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The Gulf Regions leading

maritime services provider

Fujairah National Shipping Fujairah Oce Fujairah National Shipping Dubai Oce
Ground Floor, FNG Building The Binary Tower, Oce No 1815,1816,1817
Port Road Al Abraj Street, Next to Cour Jardin Hotel
PO Box 234, Fujairah, UAE P O Box 27680, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
Tel.: + 971 9 2228151 Tel. : +971 4 5537335
Fax: +971 9 2228640 Fax : +971 4 4465502
Email: Email :
Fujairah National Shipping; embracing change, talent and
technology to oer unrivalled value to maritime clients

Part of the Fujairah National Group, Fujairah National Shipping oers

an unsurpassed range of services to ship owners, operators, charterers,
managers and brokers, covering every sector and every need. From
advanced big data analytics for informed operations, to traditional ship
agency, crew management, warehousing and distribution.

Fujairah National Shipping is perfectly

positioned to capitalise on the growing market
opportunity at the Port of Fujairah and
throughout the Gulf Region. The companys
strong core oering plays a central role in
meeting the exacting demands of its ship owner
and operator clients.

Sheikh Sultan Bin Saleh Al Sharqi,

Vice Chairman
Strategic Partnerships Every Sector, Every Need
As the rst agency in Fujairah since we were We cater for every shipping sector and client
FNS First for knowledge and technology established in 1982, along with our many need, including ship agency, husbandry, ship
rsts were renowned for our strategic, management, repairs, maintenance,
long-term client partnerships and deep clearing, forwarding, oshore support, crew
understanding of the issues they face. Our management, warehousing, and
Were based at the port of Fujairah, the only multi-purpose port on the highly experienced team ranges from former distribution. We also benet from our
eastern seaboard of the United Arab Emirates. Strategically important, Master Mariners to Chief Engineers, all fully-owned subsidiary, Amwaj Ship
working hard to satisfy the toughest client Management, together with our own eet of
the port oers easy access to international shipping routes, while its demands. product tankers, fast intervention support
focus for continual investment, many natural assets and top craft and supply boats.
geographic advantage, are only matched by Fujairah National Servicing Fujairah Anchorage Data Analytics Leading Technology
Shippings unrivalled range of services to ship owners, operators, With over 100 vessels known to anchor in Through our joint venture with Nisomar,
the Fujairah Anchorage at any time, Fujairah well soon be able to oer all clients
charterers, managers, and brokers. Our operations are also served by National Shipping also operates the worlds advanced big data analytics for informed
oces in Dubai. only oating seafarers centre. Bringing operations. This innovative use of global
essential services to seafarers who cant shipping data is set to bring about a
make it to port, Fujairah National Shipping wholescale reform in shipping.
operates an array of crew and supply vessels
to serve Fujairah and Khorfakkan anchorage
FNS your rst choice

FNS First for service

Sectors and Services

The Fujairah National Shipping team, supported by subsidiary and sister

companies in the Fujairah National Group, oers a broad range of
professional and ethically compliant services in anticipation of every
client need. The oering is supported by an innovative technology
platform which gives clients access to valuable data and the ability to
DUBAI remotely manage voyages, port calls and costs.

Our clients want to engage a company that understands Bulk Vessel Operations Tanker Vessel Operations
the issues and challenges that they face. As a result, we
Experts in handling bulk vessel Agents attending vessels arriving at
become partners they can work with strategically to operations, including loading and the Fujairah Oil Terminal Berth, Vopak,
implement solutions that benet their businesses. discharging cargoes such as GPS & other terminals. Also the
aggregates, coal, slag and clinker. protecting agent for bunkering vessels
Sanjeev Sarin
stationed at Fujairah Anchorage.
Chief Executive Ocer
Oshore Support Services Project Logistics Break Bulk Cargo Operations Clearing & Forwarding Cargo
Meeting all vessel requirements at Specialists in moving complex project Entire vessel operations whether goods Freight forwarders, with access to air, sea
Fujairah Anchorage, including port cargoes and servicing clients including oil arrive in bags, boxes, crates, drums or and land services. Beneting from a long
authority documentation, launch terminals, steel plants, energy projects, barrels. Includes transportation, relationship with relevant authorities
services, delivery of stores, crew handling, and manufacturing units. stevedoring, and customs documentation. and knowledge of latest customs
cash to the master, fresh water supply, regulations. Services also include
liaising with various vessel suppliers, customs clearance, freight insurance,
repair and maintenance teams, surveyors, consultations, and integrated logistics.
and technicians.

One Stop Ship Management Data Analytics Repair and Maintenance

With extensive resources across the Wholly-owned subsidiary, Amwaj Ship Fujairah National Shipping will partner Our Fujairah-based repair and
region, Fujairah National Shipping also Management, delivers services to diverse with a leading data analytic company maintenance workshop, which comes
oers spares logistics, underwater hull eets of cargo-carrying and oshore that will pioneer a new method of into operation in Q1 2018 will add
cleaning, liner agency, and bunkering support vessels. With extensive ERP harvesting maritime information, using another dimension to the suite of
activities. solutions, expertise includes technical, proprietary technology to generate high services Fujairah National Shipping
risk management, procurement and accuracy vessel, voyage and port data. oers.
nancial, to ensure vessels are fully
FNS Your rst choice

Corporate Development

Fujairah National Shipping is committed to continued protable

growth through organic expansion in the Gulf Region, as well as
through acquisitions and joint ventures. If you wish to explore
opportunities to partner with Fujairah National Shipping, please
contact us. Your enquiry will be treated in the utmost condence.

Fujairah National Shipping Fujairah Oce

Ground Floor, FNG Building

Port Road, P.O. Box : 234, Fujairah, U.A.E
Tel. : + 971 9 2228151 / Fax: +971 9 2228640

Fujairah National Shipping Dubai Oce

The Binary Tower, Oce No. 1815,1816,1817

Al Abraj Street, Next to Cour Jardin Hotel
P.O. Box : 27680, Business Bay, Dubai, U.A.E
Tel. : +971 4 5537335 / Fax : +971 4 4465502
Email :