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Project Proposal CNST/ARCH Computer Lab

To: Mark Schneider, TAG Representative For The Technologies Division

Date: November 10, 2010
From: Drafted By Eric Robert / Reviewed By Dom Morales, Dave Hultenius & Jared Yando
Cc: D. Morales, J. Batchelder, B. Hutzley, J. Brennan, CNST & ARCH Faculty
Re: Computer Lab Facilities - Construction & Architecture Programs

Project Overview
The computer lab facility (Sanford Hall Lab #124) which supports the Architecture & Construction
Curricula, and to a lesser degree the Carpentry Curriculum, is experiencing a great deal of demand. The
increased pressure on this space has reached a level that justifies adding another dedicated computer lab.
Fortunately, this need is directly related to positive enrollment trends in our two and four-year programs, as
well as advancements in software applications within our fields. There is also a SUNY
requirement/commitment to provide an additional computer lab for Fall 2011, when the new BT Degree in
Construction Management is anticipated to officially begin.

Historical Issues & Unmet Needs

Although some relief has been provided to the Architectural (BT), via the new studio (Farnsworth Hall
Rm. 146), there have been no added facilities to address the Construction Management Program (BT) as
well as the added enrollment experienced in both of the associate degree programs. To date, we have
squeezed in Sanford #124, as much as possible. However, the lack of lab availability has prevented us
from being able to schedule courses needing this resource.

The matrix below outlines the current unmet computer lab needs for both the Construction & Architectural
Programs. Please notice that several of our courses have partial semester needs, while others require access
throughout the semester. Many of these classes have informally gained access to the lab in past years, but
now that this space is booked during the needed periods a more formal lab assignment is necessary.

Course Schedule Added Hrs. (Week) Notes

AECT 100 Freshman Orientation Middle Third of Fall Semester 4 Hours (Lecture) 1
ARCH 120 Arch. Graphics 2 Half of Fall Semester 6 Hours (Lab) 1
ARCH 140 Arch. Studio I Fall Semester 1 Hour (Studio) 1
ARCH 240 Arch. Studio II Spring Semester 1 Hour (Studio) 1
CNST 160 Const. Surveying Majority of Spring Semester 9 Hours (Lab) 1
CNST 210 Commercial Bldg. Syst. 2 Lab Sessions Fall Sem. 4 Hours (Lab) 1 Hr. Per Lab 1
CNST 260 Construction Estimating Spring Semester 3 Hours (Lab) 2
AECT 280 Environmental Syst. I Majority of Spring Semester 12 Hours (Lab) 1
CNST 295 Construction Seminar 1 Half of Spring Semester 6 Hours (Lab) 1
AECT 300 Design Build Mgt. Fall Semester 2 Hours (Lecture) 2
AECT 300 Design Build Mgt. 1 Third of Fall Semester 9 Hours (Lab) 1
AECT 360 Structural Theory Fall semester 3 Hours (Lab) 2
AECT 370 Site Engineering 2 Half of Fall Semester 6 Hrs (Lab) 1
AECT 400 Const. Project Mgt. Fall Semester 4 Hours (Lecture & Lab) 2
AECT 410 Building Codes Majority of Spring Semester 1 Hour (Lecture) 1
AECT 450 Building Science Last 3 of Fall Semester 6 Hrs. (Lect.) Antic. 2 Sections 1
Architectural Portfolio I Fall Semester Course 2 Lab Hours 3
Construction Scheduling & Planning Spring Semester Course 4 Lab Hours 3

Reference Notes
1. Course requires access to a computer lab, but currently does not officially have one assigned.
2. Course currently has a computer lab assigned, however additional sections are anticipated.
3. Proposed courses to enhance academic quality of programs.
Historical Issues & Unmet Needs Continued
Please note that this matrix does not represent many of the regularly-scheduled courses (i.e., ARCH 110
Res. Drawing, ARCH 220 Comm. Detailing, ARCH 300 Digital Design, etc.) which have added several
lab sections in Sanford #124, during the past few years. It also does not reflect our students need to have
access to this facility outside of their regularly scheduled class periods, in order to complete computer-
based homework assignments.

Project Proposal
We propose the implementation of another computer lab, to serve as a duplicate to that of the current one in
Sanford Hall #124. Please allow the following bullets to offer further details on this desired facility.
Specific Lab Needs
Software programs can be matched to those offered within Sanford #124.
Networking, printing, and projection capabilities shall also match those provided within
Sanford #124.
Student desk space will need to be slightly enhanced in order to allow sufficient space for the
review/layout of large plans and drawings.
It is preferred that the desks/tables be that of a downward foldable style, which allow for more
flexibility between both lab and lecture sessions within this space.
Besides needing more space for larger tables and general instruction, this lab must also
accommodate large printers, scanners, electronic digitizers, and other advanced equipment
that may be incorporated into course instruction.
Approximately 20 work stations, along with one additional teachers station, is the preferred
size. This figure is based upon our current lab section practices.

