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Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani

ME C332 Prime Movers & Fluid Machines

Mid Sem (Open Book)
Time: 90 minutes Weightage: 30% Date: 25 / 02 / 2013

Note: State clearly assumptions you make.

Underline the answers and the assumptions you make.

Q.1 A model of Kaplan turbine, one tenth of actual size, is made. Head available to the
model is 5 m where as actual head is 8.5 m. Proposed power production of actual
turbine is 8 MW, while running at 120 rpm and overall efficiency of 85%. [6]

Q.2. A Pelton turbines is working under a gross head of 500 m. The water is supplied
through a penstock of 1m diameter and length 3 km. The coefficient of friction is 0.006.
The jet diameter is 160mm. The jet is deflected by 165o. The blade velocity coefficient is
0.45. Mechanical Efficiency is 0.85. Determine a) power developed b) shaft power c)
hydraulic efficiency and d) overall efficiency.

Q.3 A Francis runner having outer diameter of 1.2m. The radial velocity of flow at inlet is
9.5 m/s and axial velocity at outlet is 7 m/s. The runner is connected to a generator
with 6 pairs of poles and frequency 50 cycles/s. The power developed is 12.25 MW,
with a flow rate of 12 m3/s. Total head is 115m. Draw the velocity triangles and
determine a) the guide vane angle and blade angle at inlet b) absolute velocity at
runner inlet c) loss of head in turbine and d) dimensionless specific speed.

Q.4 A Kaplan turbine delivers 30 MW, runs at 175 rpm with overall efficiency 85%,
hydraulic efficiency of 93% and discharge of 140 m3/s. The tip diameter is 5m and hub
diameter is 2m. Determine the head and also determine blade angles at hub, tip and
mid radius.

Q.5 A single acting reciprocating pump having cylinder diameter of 10cm and stroke length
of 20cm. The water level in the sump is 3.5 m below the pump axis and pump delivers
water at 13 m above the pump axis. The diameter and length of suction pipe are 4cm
and 5 m while that of delivery pipe are 3cm and 10m respectively. Find the maximum
speed of single acting reciprocating to avoid separation which occurs at 3m of water
(absolute) at an atmospheric pressure of 1 atm.

Q.6. Explain the negative slip in reciprocating pump with indicator diagram. [3]

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