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***Cara membuat menu pulldown untuk irrigation cad program

***Menu ini disimasukan atau digabungkan ke dalam directory acad r.. sub
. menu support ke file ACAD.MNU
***Dibuat oleh Achir Ramadhan
ID_MnAchir [A&chir]
ID_Frem [F&rem]^C^C(command "insert" "C:/MAIN/INS/KOPN" '(0 0) "" ""
"") (command "zoom" "e") (command "zoom" "0.9x") (setq p_type "HDR")
(command "style" "romans" "romans.shx" "" "0.90" "0" "" "" "")
ID_MNEdit [->Ed&iting]
ID_Trim [&Trim]^C^C_trim
ID_Extend [Exten&d]^C^C_extend
ID_Chamfer [&Chamfer]^C^C_chamfer
ID_Fillet [&Fillet]^C^C_fillet
ID_Erase [&Erase]^C^C_erase
ID_Copy [Cop&y]$M=$(if,$(eq,$(substr,$
ID_Mirror [M&irror]$M=$(if,$(eq,$(substr,$
ID_Offset [Off&set]^C^C_offset
ID_Array [<-&Array]^C^C_array
ID_MNBnsLayr [->&Layers]
ID_BnsLayman [&Layer Manager...]^C^Clman
ID_BnsLaymch [Layer &Match]^C^Claymch
ID_BnsLaycur [&Change to Current Layer]^C^Claycur
ID_BnsLayiso [Layer &Isolate]^C^Clayiso
ID_BnsLayfrz [Layer &Freeze]^C^Clayfrz
ID_BnsLayoff [Layer &Off]^C^Clayoff
ID_BnsLaylck [Layer Loc&k]^C^Claylck
ID_BnsLayulk [Layer &Unlock]^C^Clayulk
ID_BnsLayon [Turn All Layers O&n]^C^Clayon
ID_BnsLaythw [<-&Thaw All Layers]^C^Claythw

ID_MNBnsText [->T&ext]
ID_BnsTxtfit [Text &Fit]^C^Ctextfit
ID_BnsTxtmsk [Text &Mask]^C^Ctextmask
ID_BnsChtext [&Change Text]^C^Ccht
ID_BnsTxtexp [E&xplode Text]^C^Ctxtexp
ID_BnsArctxt [&Arc Aligned Text]^C^C_.arctext
ID_BnsFind [Find and &Replace Text...]^C^Cfind
ID_BnsBurst [Ex&plode Attributes to Text]^C^Cburst
ID_BnsGatte [<-&Global Attribute Edit]^C^Cgatte

ID_MNBnsMdfy [->&Modify]
ID_BnsChgprp [&Extended Change Properties]^C^Cexchprop
ID_BnsMstrch [&Multiple Entity Stretch]^C^Cmstretch
ID_BnsMocoro [M&ove Copy Rotate]^C^C_.mocoro
ID_BnsExtrim [Cookie Cutter &Trim]^C^Cextrim
ID_BnsClipit [Extended C&lip]^C^Cclipit
ID_BnsMpedit [Multiple &Pedit]^C^Cmpedit
ID_BnsXplode [E&xtended Explode]^C^Cxplode
ID_BnsNcopy [&Copy Nested Entities]^C^Cncopy
ID_BnsTrmblk [T&rim to Block Entities]^C^Cbtrim
ID_BnsExtblk [<-Exte&nd to Block Entities]^C^Cbextend

ID_MNBnsDraw [->&Draw]
ID_BnsWipout [&Wipeout]^C^C_.wipeout
ID_BnsRevcld [&Revision Cloud]^C^Crevcloud
ID_BnsLeader [->&Leader Tools]
ID_BnsQleadr [&Quick leader]^C^C_.qleader
ID_BnsQlatch [&Attach Leader to Annotation]^C^C_.qlattach
ID_BnsQldtch [&Detach Leaders from Annotation]^C^C_.qldetachset
ID_BnsQlatal [<-<-&Global Attach Leader to Annotation]^C^C_.qlattachset

