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1. Fill in the missing forms of the degrees of comparisons:


2. Smaller than

3. the largest

4. heavy

5. Newer than

6. the most interesting

7. beautiful

8. more difficult than

9. creative

10. the most careful

11. bad

12. the most expensive

13. Better than

14. cheap

2. Write the adjectives in brackets in the Comparative form.

a) John Lennon was (OLD) __________ than Paul McCartney.

b) Some people think the Met is (GOOD) ___________ than the
c) Eric was (AFRAID) ______________ in Harlem than in the
d) Cats are (NICE) ___________ than dogs.
e) Cartoons are (GOOD) _____________ than music programmes.
f) The Empire State is (BIG) _____________than the Chrysler
g) Barcelona is (SMALL) ________________ than Madrid, but (BIG)
___________ than Valencia.
3. Write the adjectives in brackets in the Superaltive form.

a) Samantha is the (PRETTY) __________ girl that Paul has ever

b) I think that King Kong was the (BAD) _____________ film ever!
c) Mounth Everest is the (HIGH) ____________ mountain in the
d) Our English teacher is the (GOOD) _____________ teacher ever!
e) My room is the (CLEAN) ______________ room in my house.
f) Ron is the (CLEVER) _______________ person Ive ever met.
g) The Millenium Star is one of the (EXPENSIVE) _______________
diamonds in the world.

4. Write the sentences in the correct order.

a) are / than / faster / Cars / bikes.

b) interesting / is / than /more / History / Maths.
c) than / is / exciting / New York / Albany.
d) than / funnier / Comics / magazines / are
e) Japan / expensive / the / country. / is /most
5. Read the text and answer the questions.

My best friends

Patrick Josh Andy Susie Angelica

Hi! Im Andy. Im ten years old. I like sport but I love eating, too. After school I often go to
the fast food bar and buy a hot dog. Im not good at swimming but Im a good handball
player. Patrick is my friend. He is nine years old. He loves football and he is a great
swimmer. Josh is eleven years old and he is a basketball player in our school team. Hes the
captain. He cant swim. Susie is my friend, too. She is eleven years old and she plays
basketball very well. She is the captain in the girls team. She loves swimming and she never
eats fast food. Angelica is eight years old. She swims and runs a lot. She doesnt care about
her diet and she eats a lot of junk food. She loves doughnuts.

1. Who is the youngest? . 5. Who plays basketball as well as Susie? .

2. Who is the oldest? 6. Who is shorter than Josh? .
3. Who is taller than Andy? 7. Who is the best runner?
4. Whose diet is as unhealthy as Andys? .. 8. Who is the worst swimmer?