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Rotterdam School of Management

Erasmus University

International Business

Application deadline: 15 January 2018


The best way to become a force for positive change There are around 60 nationalities in the first year of
in international business is to study in a globally International Business Administration (IBA)
minded environment where you learn to be critical, programme. In fact, our IBA is the first programme C
creative, caring and collaborative. Youre about to to receive the excellent distinction for D
embark on a truly international journey, that will help internationalisation from the Dutch-Flemish P
develop your business and personal skills through Accreditation Organisation NVAO. H
practical engagement. Come and join our international community!
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus Professor Steef van de Velde
University (RSM) is the business school of Erasmus Dean
University Rotterdam. Here, youll learn about Rotterdam School of Management
9 business disciplines, from finance and Erasmus University
marketing to IT and sustainability.
Table of contents
Study in the Netherlands 4

Study in Rotterdam 5

IBA in practice 6

IBA facts 7

Curriculum 8

Dialogue 10

Testimonial Knut Gjertsen 12

How to make the most of your studies 13

Partner universities worldwide 14

After the bachelor 16

Testimonial Bjrn Zimmermann 17

Admission 18

Prepare for your studies 20

What's next? 23

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Study in the S
ntroduction to the Netherlands
You probably know the Netherlands for its
tulips (everywhere in spring) and its
wooden shoes (rare). The Netherlands has
17 million inhabitants, but its a small country. Yet, it
has one of the most important and most innovative
economies. Many internationals say the Netherlands
is a well-organised country with open people.

Nice to know: the Netherlands was the first non-

native English-speaking country in Europe to offer
study programmes taught in English. English is an
important language in other ways too. In the
Netherlands, you don't have to speak Dutch to do
your groceries or order drinks, most people will
switch to English for you.

Why study in the Netherlands?

Dutch education is reputed for its high quality and
standards, and top-ranking positions. Degrees
obtained in the Netherlands are internationally c
recognised. At RSM, we teach in English. The s
international classroom a mix of international and N
Dutch students is common across the university. p
In class, the atmosphere is usually informal, and it is t
pretty easy to speak to our professors directly. The
Netherlands is known as easy-going, liberal and M
tolerant ideal for students. Studies in the T
Netherlands are affordable, for European and for b
non-European students. This combination of good c
quality at a reasonable price is not easily found y
elsewhere. i


Study in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of the worlds

10 best places to go to'.

tudent city Did you know this about Rotterdam?
Rotterdam is the country's second largest Rotterdams slogan is Make it happen'. This is why
city. The largest port of Europe, and a Erasmus University is proud to be part of this city
cosmopolitan city in one. In addition to the where people develop new and creative ideas every
city's vibrant hospitality scene, there are plenty of day. Even The New York Times and Rough Guides
student activities. You can join the Erasmus Student confirm its appeal and energy. In 2014, Rotterdam
Network (ESN), which organises lots of social was ranked one of the worlds 10 best places to go
programmes, trips, interesting debates and cultural to by Rough Guides.
events, on and off campus. With a party now and
then, of course. Places to go to in the city
During your stay in Rotterdam, you should definitely
Multicultural city climb the Euromast Tower, take a ride in a water taxi,
The inhabitants of Rotterdam have diverse have lunch with a view at Hotel New York, visit the
backgrounds. This melting pot of nationalities and many museums and enjoy a good night out in the
cultures makes Rotterdam an interesting city where Witte de Withstraat. There is never a dull moment,
you will soon feel at home. You can feel the because the city has so much to offer.
international atmosphere on the streets while
shopping at a Turkish bakery or an Indonesian toko.
In Rotterdam, no one is a stranger.

City career perspectives

Rotterdam hosts many multinational organisations.
You might get to know your future employer during
your studies, for example by doing an internship. A
good proficiency of English is required, but we
recommend learning some Dutch as well to increase
your chances in the competitive market for talent.

IBA in practice I

areer outlook
The Bachelor of Science in International
Business Administration prepares you for a
management career in international firms
by teaching you the latest knowledge and skills in
business, and through immersion in an intercultural
classroom. Most students specialise in one of the
main functions of business: production, organisation,
marketing or finance, and your first job will probably
be within one of these business areas.

