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International House Wrocaw Teacher Training Centre Cambridge ESOL CELTA

Trainee Lesson Week Day Date Level of Length of No. of

Number students lesson students

John Marsden 6 3 21.10.10 45 12


To use language for speaking and reading in the context of a feelings and social dynamics.

EVIDENCE: Students are able to read and understand texts about personal issues , and use
the language from the lesson in free speech exercises.


The students will have encountered some of the vocabulary before and how to use it in the
right context. I expect them to be interested in the subject matter of the lesson.


Problem 1 Solution
Students might read at different speeds Keep students to time schedule of the lesson plan
by setting times.
Problem 2 Solution
Students tend to arrive late.. Inform them of tasks for exercises

Problem 3 Solution
Some Ss might finish some of the exercises early. Set student sensitive time limits for all activities.

* For grammar and function lessons, in addition to this, please submit the separate sheet of your language
analysis (like assignment 1). For vocabulary, submit the separate vocab sheet provided.

PERSONAL AIMS: (refer to your previous TP tutor feedback notes)

During this lesson Ill be working on I hope to achieve this by

1. Giving good examples for tasks When I set tasks, give good examples

2. Ex...times Ss.. give realistic times for ex.. Check timing and clock!!!!

3. CCQs Eliciting in better ways...........( God willing)

Total English upper-intermediate student's book, pictures and OHP.

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