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How to reinstall Chuwi Hi12 Windows10 System (DualBoot)

The battery level should be more than 50% before reinstalling the system.

Prepared Tools:
8GB USB Flash Disk, USB-OTG Cable, HUB (over 3 interfaces) and the USB
keyboard as follows:

If the tablet has 2 USB ports, the HUB is not necessary.

The first step:

Please format the USB flash disk into the format of NTFS and rename it as WINPE
as follows:
Please unrar the file as follows: (Close the antivirus software before unzipping the
image files to avoid the apps in files that are deleted.)

Please open the folder "Hi12 win10" and unzip it.

( is the meaning of the Dualboot)
Copy the sub-files to the root directory of the USB flash disk.

The second step:

Please press the power button of the tablet and simultaneously click F7of the
keyboard continuously to enter the boot mode.

Choose UEFI: SanDisk U1tra PMAP, Partition 1, click Enter to program.

When the programming is finished, the tablet will shut off automatically.

The programming will last about 5 to 10 minutes; the precise time is dependent of
Hub and U disk. The introduction is on basis of using the U disk 3.0. The
programming lasts about 5 minutes.