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Paul University Philippines

Tuguegarao City, Cagayan 3500

Graduate School


1. Research is an integral part of your practice. Why? Give an example in your own
field of specialization.

2. Differentiate quantitative from qualitative research in terms of the following:

a. Objective/Purpose
b. Hypotheses
c. Sample
d. Data Collection
e. Data Analysis
f. Outcome
g. Generalization

3. Reflecting on the differences between qualitative and quantitative research you

have provided in #2, determine which approach you are more inclined to follow.
To what extent does this reflect your underpinning philosophy?

4. The review of related literature is a very important part of the research process.
What are the reasons why we need to undertake such ?

5. When selecting a research topic, there are a number of considerations you have
to keep in mind which will help to ensure that your study will be manageable and
that you remain motivated. What are these considerations? Expound on each.

6. Suppose you want to study the relationship between smoking and cancer. What
is the independent variable? The dependent variable? The extraneous variables?

7. Identify a research title in your field of expertise and provide the following:

a. General objective
b. Background of the study/Statement of the Problem
c. In tabular form, the
c.1 Specific objectives
c.2 Method of data collection for each objective

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