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Budget - 70$ - 100 $

Source - PC , laptop , smarthphone ( samsung S7 )

Requirements for Isolation - I want some isolation , because i like to listen to
podcasts while i use my vacuum cleaner or when i study !
Will you be using these Headphones in Public? - Yes
Preferred Type of Headphone - over ear ( i guess )
Preferred tonal balance - i guess neutral/balanced ? (i'm a noob in heaphones ) ! I
want to use them for music (i listen to almost all kind of music : rock , pop ,
hip-hop , jazz ,reggae etc ) , movies , podcasts , etc !
Past headphones - some shit ones from the market ( 15$ Hama's , i forgot the name
of them )
Preferred Music: almost all music is my favourite
What would you like to improve on from your set-up - i would like to have a nice
audio experience and some mobility ( I like to listen podcast when i'm on my way to
work ...or when have work in the garden , etc )
Location - Eastern Europe
I'm a total noob in heaphones , so any advice would be great ! I cant even decide
if i want a wireless/bluetooth headsets or some wire ones ! ( i dont know if the
sound quality is weaker on wireless than wire headphones ) ! Sorry for my english
and for my total lack of headphones knowledge !