But a company is more than a sum of specialisms.

Future managers also need to develop a broader
perspective and this is where strategy comes in.
Working in culturally diverse teams familiarises IBA
students with multinational project management at

an early stage, qualifying you for jobs in the
international arena.

Challenges for managers

Management requires a broad overview of whats
going on, as well as thorough knowledge of the
various functions that make a business. Managers can
achieve senior positions when they learn how to
consider different views and to apply knowledge
from various fields.

A profitable and sustainable company, gaining in

market share, is the ultimate goal. There are many Case study F
ways to get there. Will you keep costs at bay? Will The strategic business plan is a valuable tool for many
competitors undercut your price? How will you business-oriented activities. Whether you find
guard intellectual property? What is your marketing yourself in a consulting role, owner of your own
strategy? And what about your people? Diversity business or a division manager, this initial document
fosters creative thinking, but not necessarily a involves a thorough analysis of the business
harmonious office. Also, will your activities be processes, resources and environment involved,
sustainable? before you present a business strategy for the
coming 3-5 years.
Business flourishes when managers balance all these S
choices. Are you up for the challenge? During the IBA, you set out to position a company or w
project in its commercial ecosystem. With your team, p
youll gather the required information, meet with p
knowledgeable experts and apply the theoretical
concepts you acquired during your studies. Identify
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Based on your findings, youll formulate the best
possible strategies for your undertaking.

IBA facts

RSM is consistently
ranked among
Europe's leading
business schools.

hy international business administration? Distinctions
You study international business NVAO, the accreditation organisation for the
administration at RSM for: Netherlands and Flanders, has awarded the IBA
programme the prestigious ECA Certificate for
RSM's excellent international reputation, proven by Internationalisation with for the first time in the
its frequent mentioning in global rankings, such as Netherlands the qualification excellent.
the Financial Times
its track record as an AACSB-, EQUIS-, and AMBA- International rankings
accredited business school The Financial Times (FT) annually publishes the most
its maximised return on investment for your career authoritative ranking of international business schools
outlook. in Europe and worldwide. Below is our track record
in these rankings, for 2016-2017:
Facts and figures
y Student satisfaction overall: 4.1/5 FT 2017: RSM's MBA is 11th in Europe and 31st
Number of first-year students: 568 globally
Contact hours first year: 12 18 hours/week FT 2016 meta-ranking (which incorporates all four
Duration of programme: three years FT rankings) RSM is 10th in Europe
Required amount of ECTS first year: 60 FT 2016 Master in Management ranking RSM is
Retention first to second year: 93% 5th globally
Graduating within four years: 78% QS 2017: Business and Management studies
Erasmus University is 29th globally
Source: National Student Survey 2017, US News & World 2017 Economics and Business, which compares study Global ranking Erasmus University is 15th
programmes, including other international business globally.
programmes, in the Netherlands.



he curriculum Years two and three
RSM's International Business In the second year of the IBA programme, you will
Administration (IBA) programme takes a explore various topics. For example, the course
broad approach and is research-driven. 'leadership, sustainability and governance' covers
You will investigate each functional area of business sustainability and the increasingly important issue of
during at least two courses for each topic. ethics in business, while 'cross-cultural
management' tackles cultural differences in a
The academic year is divided into three trimesters business environment.
with four or five courses taught during each. The
teaching staff is actively involved in high-calibre In the first half of the third year, you can choose to
academic research and this is reflected in the course do an international exchange, an internship or a
work. For most courses, you will attend plenary minor. The global partner network brings
lectures and work in small groups, allowing for lively spectacular exchanges, whereas internships give you
interaction and tailored feedback. The three-year the chance to experience real business situations in-
programme culminates in a Bachelor of Science company. The minor option involves a combination
(BSc) degree. of courses to broaden your knowledge. You can also
include an additional year of studies between your
The first year second and third year, allowing you to make flexible
The first year of the IBA bachelor programme combinations of an international exchange, an
provides you with an overview of the main internship and the minor, which would be beneficial
processes in most companies: production, when applying for jobs directly after your bachelor.
marketing, organisation, finance and information. You will conclude the IBA with a bachelor thesis.
You will learn about all the relevant dimensions of
business administration and management. You will Changes ahead
also take a skills development course to learn the Over the next few years, the IBA programme will see
communication skills needed to work in considerable improvements. The third year will bring
multicultural groups. In this first year, you will benefit five specialisation tracks, allowing you to follow your
from our student mentor programme, designed to interests and to prepare for a specialised master.
help you get used to student life at Erasmus Also, a learning trajectory throughout all three years
University Rotterdam. will focus on personal development, responsibility,
ethics, diversity and sustainability. Finally, e-learning
Binding study advice will find a larger place in the programme, bringing a
By the end of the first academic year, you should blend of real-life teaching and digital information
have successfully passed all your first-year courses. provision.
Otherwise, you will receive a negative binding study
advice. We have set up the IBA programme in such a The overview on page 9 reflects the existing
way that your performance in all courses will be programme, but if you start the IBA in 2018 you will
appraised at frequent intervals, enabling you to earn certainly encounter elements of the restructured
a considerable part of your credits before the final programme during your studies.
exam. This will guide you into a steady study rhythm
which has proved successful and will still leave you For more information about the curriculum, visit T
sufficient time for doing other things.

