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Kenya Trade Network Agency




This is to inform our esteemed stakeholders and users of the Kenya
TradeNet System that we are currently experiencing a technical challenge
that has affected access to the system.
The TradeNet System is up and available, but customers not using the
same ISP as the one in which our system is hosted on, Safaricom, are
experiencing connection/routing challenges.
We wish to assure our esteemed customers and stakeholders that the joint
technical team has managed to isolate problematic components and is
working to resolve the challenge.

For further clarifications, please contact our Contact Centre and Customer
Service representatives through the address given below.

Telephone:+254 20 4965000

Mobile:+254 709 950000 /

We regret any inconvenience caused and will keep updating all our
stakeholders on a regular basis until this is resolved.

Chrispus Mbogo

For: CEO, KenTrade

Tuesday, Oct 03, 2017