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_________, 2016

Privileged & Confidential


(Petition for Declaration of Nullity of

Dear _____:

We are pleased to formally confirm our firms acceptance of your

proposal to engage our legal services in connection with the case in

Considering the nature and extent of the legal work that would be
entailed, we propose a package fee of ______, exclusive of Value
Added Tax (VAT) payable as follows:

a. __________ upon your acceptance of the foregoing fee

b. _______ upon the filing of the Petition;
c. ____________ upon termination of the presentation of
petitioners evidence; and
d. ___________ upon submission of the case for resolution.

The foregoing fee proposal shall cover legal services at the level of the
Regional Trial Court (RTC). In case of any amicable settlement, the
total of the foregoing package fee shall likewise be due. In addition,
we shall charge you appearance fees in the amount of _________ per
appearance of a lawyer in your case.

Moreover, all expenses and costs shall be for your account. For this
purpose, we require that you make a deposit for out-of-pocket
expenses in the amount of _________ also immediately to be remitted
to us upon your acceptance of our engagement. The expenses covered
by your deposit are transportation expenses of our lawyers during
hearings and meetings, photocopying costs, costs of stenographic
notes, and such other expenses which you may authorize us to incur.
We shall require replenishment as the deposit balance may warrant.
The professional and other fees of the psychiatrist, psychologist or
expert shall be for your own account.

Should you find the foregoing acceptable, we shall appreciate

your signing of your conformity in the space provided below and
returning one (1) copy of this letter to us together with the amount
of _____ representing payment of our engagement fee and
_________ deposit for out-of-pocket expenses.

For your convenience, you may pay through check payable to:


or you may credit our bank account as follows:

Account Name:
Bank Name and Branch:
Savings Account Number:

If you opt to pay through our bank account, we request you to please
notify our Accounting Department by sending a scanned copy of the
deposit slip to ___________ at ________________, indicating your
name and the aforementioned case reference number once you have
made the deposit.

We look forward to being able to work with you closely and to

servicing your legal requirements.

Very truly yours,


With my conformity:

Date: _____________________