Course overview

Bachelor 1
Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3
Mentor programme Mentor programme

Introduction to business 5 Operations management 5 Foundations of finance & 6

QM&T: mathematics 4 QM&T: statistics 4 International business 4

Methodology 3 Strategic business plan 3 Strategic business plan 3

Organisational behaviour 6 Microeconomics & 5 Macroeconomics & 5

markets institutional context
Skills 1: IT 2 Skills 2: effective business 3 Skills 3: academic writing 2

Bachelor 2
Trimester 4 Trimester 5 Trimester 6
Quantitative decision 6 Applied business 6 International marketing 3
making methods research
Philosophy of science 3 Strategic management 6 Marketing management 5

Organisational theory & 6 Cross-cultural 2 CCM international case 3

dynamics management
Corporate finance 5 Management accounting 6 Leadership, sustainability 5
& governance
Technology 4

Bachelor 3
Trimester 7 Trimester 8 Trimester 9
International exchange 20 Research training 6 Bachelor thesis 6

or: Internship 15 Human resource 5 Financial accounting 5

or: Minor 15 Business information 5 Supply chain 5
management management
plus (language) elective 5 Foundations of business 4 Innovation management 4

The numbers in the table refer to the number of credits in ECTS (1 ECTS equals 28 hours).


Miruna Carlugea,
"As an international student, IBA equipped me with
the right tools for a career in a managerial setting
through excellent, hands-on academic preparation.
IBA's international dimension enabled me to develop
myself, acquire new skills and broaden my horizons.
As a mentor for first-year students, I developed my
creativity and leadership skills as I had to guide and
plan classes for a group of 15 students. I became a
mentor co-ordinator two years later, and led a four-
day training for a group of 31 mentors. This further
improved my communication and people skills. With
my colleagues I was also in charge of recruiting the
mentors, which was a lot of fun. All in all, IBA
provides students with a broad range of
opportunities, for academic or personal development
purposes. The IBA community made me discover the
beauty of being constantly exposed to various

Gabriele Jacobs,
academic director
Starting your studies is an important and exciting
step in your life. It brings a lot of new challenges and
experiences: you meet new people, learn new
concepts and new ideas, and your world gets bigger.
Studying international business administration is an
important stepping stone for the role you will play in
organisations and in society at large. Working in
diverse groups in international contexts is what brings
the most joy and inspiration to my professional life.
I'm proud that the term international in IBA is not an
empty promise. You'll spend three years in a truly
international classroom and you will work with our
very international faculty. I'll do my best to help
provide a learning environment in which you can
develop the relevant competencies for working in a
global context. This includes empathy and respect,
critical reflection on your own culture, and the
appreciation of diversity. I wish you a mind-
broadening study experience in IBA!

