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Students will work in pairs or groups of three to design and create an A3 poster
that will be used to promote diversity and combat bullying around the school.
The teacher will randomly selecting your groups!


X1 A3 poster
Content regarding the four main topics we have covered in the unit:
1. Types of bullying
2. Examples of bullying
3. Possible resolutions to bullying
4. Avenues for support
At least X2 images or graphics (statistics or facts)
Labels and or sub-headings
No spelling or punctuation mistakes
Appropriate paragraphing
Size 12 font for content not including heading (Arial font preferred)

Time frame:

You will have the next two lessons to complete this task. If you do not think you
will be able to complete your poster during this time you must get together with
your group outside of class time.

Room for brainstorm: