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The Fill-Tek casing fill-up and circulating system saves

time, enhances rig safety and well control during drilling
operations by allowing the operator to fill up and
circulate while running casing. With the Fill-Tek tool
system, you can continue to use the rig pumps and top
drive while running or pulling each joint of casing.

Fill-Tek is equipped with a patented MudSaver valve to

prevent mud from escaping when Fill-Tek is removed
from the casing.

Adapter subs to connect the system to a
conventional top drive or the hook assembly
on a non-top drive rotary rig

Safety release push plate assembly provides

a false shoulder in the event of the casing
getting stuck and the block and tool keep
traveling down until they bottom out against
the casing, becoming trapped. The push plate
assembly can be simply backed off to permit
the block sufficient travel to disengage slip
type elevators.
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Lifting plugs, seal kits and hose assemblies

Cup Type Seal Provides a high pressure passive,
reliable seal

Polyurethane Prevents damage to casing threads and

guide rings cup type seals when the Circulator and
Mudsaver are inserted into the casing

Flex-Tek Hose The Flex-Tek hose has a special tough

coating that prevents damage to the
hose body while maintaining its flexibility

Flex-Tek Hose Provides for rapid connection or

Adapter disconnection of flex hose and

Patented Prevents surging the well while providing

Mudsaver Valve high flow rate capacity and no pressure