Take initiative.
Be part of the change. H




Knut Gjertsen w

At RSM, I have found amazing opportunities to work Looking back, it was all very simple we started out y
towards my personal development while with our dispersed ideas, which led to valuable o
simultaneously effectuating change. This year I was contributions, and finally materialised them into a i
a part of a committee that created a three-day event tangible event. It came together simply because we v
that focused on sustainable business: the Erasmus had a vision, coupled with the passion to fulfil it. b
Sustainability Days. I felt privileged to work with With a dedicated faculty member and a supportive R
three MSc students and one other BSc student, student environment, RSM cultivates motivated i
together representing four nationalities and five students, and fosters an entrepreneurial spirit. S
unique academic backgrounds. Together, we c
managed to collaborate with six student Knut Gjertsen (Norway)
organisations, bringing in more than 10 well- Third-year student
respected companies, have former Dutch prime International Business Administration
9 Jan Peter Balkenende lead our opening
ceremony, and sell more than 100 tickets to
How to make the
most of your studies

tudy abroad Study trips, business projects, case competitions
One of the many attractions of the Another way to gain relevant international
International Business Administration experience is by joining one of our international
programme is the possibility of studying study trips to places such as Hong Kong, Santiago de
abroad when the opportunity arises. International Chile, New York City or Seoul. Our international
students and Dutch students look forward to the business projects take a more academic approach;
exchange programmes in the third year. RSM offers desk and field research are done for commercial
a wide and attractive network of more than 90 businesses and are supervised by RSM's academic
partner business schools for its bachelor exchanges, staff.
see pages 14-15.
Alternatively, some IBA students are involved in
An international internship is an alternative to an international non-profit organisations such as
exchange. You can apply your newly acquired Enactus, focusing on sustainable entrepreneurship.
knowledge and skills within a company in a foreign
country. Many students are offered a job as a result. You can also join RSM's Case Society. You can then
Many IBA students in the past have proved they can be selected for international case competitions, in
solve business issues and thus positively contribute which teams of four from business schools
to the company's operations. worldwide compete to solve challenging business
Sandwich year
The sandwich year' enables you to include an Study counselling
additional year of studies between your second and Balancing studies and other activities can be a
third year, allowing you to make flexible challenge. Many students appreciate our mentor
combinations of an international exchange, an programme. It assigns freshmen to a second-year
internship and the minor to a maximum of 60 ECTS. student to help them find their way at the university
This year strengthens your professional profile and and in Rotterdam: how to study and how to plan
will give you an asset when applying for a job after ahead. More personal matters are swiftly referred to
your bachelor. trained student advisors.

Honours programmes
If you are prepared for a bigger academic challenge,
you should know that Erasmus University Rotterdam
offers two English-taught honours programmes on
interdisciplinary subjects. They bring students from
various programmes together to jointly work on a
broad subject. And, IBA students can also apply for
RSMs undergraduate honours programme on
innovative entrepreneurship and a study trip to
Silicon Valley. Honours programmes count as extra
credit on top of the regular BSc programme.

Partner universities
United Kingdom Aston University (Aston
Business School), Birmingham; City
University (Cass Business School), London;
Lancaster University; Leeds University Business
School; University of Manchester (Manchester
Business School); University of Strathclyde
(Strathclyde Business School), Glasgow; University of
Bath (School of Management); University of Warwick
Ireland University College Dublin,(Quinn School of
Business); Trinity College Dublin France ESC Rennes;
ESSEC Business School, Cergy; ESSCA, Angers;
ESSCA, Paris; EM-Lyon; Grenoble, Ecole de
Management; Sciences-Po, Paris; Universit Paris
Dauphine Iceland Reykjavik University Norway The
Norwegian School of Management (BI), Oslo; The

