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Lesson Plan in Science II

I. Learning Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the pupils must be able to:
a. Identify the importance of the plants,
b. State how people use the different parts of the plants; and
c. Illustrate how important the plants in our daily life.

II. Learning Content:

Subject Matter: Importance of Plants
Reference: Science and Health 2 pp. 234-244
Instructional Materials: Power Point Presentation

III. Learning Procedure:

A. Classroom Routine
1. Prayer
2. Energizer
3. Arranging of Chairs
4. Attendance
5. Review

B. Learning Stage

a. Exploration (Activity)
In this activity, the teacher will project pictures of the important of the plants on the
screen and would let the students observe what importance is being shown on
each picture.

b. Firming Up (Analysis)
1. What have you observed from the pictures being shown?
2. In what way do people use plants?
3. How useful are the different parts of the plants?

c. Deepening (Abstraction)
Plants are very useful. They give us many things and some of this is listed on the
table below.

Plants Are Sources of Plants are sources of food. They also

Food provide vitamins and minerals.

Plants Are Sources of Many plants are sources of medicines

Medicine for curing many common diseases.

Plants Are Sources of Plant fiber can be made into threads.

Clothing Materials Threads are then woven into fabric
and the fabric is sewn into clothes.
Phinma-Cagayan de Oro College College Of Education

Plants Are Sources of Trunks of trees can be cut and turned

Building Materials into wood. Wood is used in making
furniture like tables, chairs, cabinets
and beds.
Plants As Decorative Flowers decorate venues of special
Materials occasions such as wedding and
birthdays. Ornamental plants make
gardens beautiful.

d. Transferring (Application)
The class will be divided into five groups. Each group will pick one among the five
uses of plants and will illustrate how important it is for humans.

IV. Assessment:
A. Write T if the statement is true and F if it is not.

_____ 1. Plants are natural materials for making medicines

_____2. Anahaw and cogon leaves are not useful at all.

_____3. Landscaping makes your surrounding beautiful.

_____4. The leaves of plants take in oxygen to help make the air clean.

_____5. Mahogany leaves and narra roots are edible.

_____6. Plant fiber is a material in making threads.

_____7. Anahaw leaf is usually cooked and eaten.

_____8. The seeds of some plants can be eaten.

_____9. All flowers are not edible.

_____10. Plants are not useful at all.

B. Classify what the plants can give, Write F for food, M for medicine, CM for
clothing material or BM for building material.

_____1. Pineapple for fruit salad

_____2. Narra for table

_____3. Plant fiber for thread

_____4. Garlic for an-an

_____5. Anahaw leaves for making roof

_____6. Camote stops for signing

_____7. Abaca fiber for fabric

____8. Oregano for cough

Phinma-Cagayan de Oro College College Of Education

____9. Bamboo stem for a house wall.

____10. Potato for adobo

V. Assignment:
What do you think is the best use of plants in our daily life? Draw your
answer on your assignment notebook.