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Airframe maintenance two mark questions

1. What is welding?
Welding is a process used for joining metal parts by either fusion or forging.
2. What are the joining methods used in aircraft?
3. Give reason for welding process best joining method?
low weight
high strength
4. Gas welding define & types?
Gas welding is accomplished by heating end & edges of metal to molten state with a
high temperature flame.
5. Electric resistance welding?
Is a process in which a low voltage, high amperage current is applied to the metal to
be welded through heavy, low resistance copper conductor.
6. Types of Electric resistance welding?
Butt welding
7. List of Oxy-acetylene equipments?
Cylinder (Oxygen, acetylene)
Pressure regulator
Welding torch
Special wrench
Spark lighter
Goggles , gloves
Fire extinguisher
8. What type of Fire extinguisher use in Oxy-acetylene welding?
Carbon dioxide type used, is a chemical powder for special in gases or oil fire.

9. Differentiate Oxy-acetylene cylinder?

Oxygen cylinder acetylene cylinder

Gfg seam less steel seam less steel

Green color Red or maroon color

Small 200 cu.ft , 1800 psi Normal 225 cu.ft , 250 psi
Large 250 cu.ft, 265 psi
High pressure valve located Safety plug valve located in
in cylinder head cylinder head
Should not placed in oil or Should not placed in oil or grease
For lubrication use in bees --------------
10. How identify the oxy- hose & act hose?

Oxygen right hand thread

Acetylene- left hand thread

11. Enumerate methods used for NDT testing?

Eddy current method


12. Explain types of plastics used in aircraft?

Acrylics plastic
Cellulose acetates

13. Thermosetting plastic?

14. Quality weld?

1. Smooth & uniform thickness

2. Extra thickness at the seam
3. Weld metal should taper off smoothly into the base metal.
4. Oxide form not more than in
5. No signs of blow holes, porosity & globules.
6. No signs of pitting, burning, cracks.

15. What is the purpose of APU?

When modern a/cs engine s are not operating, there are two available sources of
power to operate its other systems. They are a/cs battery and auxiliary power unit. b/c of the
limited capacity of the batteries , the amount of supply is insufficient to provide all but the very
basic needs.
16. Differentiate b/n soldering and brazing?

Soldering is a process in which two or more metal item are joint together by melting and
flowing a filter metal into the joint

Brazing: if the filler metal has a melting point of more than 800F, the process is called brazing

17. Enumerate the five fundamental types of welded joints?

*Butt joint

*Lap joint

* Tee joint

* Edge joint

*Corner joint

18. How are plastics classified?

There are two general classifications of clear plastics used in a/c

Acrylics and Cellulose acetates

19. What is autoclaves?

An autoclaves is an instrument used to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to

high pressure saturated stream at 12C for around 15-20min

20. Define Mean Aerodynamics Chord?

MAC is defined as the chord line is along the wing span and c is the chord at the
coordinates y