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PT Indocement Tunggal Prakasa Tbk. Paliman Cirebon Unit is a limiting mining

company using quarry method in Gempol Subdistrict, Cirebon Regency, West Java.
In fulfilling the demand of cement-making basic materials, the limestone required
a good mining system. Prior to the mining activities, first performed rock explosion
with the method of blasting, making it easy in the process of loading and
transporting to the crusher. In following the blasting activity, often overbreak or
rocks are destroyed so that the limit exceeds the level. The presence of overbreak
reproductive aids to mining activities effects generated from the overbreak will
occur on the slopes and mine road conditions are likely to occur down grade and
landslide and will increase the rocks in the next explosion. It is necessary to control
the results of the overbreak is one way that can be used by using Trim Blasting
blasting method. This method is very effective for creating a stable ladder by
reducing the overbreak coming from production blasting because it is suitable for
hard material. After the blasting result is obtained by using Trim Blasting method,
the result of this measurement is inputted in the overbreak calculation data after it
is analyzed to the achievement of the overbreak lung produced, so that this method
of blasting Trim Blasting method can reduce the result of blasting overbreak.

Keywords: quarry, overbreak, trim blasting