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Augustus Gloop was

slurping chocolate from the

chocolate river. He fell into
r the river and was sucked up
by one of the super pipes.
He came out the other side
as flat as a pancake.

Venucas demanding nature

caused her a lot of
problems. She wanted to
have Wonkas trained
squirrels but they saw her
as a bad nut. So they
threw her down into the

Violet grabbed an
experimental piece of gum
and chewed it. It was
against Wonkas advice. She
greedily chewed the gum
and turned into a giant

Mike wanted nithing more

than to check out the
Chocolate Television Room.
He took the opportunity to
be on television and tried to
film himself. However, he
ended up shrinking in size.

Charlie never asked for

more than what he was
given. He found the
adventure in the Chocolate
Factory to be interesting
and fun. He listened to the
instructions and obeyed Mr.