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Course Curriculum For


Course Teacher: Dr. Swati Mehta & Ms. Apurva Verma


The Code of Civil procedure plays a crucial and determining role in expediting the
adjudication of civil disputes. A Uniform procedure was made for application of a code
of simple and uniform procedure applicable to all the courts of the Country. Procedural
law is not only handmaiden of justice but plays important role in achieving justice then
substantive law. The statement that substantive law resides in the interstices of procedure
reflects this reality. Knowledge of procedural law is an essential tool in the armory of the
legal practitioner. For a successful litigation it is necessary to face all possible challenges
of a procedural nature.

Module I: Suits in General

a) Introduction
b) Jurisdiction of the Courts (S.9)
c) Res subjudice and Res judicata (S. 10 and 11)
d) Foreign Judgment (S. 13)

Module II: Suits

a) Preliminary
b) Parties to Suits: (Order I)
c) Frame of Suits (Order II)
d) Plaint (Order VII)
e) Written Statement - Set-off & Counter-claim (Order VIII)
f) Pleadings generally (Order VI)

Module III: Trial of suits

a) Admission (Order XII)

b) Summons-Issue and Service of Summons (Order V)
c) Summoning and Attendance of witnesses (Orders XVI)
d) Appearance (Order IX)
e) Examination of Parties by the Court (Order X)
f) Settlement of Issues (Order XIV)
g) Withdrawal and Adjustment of Suits (Order XXIII)
h) Injunction and interlocutory orders (Order XXXIX)
i) Receivers (Order XL)
j) Arrest and Attachment before Judgment (Order XXXVIII)

Module IV: Order and Judgments

a) Order
b) Judgment (Order XX)
c) Decree (Order XX)

Module V: Execution

a) Execution of Orders
b) Execution of Decrees (Order XXI)

Module VI: Appeals

a) General provisions relating to appeals

b) Appeals to the Supreme Court
c) Reference
d) Review
e) Revision

Module VII: Special suits

a) Suits by/and against minors and person of unsound mind

b) Suits by/ and against indigent person.