Norwegian School of Economics and BA, (NHH),
Bergen Finland Aalto University School of Business
Denmark Aarhus University School of Business and
Social Sciences; Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
Czech Republic University of Economics, Prague K
Russia St. Petersburg State University Germany B
University of Mannheim; WHU Otto Beisheim School o
of Management, Koblenz Vallendar Sweden E
Stockholm School of Economics SSE Switzerland U
University of St. Gallen (HSG) Italy Universit S
Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milan Portugal E
Universidade Catolica Portuguesa; Universidade Nova (
de Lisboa, Spain ESADE, Barcelona; Universitat University of Michigan (Ross), Ann Arbor; University of H
Pompeu Fabra (Faculty of Economic and Business North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler Business School), K
Sciences), Barcelona; IE Madrid; Universidad Carlos Chapel Hill; University of Pennsylvania (The Wharton T
III, Madrid; ICADE, Madrid; Universidad de Navarra, School), Philadelphia; University of South Carolina T
Pamplona Turkey Ko University, Istanbul (Darla Moore School of Business), Columbia; T
University of Southern California (Marshall School of K
The Americas Business), Los Angeles; University of Texas at Austin C
Canada HEC Montral; Queens University (Queens (McCombs School of Business); University of Virginia N
School of Business), Kingston; University of British (McIntire), Charlottesville; University of Washington T
Columbia (Sauder School of Business), Vancouver; (Foster School of Business), Seattle Mexico Instituto N
York University (Schulich School of Business), Toronto Tecnolgico Autnomo de Mxico (ITAM) Mexico S
United States Emory University (Goizueta Business City; Instituto Tecnolgico de Estudios Superiores S
School), Atlanta; Georgia State University, Atlanta; (ITESM; EGADE), Monterrey Argentina Universidad C
Indiana University, SPEA, Bloomington; Ohio State Torcuato di Tella, Buenos Aires Brazil Fundao U
University (Fisher College of Business), Columbus; Getulio Vargas, So Paulo Chile Universidade Adolfo
Texas Tech University, Lubbock; Ibanez, Vina del Mar; Pontificia Universidad Catlica
de Chile, Santiago Peru Escuela de Administracin de
Negocios (ESAN)

Exchange programme
opportunities with
90+ partner schools
around the world.

South Korea EWHA Womans University; Oceania
Yonsei University; Korea University Business Australia Monash University (Monash Business
School; Seoul National University Japan School), Melbourne; University of Melbourne,
Keio University; Nagoya University of Commerce & (Melbourne Business School); University of New
Business China Beijing University (Guanghua School South Wales, Sydney; University of Sydney; University
of Management); Tsinghua University (School of of Technology Sydney (UTS Business School);
Economics and Management), Beijing; Shanghai Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane New
University of Finance and Economics (SUFE); Zealand University of Otago, Dunedin; University of
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Antai College of Waikato, Hamilton
Economics and Management), Sun Yat-Sen University
(Lingnan University College), Guangzhou Hong Kong Africa
Hong Kong Baptist University; City University Hong Morocco ESCA (Ecole de Management), Casablanca;
Kong; The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK); South Africa University of Pretoria
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzeng;
The Hong Kong University of Science and
Technology (HKUST); University of Hong Kong; Hong
Kong Polytechnic University Taiwan National
Chengchi University (College of Commerce), Taipei;
National Taiwan University (College of Management),
Taipei Indonesia Universitas Gadjah Mada Singapore
Nanyang University Singapore, (Nanyang Business
School); National University of Singapore (NUS);
Singapore Management University (SMU) Thailand
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok; Thammasat
University, Bangkok Kuwait Kuwait University

After the bachelor

nce you graduate from IBA, you can apply for a master
degree at Rotterdam School of Management (given you have
sufficient GPA and/or GMAT score), transfer to another
school or begin your professional career.

One-year master programmes at RSM

Accounting & Financial Management
Business Information Management
Finance & Investments
Finance & Investments Advanced (16 months)
Global Business & Sustainability
Human Resource Management
Management of Innovation
Marketing Management
Organisational Change & Consulting
Strategic Entrepreneurship
Strategic Management
Supply Chain Management
MPhil in Business Research (two years)

CEMS: acclaimed collaboration

RSM also proudly offers the MSc in International Management/CEMS
(18 months), a joint programme by several leading business schools
from Europe and beyond which has a broad remit and requires the
mastery of three languages. CEMS has been ranked one of the worlds
best business programmes by the Financial Times for seven
consecutive years.

