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It was close to home time so Teacher Heidi was using the big broom to tidy up around the

sandpit. There was a lot of sand that was taken out of the sandpit. Just then I saw Lamar come
out from the building carrying duster and the dustbin.

She came to the sandpit area and began to mop the sand. Ashort while later Bissan approached
Lamar asking to use the duster and dustbin that she was using. Lamar told her something in
Arabic and then took Bissan inside the building. When they came out Bissan had another set of
duster and dustbin in her hand.

Lamar and Bissan started to mop the sand and after they had collected the sand they would then
return it back to the sandpit. Lamar each time carefully removed the rocks if she had collected
them in her dustbin. She instructed Bissan to do the same by saying to Bissan that the rocks did
not belong in the sandpit.

Tahara is a very important part of our faith. In the Holy Quran, there are a number of verses
which shed light at the importance of cleanliness: "Truly, Allah loves those who turn to Him
constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean." (Al Baqarah 2:222)
Cleanliness and purity has also been emphasized by various means in hundreds of hadith. In a
Hadith Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said: Cleanliness is half of faith. (Sahih Muslim Book 2,
Number 0432) . Lamar loves to clean and this shows how important it is for her to contribute to
keeping her environment clean.

Lamar is also showing signs of belonging to the Centre as she is contributing to keeping the
environment clean. A sense of belonging contributes to Lamars wellbeing and gives her
confidence and a sense of security.

Helping out engages young children in activities that promote movement-cued development.
This includes large motor activities like sweeping with a broom. It also includes fine motor tasks
like picking the pebbles out. These movement-based tasks are also closely linked to the brain
development necessary for reading and writing.

By:Teacher Madiha September 2017