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emotional life to the fullest. It offers the following services which is given by
theguidance personnel: individual counseling, group counseling, and administration
of thefollowing tests: mental ability, personality, interest, etc.Every time a
student committed a violation, a witness may complain it to theguidance counselor
and the student may be sent to the guidance office for counseling.After that, the
student will fill out an agreement about the information and the violationsmade.
The agreement will then be given to the guidance counselor. The guidancecounselor
will now browse the logbook (records of
student?s violations
) to find if thestudent already did a violation before. Depending on the violation
of the student, the
counselor will determine if it is necessary to ask the student?s guardian to come
to school.
The counselor will give an invitation letter to the student to give it to
the student?s
guardian.The usual problem encountered by the counselor is when the agreement
paper is being misplaced. That is why sometimes counselors do not notice that other
violationshave not been recorded. As it happens, counselors would not know what
punishment will be given. The counselors are also having a problem when it comes to
finding records because of the large population. Due to manual operation recording
of consecutivecomplaints encounter delays. Another problem is when the student did
not tell theguardian about the violation. In addition, students who witnessed the
misconduct of their fellow student have a fear of retaliati