Career opportunities
Some IBA graduates walk straight into a career or set up their own
company, but most continue with a master programme first, because
this improves their career perspectives. Sometimes, large multinational e
firms hire master graduates prior to graduation, based on internships r
and other networking experiences. The main employment sectors and N
the percentages of IBA graduates entering each, are as follows: s
consulting (20%), finance and accounting (20%), marketing and c
communications (15%), owner-entrepreneur (10%), human resources m
(10%), policy advising (5%) and other business areas (20%). Our career p
services team can assist you in finding internships and with 34,000+ p
alumni in more than 100 countries, RSM's alumni network is truly m
global and provides invaluable job and internship opportunities. s

IBA allows you to work
with a high degree of

Bjrn Zimmermann
After I graduated from RSM, I started working as an The broad portfolio of classes taught me the theory
executive assistant to the CEO for a holding that of running a business. Also, the IBA courses require
runs enterprises in Germany, Belgium and the students to be able to think about a wide range of
Netherlands, providing all services of the railway topics in a short space of time. This allows me to
system. Within my job, I work as an internal now work with a high degree of flexibility, on very
consultant and support not only the holding different projects, in various settings.
management but also the management teams and
projects of the subsidiaries across Europe. The IBA Bjrn Zimmermann (Germany)
programme has some lasting benefits which support International Business Administration
me in my daily work. For example, the international Alumnus
student community taught me how to live and work
in foreign countries.


dmission requirements
To be considered for the IBA programme
you need a secondary school diploma
which gives you access to university-level
education in your own country. You must also meet
the following additional requirements:
you should have taken mathematics at least at
calculus level
you should bring a sufficient result for TOEFL or
IELTS (English-language test).
For specific requirements per diploma, and for
minimum levels and score requirements for
mathematics and English, please visit

International foundation year

If you do not entirely meet our admission
requirements or if you feel uncertain if you can
perform at the required level, you can take part in our
foundation year offered by an external organisation.
This year precedes the actual programme and
consists of a mix of mathematics, English and
business-oriented courses. Passing the foundation
year successfully will guarantee you a place in the
IBA programme. For more information please visit

When to apply? Strict deadline!

You need to apply through the Dutch national
student registration system Studielink between
1 October 2017 and 15 January 2018.

Numerus fixus Your GPA, as this will be calculated from your T

RSM's IBA admits a maximum of 575 students each school report of the before-last school year,
year. Important characteristics of the IBA programme counts for 50 per cent. Points will only be awarded P
are its international dimension and high-performing if they are above the minimum requirement per D
students. Admission to the IBA programme is diploma. More details can be found on the page (
therefore based on your academic performance as selection criteria per diploma on our website. A J
reflected by your overall grade point average and low grade for mathematics will put you in the
your motivation for the international character of the lowest tier of the ranking. P
programme as reflected in your CV and motivation. F
Heres how well calculate your ranking: w

RSM is a member of
CIS: the Council of
International Schools.

Your CV counts for 25 per cent of the ranking, and Before 31 January 2018, you must:
should give us sufficient insight in your upload all required documents, including
international background and experiences. The academic transcripts, relevant test results such as
more international your CV is, the more points you TOEFL/IELTS, mathematics subjects, a copy of
will receive for this section. your valid passport, and your CV.
Your answers to our motivation questions also answer the motivation questions.
count for 25 per sent. Our questions partly focus
on your potential and your eagerness to participate All applicants who submitted a complete application
in a multicultural group of students. The more in OLAF will receive a rank number via email from
excelling your answers on the questions are, the Studielink on 15 April 2018. Applicants with rank
higher your place will be in the ranking. number 1 to 575 will also receive a second email
from Studielink with an offer for the programme.
The application process consists of two parts:
Applicants with rank number 576 and higher will
Part I: registration for the IBA programme in the automatically be put on a waiting list. Applicants
Dutch national student registration system Studielink offered admission to the IBA programme (initially or
( between 1 October 2017 and 15 from the waiting list) will have two weeks to accept
January 2018. or decline the offer in Studielink. For detailed
information regarding RSM's admission requirements
Part II: fill in and submit RSM's Online Application and process please visit
Form (OLAF). You will receive a link to this form
within 24 hours after successful registration in

Prepare for your
ow to prepare?
Once you have decided on a study
programme, you need to prepare. The
process starts with your admission
application. Then you might need a visa or residence
permit, and find a place to stay in Rotterdam.