ID_MNBnsTool [->&Tools]
ID_BnsPopup [Pop&up Menu]^C^C(bonuspopup)
ID_BnsPakngo [&Pack 'n Go...]^C^C_.Pack
ID_BnsPcnvrt [Pline &Converter]^C^C_.convertplines
ID_BnsGetsel [&Get Selection Set]^C^Cgetsel
ID_BnsAlias [Command &Alias Editor...]^C^Caliasedit
ID_BnsSysvar [System &Variable Editor...]^C^C_.sysvdlg
ID_BnsXrflst [&List Xref/Block Entities]^C^Cxlist
ID_BnsXdata [&Xdata Attachment]^C^Cxdata
ID_BnsXdlist [List Entity X&data]^C^Cxdlist
ID_BnsDimex [Dimstyle &Export...]^C^C_.dimex
ID_BnsDimim [<-Dimstyle &Import...]^C^C_.dimim
ID_Explode [E&xplode]^C^C_explode
ID_MNBnsHelp [&Help...]^C^C(help "ac_bonus.hlp")
ID_MNBnsbout [&About Achir Tools...]^C^CBnsAbout

ID_MnMadhan [Mad&han]
// [/HHeadrace Long Sections]^C^C(command "insert"
"C:/procad/irricad/lib/prof-c" '(0 0) "" "" "") (command "zoom" "e")
(command "zoom" "0.9x") (setq p_type "HDR") (load
"C:/procad/irricad/profile/hrl/irrpro") (main)
[/CCanal Long Sections ]^C^C(command "insert"
"C:/procad/irricad/lib/prof-c" '(0 0) "" "" "") (command "zoom" "e")
(command "zoom" "0.9x") (setq p_type "bat1tc") (load
"C:/procad/irricad/profile/irrpro") (main)
[/DDrainage Long Sections ]^C^C(command "insert"
"C:/procad/irricad/lib/prof-d" '(0 0) "" "" "") (command "zoom" "e")
(command "zoom" "0.9x") (setq p_type "bat1tc") (load
"C:/procad/irricad/profile/drainpro") (main)
// [/HHeadrace Design Cross ]^C^C(command "insert"
"C:/procad/irricad/lib/struct" '(0 0) "" "" "") (load
"C:/procad/irricad/cross/hrc/irrcross") (main)
// [/CHeadrace Survey Cross ]^C^C(command "insert"
"C:/procad/irricad/lib/struct" '(0 0) "" "" "") (load
"C:/procad/irricad/cross/hrc/irrsurve") (main)
[/DCanal Cross Sections ]^C^C(command "insert"
"C:/procad/irricad/lib/cross-c" '(0 0) "" "" "") (load
"C:/procad/irricad/cross/irrcross") (main)
// [/SCanal Survey Cross ]^C^C(command "insert"
"C:/procad/irricad/lib/cross-c" '(0 0) "" "" "") (load
"C:/procad/irricad/cross/irrsurve") (main)
[/iDrainage Cross Sections ]^C^C(command "insert"
"C:/procad/irricad/lib/cross-d" '(0 0) "" "" "") (load
"C:/procad/irricad/cross/draincro") (main)
// [/vDrain Survey Cross ]^C^C(command "insert"
"C:/procad/irricad/lib/cross-d" '(0 0) "" "" "") (load
"C:/procad/irricad/cross/drainsur") (main)
[/eCombine Plan ]^C^C(load "C:/procad/irricad/lib/peta-c") (peta-
[/GGeneral Plan ]^C^C(load "C:/procad/irricad/lib/peta-g") (peta-
[/PAlignment Plan ]^C^C(load "C:/procad/irricad/lib/peta-a") (peta-
// [/AArea Calculation ]^C^C(load "C:/qtty/cad/luas") (luas)
[/AArea Calculation ]^C^C(load "C:/Tray/l-file/luas-p") (luas-p)
[/SSide Ditch Typical ]^C^C(load "C:/Main/lat/drain") (drain)
[/QQuit ]^C^C(command "script"