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Knowing Understanding Applying Analysing Creating Evaluating

(1 point ) (2 points) (3 points) (4 points) (5 points) (6 points)
Explain the concept of
Research what life Read the Gettysburg Address
manifest destiny and eval-

was like for the pil- and write your own speech Imagine you are a journalist covering the signing of the Create a graphic novel out-
uate the extent to which
grims on the Mayflow- that Lincoln could have given Emancipation proclamation in 1863. Write an article ana- lining the history of the Ku
it has been used to
er and when they ar- about the Emancipation Proc- lysing what this means for slaves and slave owners. Klux Klan in the USA.
achieve the USA that ex-
rived in the USA. lamation
ists today.

Compare a map of the

Investigate what the Boston Create three puzzles based

USA in 1800 with a

Tea Party was and why it oc- on US History before 1900. Create an infographic outlining the use of slavery in the
map of the USA now.
curred. See Resource C for These could be cross- Southern states. See Resource B for further information
Explain the main
further information words, code breakers etc

Outline the pros and cons


Create an interactive
Create an itinerary of a of migrating to the USA in
presentation using Pow

You are about to embark on a journey to the new world in America. Pack 20 essential three week History tour of the early 1800s. Evaluate
Toon outlining the key
items to take with you and justify why you chose that particular item to take with you. the USA. See Resource A for if it is worth it to migrate.
points of the American rev-
further details. Make sure you justify
olution that began in 1775.
your conclusion.

Uncle Sam is always

Create an interactive timeline
associated with the Create an election poster Create an historic pamphlet analysing the causes and

of the key events in US History

USA. Create a new for a pre 1900 presidential consequences of the American Civil War. You need to
up until 1900. Use Dipity or
character that could candidate. See Resource E rank your ideas from most important to least and state
Timetoast to create your time-
be used to represent for further information why you came to that conclusion
the USA today.

Create a puppet show, pod-


Build a model or diorama of an event or place in US History Design a game based on

cast or a play that outlines
before 1900. See for instruc- Lewis and Clarks voyage to
an abridged history of the
tions on how to create a diorama. the west in 1804.
USA up until 1900

Research the origins Find THREE pre 1900 patri-

and listen to the Star otic songs and create a re-

Spangled banner . Do Write a song or a rap outlining the establishment of the source analysis activity
you think it is relevant first English colony in Jamestown. using the song lyrics. You
to the USA today? need at least THREE ques-
Why / Why not? tions for each song.

Create a presentation
Create a board game that is

Research and write a Create an advertisement evaluating whether or not

Create a quiz of at least 20 based on life as an early

paragraph on the ori- encouraging people to the assassination of Abra-

questions on the USA before settler in the USA. See Re-
gins of Independence migrate from Europe to ham Lincoln was justified.
1900. source D for further infor-
Day in the USA. the USA. Make your answer as con-
vincing as possible.

Choose and event in US History and find some resources


Research the origins

Create a comic strip outlining that show the following historical relationships: Write a 500 word editorial outlining your view on wheth-

of Thanksgiving and
the key events in the Battle of Cause an effect er or not slavery was the cause of the American Civil
create a menu for the
Little Big Horn. Past and Present War. Justify your position.
Continuity and Change

Analysis the different ways in which different groups in the

Chart the development of the USA with maps outlining early USA used the natural environment. Create a resource
when different areas become part of the USA. that outlines your findings. You should consider housing,
food, transport etc

Write a series of three


Create a presentation evaluating whether or not the Trail

diary entries outlining
Explain what impact you think being put on a reserva- of Tears was justified. Make your answer as convincing
what your life as a slave on
tion would have on a Native American Indian as possible. Make sure you include comprehensive sup-
a plantation on the south-
porting evidence.
ern USA is like.

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