Tuition fees
The 2018-2019 tuition fee for the IBA programme is
9,000 per year. The Dutch government contributes
towards this cost for students who hold nationality
from a country belonging to the European Economic
Area (EEA). These students therefore pay the statutory
fee of 2,060* per year.

*The statutory fee is subject to change. Prior to the

start of the academic year, tuition fees may be
modified by the Dutch government. Erasmus
University Rotterdam reserves the right to make
changes affecting policies, fees, curricula or any
other matters announced in this publication without s
further notice.
Accommodation s
You will need a place to live. If you are in the s
Netherlands already, you can pay some visits to w
Rotterdam and will easily manage to find somewhere
suitable to live. If you apply from abroad, you should V
know that SSH Student Housing offers furnished need to remember that they cannot rely on an W
accommodation on and off campus to first-year additional income once they are in the Netherlands. N
international students. There are a limited number of Non-EEA students in particular should be aware that
rooms available. Allocations for accommodation will the number of hours they are allowed to work in a
be made at the discretion of the housing officer. paid job are limited. Make sure that you have
There are also other organisations that offer suitable sufficient financial means before coming to
accommodation depending on your needs and Rotterdam.
budget. See more at
Study grant
Costs of living As a rule, Dutch students will receive a government-
The costs of living and studying in the Netherlands funded study grant that comes as a loan. The Dutch
are around 1,000 a month. You need this to cover study grant is also available under the same
daily expenses such as rent, groceries, books and conditions to students from EEA countries, but only if
going out. A part-time job can be a source of the student, or their partner or parents have a paid
additional income but do be advised that studying job in the Netherlands for at least 14 hours per week.
will take a lot of your time. International students Moreover, EEA students can apply for so-called
'collegegeldkrediet', which is an advance on tuition.
Moreover, EEA students can apply for a
supplementary grant, depending on parental income.
Please visit for more information.
A good preparation
will get you started on
the right foot.

cholarships If you are from any other country, you need an
The online search engine entry visa for entering the Netherlands and a presents a range of residence permit for the duration of your study
Dutch scholarships for international (three years plus three months).
students who wish to study in the Netherlands.
As soon as you are admitted to the programme
Especially for non-EEA students, who pay the non- (conditionally or unconditionally), RSM/EUR will send
subsidised tuition fee, RSM offers a few merit-based you all the visa information and apply for your visa.
scholarships. More information can be found at Please do not start the visa procedure on your own.
Medical and liability insurance
Visa and immigration Dutch law requires everyone living in the Netherlands
Whether or not you need a visa to enter the to be covered by health insurance. There are two
Netherlands depends on your nationality. insurance companies offering student insurance
If you are from the EEA, then you can easily take packages with good coverage at an affordable price.
up residence in the Netherlands and do not need a EUR recommends that you take out a policy before
residence permit. coming to the Netherlands. For more information,
If you are from the USA, Canada, Japan, New please visit
Zealand, Monaco, South Korea or Australia, you do
not need an entering permit for the Netherlands,
only a residence permit for the duration of your
study (three years plus three months).

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What's next?

ake a good study choice Contact us
Choosing your studies is very important. It You can contact the IBA office for general
influences the rest of your life. So think information about the programme, IBA selection
about what you would like to do and what procedure, mathematics test, enrolment, housing
your talents and competences are. Erasmus and visa:
University Rotterdam (EUR) invites you to its campus Monday Friday: 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00 CET
to get to know the university and study programme Tel.: +31 10 408 9591
better. Your study time can only be a success if you
choose the right programme. Do not hesitate to ask
for help. Discover more
For an overview of all the programmes, study events
Open days and general information, please visit
EUR will host open days each autumn and spring for
you to check out the university. You can tour the
EUR campus, and learn more about specific study For more information about the IBA programme,
programmes and the university in general. For an please visit
overview of our open days, please visit

Student for a day

You and other prospective students can also join
EUR's Student for a Day programme. You will then
experience lectures and workshops, and get a real
taste of student life on campus.

On location and online

RSM visits schools upon request, organises
information sessions on location and actively takes
part in education fairs. Every month, RSM organises
a virtual information session in which you can watch
and listen to a live online presentation about the IBA
programme. You can also ask questions during this
live session.

Find ways to contact us and current students via and