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vy MEDIN EASY BLENDER INFANT NASAL CPAP SYSTEM » Medin Easy blenders are an easy system for giving air and oxygen as a therapy. The biggest difference compared to the other devices is, that there is no electronical feedback about parameters like CPAP pressure or breathing frequency. Easy Blender The blender as a single unit combined with a serewable flowmeter (3 Ipm or 15 pm). The connection to the circuit sa tapped outlet converter. Compact Gas Mixer for Airand Oxygen ange step less 21% 10 100% of Oxygen Alarm system forges supply drop (Air or 02) Inlet pressure for Ai and Oxygen 3,3 t06 bar Including 2 m tube Airand 2m tube Oxyzen Flow meter with range from 010 16 Limi, 50 psi) For Active CPAP System For Bubble CPAP System Water Column Bubble Valve The watercolumn is monitoring the nCPAP 360° Swivel inlet connector pressure, Rotating pressure adjustment lever. ‘The column inside, displays the level of the CPAP pressure Resolution: marks in | em steps. Automatic over pressure release up from 9 em 1120. — ‘The watercolumn has an integrated clamp Positive engagement reduces the risk of inadvertent change, Settings are clearly indicated Water level adjustment port allows water to be added or removed without disconnecting the expi- ratory circuit, BD veaijer Qo Miniftow* ‘The Medijet* is an active CPAP generator Miniflow’* is a patient interface for the CPAP mode of with low noise design and ean be used for ventilators. It can be connected to the inspiration and drug ination, expiration tubes ad thus tothe venti. medin SSE Medical Innovations medin easy blender INFANT NASAL CPAP SYSTEM Accessorie —~ Heated Humidifier Pole Mount System Microprocessor Servo Control provides precise Pole with 5 wheels, two with roller stops and stable humidification in chamber, patient Rail for pole - needed for mounting: flowmeter, sirway temperature and patient humidity gas blender, sindi, watertrap, manometer, drumo levels. Light 3 design by eliminating transformer Chamber & Circuit with Heating Wire Nasal Mask & Nasal Prong Circuit with heating wire to use with Medijet and Nasal Mask (1200-04 ; 1200-05 ; 1200-06) humidification chamber Nasal Prong ( 1200-01 ; 1200-21 ; 1200-0: 1200-22 ; 1200-03) Bonnet - Single Use Bonnet for fixation Medijet and Miniflow 7 dierent size (S to XXXL) (1214-10 ; 1215-10 ; 1216-10 ; 1217-10 ; 1218-10 ; 1219-10 ; 1220-10) The advantages of the CPAP Generator Medijet : = No constant flow into patient - Benveniste prineip with volume reservoir, ranasal CPAP measurement - Keep CPAP in the lung stable as much as possible - Regulation and compensation of leak - Safety and easy as much as posibbly - Reduction of work of breathing = Non aggressive flow application - Reduction of stomach expansion = Inerease of FRC and improvement of Compliance = Low noise level ~ Reduction of RDS ebliced des, dg bir et Physica vatve [CPAP Cynder CPAP memucment Jevinotor Connstor it “ sesguen —, Tt v Gestepacomeser| Ping, Safety tole | Nea prog commons medin Medical Innovations mmm ‘