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Checklist for the Evaluation of Teaching Portfolios

(Please rate each of your three team members' portfolios)

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Portfolio Designer Team Mentor

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1. Does the portfolio include current information?

2. Does the portfolio balance information from self,

from others, and from products of student learning?

3. Is there coherence among the various components

of the portfolio, revealing demonstrated effectiveness
in practice tied to an articulate philosophy?

4. Does the portfolio demonstrate teaching consistent

with departmental and institutional strategic priorities
and missions?

5. Are multiple, selective sources of information included,

offering a diverse and objective assessment of teaching?

6. Does the portfolio adequately supplement narrative

description, analysis, and goals with empirical evidence
in the appendix?

7. Do products of student learning reveal successful


8. Does the portfolio provide evidence of efforts to

improve teaching? Is there evidence of improvement
in methods, materials, evaluations, and goals?

9. What constitutes valid documentation and evidence?

10. How does the portfolio profile individual style, achievements, discipline?
Is a strong case
made in both narrative and documentation in the appendix for the
complexity and
individuality of a professor's particular teaching effort in a particular
discipline with a
particular group of students?

Reference: The Teaching Portfolio: A Practical Guide to Improved Performance and Promotion/Tenure
Decisions (2004) (3rd ed.) Peter Seldin
This handout originated from Dr. Peter Seldin for his invited workshop
Successful Use of Student Ratings and Teaching Portfolios at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, August 31,