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Republic of India
Where: South Asia (lAsie du Sud)
7th largest country
2nd most populated country (deuxime plus peupls) over 1.2 billion people
A newly industrialized country (pays rcemment industrialis)
President of India: Ram Nath Kovind
Prime Minister of India: Narendra Modi
Poverty (pauvret), corruption, malnutrition (dnutrition) and inadequate
public health care (pas de bonne sant publique)
3rd largest standing army (arme permanente)
Parliamentary system (systme parlementaire) (29 states and 7 union
Pluralistic (pluraliste)
Multilingual (multilingue)
Multi-ethnic (multiethnique)
The Great Dandi March Eighty Years After (Article)

Relief of Indians Act (1914)

Abolished a tax against Indian citizens
Legally recognized Indian ceremonial marriages
Relaxed immigration laws
Pardoned all members of the Indian resistance movement
Khaddar an Indian homespun cotton cloth

When did Gandhi live in South Africa?
What was the Congress?
African National Congress South Africas social democratic political party
Who was Jawaharlal Nehru in 1930 and what did he achieve later?
1930: He helped the struggle for Indian Independence and found foreign allies for
1947: 1st Prime Minister of India

Describe the salt march

Was it a success?
Write a short essay
Are non-violent protest movements still alive worldwide today?

India may become the youngest country in the world (Article)

Dweller a person that lives in a specified place
Burden a misfortune that causes hardship
Income money received for work
Maternal mortality the death of women while pregnant
Training the action of teaching a person a particular skill

1 - How old is the average person in India?
2- Because of this, India will become known as what?
3 The cost of living is constantly increasing, what are the effects of this?
4 What is the problem India is facing?