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ProTeam Egypt

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

Consulting and Training
ProTeam is a dynamic organization located in Egypt,
with an ultimate goal, to serve the Middle East and North
Africa (MENA) and Gulf region market
What are the values that ProTeam provides to its customers?

Innovative Work
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Introduction to CSR

Companies integrate social and environmental concerns … for the sociality

CSR: Corporate social responsibility

• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an

issue that is working its way into many policy
debates and corporate agendas.
• CSR is an evolution in the approach towards
sustainable development.

• What is CSR?
• Companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their daily
business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on
a voluntary basis
CSR: Corporate social responsibility

“The continuing commitment by Business to
behave ethically and contribute to economic factory customers

development while improving the quality of life of

the workforce and their families as well of the
local community and society at large” Products CSR Organizati

*World Business Council for

community Brands
Sustainable Development
CSR: Corporate social responsibility

• We aim to improve CSR activity and perception in organization

through simple and direct training and consultation programs.
Those reflect on understanding and implementation of CSR in
organization and community around us.

It’s not:
Why CSR is Important?
• CSR is a practice applied by large companies
• Globalization and Increased size and
and multinationals who have the resources
influence of companies
• CSR is a tool of Public relations
• Make a community friendly brands
• Donating money to society is a key element
• Retain and attracting employees
of CSR
CSR Training Programs

Companies integrate social and environmental concerns … for the sociality

The Idea

• So far, Egypt has attached relatively importance to Corporate Social Responsibility

(CSR), but this is changing, particularly because of the growing international
prominence of CSR, indeed it is now becoming fashionable in Egypt.

• NGOs. are demanding that companies in Egypt increase their CSR efforts in accordance
with the international practice, there is very little mention of the CSR in the Egyptian

These CSR activities are not required from the NGOs only, but became an
international requirement.
For example:

• A CSR statement is needed from the companies that would like to be registered in the
Egyptian Stock Market (we believe that this degree will be applied soon).

• Other example is the export oriented as many of the importers will require CSR
statements from their suppliers to accept their products.
Target Segment

We have chosen the textile and garment sector as a start because it

presents the following:
1 – One of the most important sectors in the Egyptian industry.
2 – Intensive labor sector.
What Proteam Egypt offers?

• Awareness campaigns
• Certified Technical training
• Consultation (SA8000)

Supporting target groups to cope with the new international requirements and standards
(C.S.R.) and prepare them for export regulations, enriching labor's knowledge and skills, so
as to effectively and efficiently cope with the sudden market changes

Expected Impact
• The companies will comply with the Egyptian and international requirements.
• Raise the awareness and apply the CSR at very important sectors.
How to be sponsored?

We expect a co-operation between the World Bank, ministry of investment,

ministry of industry and trade, to provide funding and Logistics
CSR program Targets:

CSR program not for individuals, but it is a designed program for organizations
need requirements.
CSR Training Programs

CSR Training is a four level program as

below :
1. CSR Essentials
2. CSR Strategy
3. SA8000: Social Accountability
4. CSR & ISO 26000
1. CSR Essentials [9hrs]

CSR Essentials is an introduction awareness

course for all organization members and Who should attend
employees. • Entry level
• 1st line and middle management
Program contents: • CSR responsible managers
• What is CSR • Marketing Team
• An Overview – Tools of Practice
• What is the Global Compact? * CSR Essential will be in two workshops, one
• Commitments simple and reach Arabic, and other condensed
• The Ten Principles workshop for managers.
• Ethical codes
• Managing social issues
2. CSR Strategy [12hrs]

Program contents:
CSR is a marketing tool. How to gain benefits
• CSR is a marketing tool. and impacts through CSR activity? And how
• Trends in the Global Economy maximize value delivered by this activity.
• Changes in the Competitiveness Landscape “CSR is a win-win game”.
• Snapshot of the MENA Region
• Snapshot of Egypt Who should attend
• The role of Private Sector • 1st line and middle management
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) • CSR responsible managers
• Corporate Strategy, CSR and Base of the • Marketing Team
• Translating Strategy into Action
• Business Models that Engage the Poor
3. SA8000: Social Accountability [12hrs]

Program contents:
• Overview of SA8000
• SA8000 Elements
Benefits of SA8000
• SA8000 Implementation
• Along with humane workplaces, the
• Certification to SA8000
implementation of SA8000 offers more
benefits to workers, companies and others: • SA8000 Corporate Programs:
• Benefits for Workers, Trade Unions and • Benefits of SA8000
• Benefits for Business Who should attend
• Benefits for Consumers and Investors: • CSR responsible managers
• Marketing Team
4. ISO 26000 [not released yet]

We can call it ISO Social Responsibility or

CSR Guidance.
What is ISO 26000? [Program contents not released yet]
• ISO 26000 is the designation of the future
International Standard giving guidance on
Who should attend
social responsibility (SR).
• CSR responsible managers

• ISO 26000 contains guidance, not

requirements, and therefore will not be for
use as a certification standard like ISO
9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.
CSR Consulting

We deliver innovative and creative CSR solutions…

Services Provided:
1. CSR policy & strategy
2. CSR / sustainability audits &
Corporate Social Responsibility is about companies 3. Stakeholder engagement
identifying risks and carrying out their business in a 4. CSR & sustainability reporting
manner that produces a positive impact on society, the 5. Non-financial risks & futures
environment and their business.
CSR policy & strategy

• When does CSR deliver the most value to

your business? Is it strategic? Is it linked CSR strategy Services:
to your business objectives? Are your • Facilitator of CSR Strategies
actions comprehensive or have you missed • Guide to the adoption of the ISO 26000 –
something? Social Responsibility
• After careful analysis of your business, • Social risk assessments
sector, business strategy, vision, values and
the marketplace, we devise a fit for purpose • Sustainable Leadership development
CSR policy, strategy and implementation
CSR / sustainability audits & benchmarking

Areas we cover include:

• Bespoke and tailor-made strategic advice
• Audit of current responsible business
• CSR and sustainability strategies need to • Benchmarking against CSR standards,
be developed in the context of the business competitors and best practice
vision and commercial realities. • Key informant research (investors, opinion
formers etc)
• Waste & energy audits
Non-financial risk and futures

CSR strategy Services:

• Key informant research and stakeholder
• Integration of future risks and opportunities
• Our forward looking approach is to
identifying non-financial risk and future into CSR strategy and action plans
scenarios ensures fit for purpose and robust • Customised scanning on relevant
strategy. responsible business and industry news
• Links to the risk register and risk reviews
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