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1st Year B.B.S.

1st term Improvement Examination 1992

Department of Management
Subject: Business Communication
Course No: 114

Total Time: 3 Hours Total Marks: 40

( Marks for each question are given on the right margin. Answer any four of the following

1. a) Define Communication and Business Communication. 02

b) What are the functions of Communication? 04
c) Discuss the importance of Business communication in Modern Business 04

2. a) What is communication process? 02

b) Enumerate the essential elements of communication with the help of a 06
c) Is Feedback necessary for completion of the communication process? 02

3. What are the barriers to effective communication? Explain how these can be

4. a) What is meant by communication network? 02

b) State different types of communication network with their uses. 08

5. a) Define Mass Communication? 02

b) What are its objectives? 03
c) State different media of Mass Communication. 05

6. a) What do you mean by market report? 02

b) What is the importance of market report? 02
c) Prepare a hypothetical weekly market report of Dhaka Stock Exchange. 06