decision.

basics Unfortunately, some of us mismanage credit and pay the price: Information
remains on a credit report for years and may hurt the chance of getting holidays
additional credit.
At GENCO, we want to help you manage your credit we can help Martin Luther
Equifax you apply for it, explain how to use it wisely and how to monitor your King, Jr. Day
(800) 685-1111 credit report for accuracy. You can get your free credit report at January 18
Basic fee: $9.95 We can help you to understand your
credit rights and how to repair your credit. Presidents Day
Experian Starting in 2004, the law entitles you to receive a free credit report every February 15
(888) 397-3742 12 months. Of course, you can also pay to obtain a credit report anytime.
Basic fee: $15.95 Pull your report today and verify your score and open accounts.
Looking to Build Your Credit Score? GENCO offers a credit card which
TransUnion can be a simple way to increase your credit score. Keep a low
(800) 888-4213 balance and make timely payments and it becomes a perk
Basic fee: $9.95 for your credit score. Apply for yours today!
GENCO offers a MasterCard with a great rate. Providing
a convenient, secure online access to your credit
card account information. Online benefits include:
Retrieving current account summary
Reviewing card activity
Making a payment
GENCO Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 7246 Waco, Texas 76714-7246
Valley Mills Drive Office Federally Scholarships
731 N. Valley Mills Drive Insured By
Northeast Branch Office Your savings
federally insured to
1500 N. Loop 340 at least
$250,000 and
Lorena Branch Office backed by the full

230 N. Frontage Road

faith and
credit of the United
States Government.
MCC Foundation
Woodway Branch Office
105 Archway Drive
Lufkin Branch Office Each year GENCO awards
1402 S. John Redditt Drive a $1,000 scholarship to
Lufkin State School Branch Office an MCC student.
Highway 69 N. Central Students must apply online through
ApplyTexas and include a list of
(254) 776-9550 or (800) 922-6428
qualifications. Instructions for this can be
(936) 637-7710
found at You may also find this link on our website on our Scholarship page.
No paper applications will be accepted. Official transcripts are also required to be
submitted and they must be delivered to the MCC Admissions Office on or before the

Taxes deadline. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact
Shelly Cotton at or visit

Done foundation/scholarships to learn more about scholarships and resources available.

The next award will be for the 2016-2017 year and applications are still being
Right accepted through January 15, 2016.

With TurboTax and GENCO,

Angelina College Scholarship
its easy to do your own taxes. GENCO Federal Credit Union established a scholarship fund with
TurboTax coaches you every step Angelina college in order to recognize one of its members who is
of the way to the biggest refund majoring in a business education.
you deserve. This member must show outstanding academic merit and be a full-time student.
All you need to know is yourself. Business majors who are GENCO members may apply by going to the Angelina College
TurboTax translates taxes into Scholarship Website at and clicking on student tools. Applicants must
simple questions about your life provide a letter from GENCO confirming membership.
and puts everything on the right Applications for the following academic year are due to the Scholarship Coordinator no
forms for you. later than March 1stof each year. The scholarship is for $1,000; $500 each for the Fall
Double checks as you go. and Spring semesters.
TurboTax runs error checks and For more information please contact Jennifer Standley at
a final review of your return to
help make sure your taxes are
done right.
Free, free and free. GENCO Its a New Year do you need to
members with simple federal
tax returns can prepare, print update your contact information?
and e-file for FREE with TurboTax We are constantly updating our files to make sure we have the most recent
Federal Free Edition. contact information on you. If you have recently changed location, or
Go to TurboTax on our website, you are planning to, please call us at 254-776-9550 with your new contact
click Why GENCO, and under information. Keeping your correct address on file can help:
our Resources tab you can start Maintain your privacy Protect you from identity theft Save you money
TurboTax for FREE today! Changes to your account must be communicated from you in writing. Without a
2014-2015 Intuit Inc. All rights reserved. State current address you could miss important details that affect your money.
filing charges apply. Limited time offer for
TurboTax 2015. Terms, conditions, features,
availability, pricing, fees, service and support
options subject to change without notice.
Intuit, TurboTax and TurboTax Online, among
others, are registered trademarks and/ IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING CREDIT INSURANCE:
or service marks of Intuit Inc. in the United For members insured with Credit Insurance, coverage terminates on the last day of the month dur-
States and other countries. Other parties
trademarks or service marks are the property ing which you reach the Termination Age of 70 for Credit Life and 66 for Credit Disability.
of their respective owners.