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Income Statement


The total revenue of Thai Airways between 2014 and 2013 slightly dropped around 1.41%. The amount of
revenue decreased is 3.82 billion baht. There is a significantly decreased in the number of The passenger
and excess baggage revenue from 2013 to 2014 around 10.13% or 17.45 billion and the freight and mail
revenue also fell 3.87%. For other income , its rapidly grew from 2013 to 2014 about 14.14 billion baht.

As a result of political situation, tourist industry in Thailand was aected by political disorder. From the
problems on the aviation industry where competition is very high from low-cost airlines. Actually, the number
of tourists coming to Thailand increases in these period but conversely, the number of Thai airways
customers decreases since most of them select to buy cheaper tickets of other low-cost airlines. Although,
in second three months, the political disturbance had a little improved, the amount of travellers still reduced
from the same term in 2013 at 22.6% which aected the revenue to fall continuously. Overall, those
numbers made the revenue of Thai Airways in 2014 decrease.

For the total revenue in 2015, it is continuously decrease of 5.54% from 2014 by 11.29 billion baht which is
more than almost twofold of the last year. The passenger and excess baggage revenue in 2014 reduce
1.55% from 2014. The number of decreasing in freight and mail revenue is 4.94 billion which is too high if
compare to last year and the percentage shows that the declined of freight and mail revenue from 2014 to
2015 about 20.97%. Conversely , the total other income from 2014 to 2015 dramatically dropped by 5.65
billion or 36.45%

Due to economic problems, the number products import and export went down. .The reduced fuel
surcharge and exchange rate also the problems that aected the freight and mail revenue of Thai Airways.
However, the ground services and Thai Airways Restaurant had a good sale. Therefore, it made the other
activities of revenue increased from last year. Although, other revenues went up, the overall revenues didnt
also increase because of the above mentioned problems more significantly aect the total revenue, thereby
the reducing flight routes and the Organization's management problems that aren't effective
were reduce the revenue also