Project Goals
1. Satisfy the new BT program proposal in Construction Management: Design and Build that
requires an additional computer lab.
2. Provide our students with the computer-based knowledge and expertise that is desired in the fields
of Construction Management and Architecture. This is currently not being met by our sole lab
Sanford 124.
3. Offer our students with access to an additional lab to work on computer-based homework
assignments. The limited free time that is available in Sanford 124 does not meet the homework
needs of our students.
4. Have the ability to integrate new software packages and computer-based applications as they are
introduced within our fields. In other words, keep our students current on new computer-based
technologies within the fields of Construction Management and Architecture.

Project Integration
It is the facultys intent to offer this additional lab in the same format as that of Sanford 124. The same
software packages and overhead projection resources should be provided to both lab spaces. This request
should not require additional software training by the faculty. However, some training may be required for
new equipment such as large printers, scanners, digitizers, etc.

Lab Location
The Construction and Architectural Faculty have conversed about possible lab locations within Smith and
Sanford Halls. Seeing that Sanford Hall will soon be under a total renovation and the fact this lab is needed
for the start of the Fall 2011 semester, Smith Hall is the logical location. Some of the faculty have had
preliminary discussions with Dean Morales and Joe Batchelder, Director of Capital Construction, regarding
the possibility of placing this lab in one of the upstairs classrooms within Smith Hall.

Project Cost
Attached is an approximate cost estimate that was provided by Shawn Brislin on May 20, 2009 ($63.5K).
Please realize that this is only budgetary pricing and that some expenses have not been represented on this
preliminary estimate. For instance, some items that are currently not in this budget include; necessary
facility upgrades, high end tables that fold monitors beneath them, some more recent software packages
(Fall 10 - Sanford 124 requests), lager monitors for drawings, etc.

General CIS Questions (Project Development Template)

1. Start the new project process by detailing your existing business practices that the project will
impact. Tell us what you do now. Then tell us what you would like to change. Why isnt it
working now? What impact will the change have on those who use your services? What impact
with the project have on other areas of your department? The rest of the College?

As previously mentioned and outlined, our business practices of having one computer lab
for our programs is simply not enough to meet our needs. We are currently offering
several courses without the integration of essential computer-based applications. This
need of outgrowing the Sanford 124 lab is mostly due to enhanced enrollment from our
Construction and Architectural Programs (two and four year offerings), as well as
additional computer-based content that is being introduced within several of our
technical courses.

2. Once you have documented existing practices, tell us who your target audience is. What
group will benefit from the project? How? What value will they perceive from the
completed project?

The main group that this project will benefit includes the Construction & Architectural
Programs. However, the Carpentry Program also has classes that need access to these
facilities as well. The perceived additional value is that this lab will provide far greater
accessibility to computers and will allow the scheduling of classes into this desperately
needed resource.

3. What is your vision for the change the project implements? What will the new
environment look like? What are the goals of your project? These are broad questions,
not detailed oriented. This is a big picture question.

The vision of this project is fairly straight forward. We simply need another computer
lab, similar to that of Sanford 124. Some additional needs have been previously outlined
under the Project Proposal Specific Lab Needs Section. The main differences include a
need for more desk space for working with large plans, ability to accommodate some
specialized equipment (large printers, scanners, digitizers, etc.), and inward folding
tables that can drop the computer screens and easily accommodate a lecture

4. Again, address broadly: When and how will you integrate this new technology into your
business practices? What is your plan for training your staff to use the new technology.
Integration of the new computer lab should be fairly straight forward. Most of the
technology is the same as what we are currently using in Sanford 124. There would only
be a few new pieces of equipment, which the faculty would have to take it upon
themselves to learn.

General CIS Questions (Project Development Template) Continued

5. Finally, you should also identify a contact in your department who will coordinate the
project, your Project Sponsor. This will be the primary contact for CIS. Do you have
anyone else who needs to be CCd on communications?

David Hultenius, our current CIS representative for Sanford 124, will serve as the main
contact for both of our computer labs.

6. Would this be another official campus lab or one maintained by the department?
The intent of this project is to create another official campus lab. This facility would
need to be maintained by CIS, as currently practiced with Sanford 124.

7. Could it be created out of old computer equipment or would new equipment need to be
Due to the high-end software packages that we use within our programs, new equipment
would need to be purchased.

8. Do you foresee needing a printer

Yes, we will need a printer for this lab. Besides have a standard size printer (up to
11x17), we will most likely also need a larger one that is capable of printing
plans/drawings. Some faculty members have recommended an HP DesignJet plotter that
is capable of 36 wide paper.

9. Do you foresee needing internet access?

Yes, internet access will be needed for instructional purposes and also to enable students
to work on various homework assignments.

10. Are there alternatives to creating your own computer lab?

There are no reasonable alternatives that we are aware of. This proposed project is the
result of a serious unmet need within our programs. It has been getting worse over the
years and we are now faced with no other options but to replicate the lab that we have in
Sanford 124.

11. It would be good to develop a better understanding of how the software will work in our
current network environment. See Recommendations above. It would be imprudent to
install networking and hardware without knowing if the software will run satisfactorily to
meet your needs.
As previously mentioned, we desire to integrate the same software packages in this new
lab as those being used in Sanford 124.