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International House Wrocaw Teacher Training Centre Cambridge ESOL CELTA

Trainee Lesson Week Day Date Level of Length of No. of

Number students lesson students

John Marsden 2 2 07.10.10 45 12


To use freer speaking and improve listening techniques in the context of a residential environment.

EVIDENCE: Students are able to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of certain
residential environments in the final communicative activity.


The students will have encountered some of the vocabulary, such as: a flat and house before,
and how to use it in the right context. I expect them to be quite enthusiastic about the
topic because of its relevance to their everyday lives.


Problem 1 Solution
Timings may overrun at some stages Keep students to time schedule of the lesson plan
by setting times, and ready to exclude non aim
Problem 2 Solution
Some Ss understanding the word predict in Give a clear explanation eg: It is similar to
context. think/guess.

Problem 3 Solution
Some Ss might finish some of the exercises early. Set time limits for all activities. Give additional
* For grammar and function lessons, in addition to this, please submit the separate sheet of your language
analysis (like assignment 1). For vocabulary, submit the separate vocabulary sheet provided.

PERSONAL AIMS: (refer to your previous TP tutor feedback notes)

During this lesson Ill be working on I hope to achieve this by

1. Reducing unnecessary teacher talk Not echoing the students.

2. Don't distract Ss Sitting down when students do certain activities.

3.Using more ICQs Asking students ICQs

Straight forward pre-intermediate student's book and use of CD player for listening activities.

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