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Infosys was co-founded in 1981 by N. R. Mahayana Murthy, Nandan Nilekani, N. S. Raghavan, S.

Gopalakrishnan and S. D. Shibulal.

Vishal Sikkas exit again shows India is no country for outsider CEOs. (Other example TATAs,
Cyrus Mistry)

Infosys brought in an outsider and a non-founder to lead the company.

Even though Vishal Sikka led all products business at SAP, Infosys was a challenge for him as it is
predominantly a services company.

Balme game by the founders & board members with regards to the Corporate governance

Long-running feud with founders

By early 2017, NR Murthy, who led the company between 1981 and 2011, seemed disenchanted
with his own choice (i.e. vishal sikka as the CEO) In an interview with the Economic Times
newspaper, he raised concerns over corporate governance and questioned the severance pay
extended to former CFO Rajeev Bansal.

Other founders then joined in and reportedly even wondered if Sikka was being paid too much.

Below are five reasons that have led to Sikka's resignation:

1. Sikka's salary
A sharp increase in Sikka's compensation early last year is said to be the biggest flash-point.
2. Bansal's severance package
Former CFO Rajiv Bansal's large severance pay of Rs 17.4 crore is the cause of another major
3. Appointment of Punita Sinha
Punita Sinha, wife of Jayant Sinha who is Minister of State for Finance, was appointed an
independent director last year. The appointment raised concerns with founders but the board
says she is eminently qualified for the job.

4. Recent Investigation Reports: the rift between the board and the founders widened over
investigations into several decisions made by the company. Narayana Murthy wrote a mail to the
board, demanding to make the investigation reports public. The reports refer to internal
investigations constituted by Infosys after two whistleblower complaints to market regulator Sebi
alleged improprieties in its $200 million acquisition of Panaya, questions over the severance
payout made to former CFO Rajiv Bansal and alleged excessive expenses.